The Top 10 World Cup Jerseys of 2022

The Houston Dynamo and the rest of Major League Soccer are on a break for the FIFA International break. During this time, many teams are playing matches to get ready for the 2022 World Cup. The biggest sports event in the world is coming up in less than two months. On November 20, the host country, Qatar, will play Ecuador in the first game. Here are some of the best jersey you can find in Qatar. Go with Teeanime for all your doubts!

10. South Korea

Every four years, there is a World Cup. Go big, take risks, or stay at home. This shirt is certainly not shy. We should be excited to see Son Heung-min play this kit.

9. Mexico

This jersey was made to look like the fighting spirit of the ancient Aztec people of Mexico. Hector Herrera will be the only Houston Dynamo player to play for their country in Qatar. So there you go.

8. Belgium

This white jersey with a colorful print of fireworks from Tomorrowland is neat. Fireworks are the best way to say “pop.” Get it? Pop! Anyway, it would be cool to see Kevin De Bruyne wear this and fire a shot from 20 yards out into the top corner of the goal.

7. Ecuador

A kit’s pattern can make it or break it. This jersey is beautiful because of the soft colors in the grey badge and the smooth shades of blue. This could happen in the first World Cup game, when Enner Valencia and La Tri play the host country, Qatar.

6. Senegal

This is the only Puma kit to make it into the top 10, and for all the right reasons. Using the colors of the Senegalese flag makes this as bright as you can get. (It would be much higher on the list if the logo didn’t have the letters “Puma” on it.) Sadio Mane and the Lions of Teranga will do their best to be one of the best teams in Group A.

5. Spain


At first glance, it might look like a plain red jersey. But pay close attention. This is a beautiful kit because the pattern and texture of the fabric are so fine. Now, Pedri and La Furia Roja have a chance to shine in Qatar.

4. Argentina


This shirt has bright purple colors and fiery designs that are based on the Sun of May on the national flag. It’s cool! Do kids say that still? But really, this kit would make Hades very proud. Will Argentina and Lionel Messi be on fire in Qatar? We can’t wait to see how everything turns out.

3. Saudi Arabia


Prints in cool green are always nice. Remember Nigeria’s kit in 2018? Yes, a classic right away. Now, Fahad Al-Muwallad and The Green Falcons can try to surprise everyone by getting out of Group C and into the knockout round, just like in 1994.

2. England


It’s always great when England wears red. The kit looks great because it uses different shades of blue in small amounts. In 2018, England almost made it to the final. Can Harry Kane and The Three Lions do well again in Qatar?

1. France


The current champions are coming back to Qatar strong, and their gear is powerful. From far away, you can see a white kit with a faded blue pattern and a blue swoosh and federations badge. But if you look closer, you’ll see that the pattern is really the story of France. It has a lot of well-known buildings, monuments, and people. And the color of the rooster is as pretty as it gets. That by itself can be framed as a work of art. Voilà!