Why Won’t Dragon Ball Super Use Majin Buu?

Buu is one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball, and he’s now a decent guy. So why won’t Dragon Ball Super utilize him?

In the last part of Dragon Ball Z, the Majin Buu Saga, Goku and the Z Fighters fought the monster with the same name. This monster changed into different forms before splitting into two parts, one good and one bad. Kid Buu’s evil side was finally destroyed by Goku’s Spirit Bomb, and he came back as Uub. Good Buu would eventually settle down and move to Earth with his best friend Mr. Satan, which made him a friend of the Z Fighters.

Even though he’s not as strong as Kid Buu, Good Buu is still one of the strongest beings on Earth (besides Goku, Vegeta, and Arale), and he can still hold his own against them. Still, for all his power, he is used very little in Dragon Ball Super and GT. Recent events in Super’s manga have made Buu a more interesting character, but he still hasn’t gotten as much attention as Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin, who aren’t as strong as Buu. What gives?

Buu is Too Broken

Buu’s main asset is his virtual immortality, which even Frieza feared (the other was Beerus, the God of Destruction). His sticky body can instantly recover harm. Buu is not the first Dragon Ball villain to regenerate; Piccolo, Frieza, and Cell have all done so. Buu absorbs harm like no other Dragon Ball character.

This makes Buu harder to beat than Goku or Vegeta, and it’s hard to picture him falling to Super’s toughest foes. Buu was unharmed by Beerus in Super’s first arc. Buu waited several arcs before joining the Z Fighters in the tournament of power. He beat Basil from Universe 9 in a friendly match. Buu seems ready to join the Z Fighters in a massive battle. He employed a slimmed-down form to spar with Goku.

Frieza replaced Buu in the tournament after he fell asleep. Frieza’s participation was great, but Buu sleeping through the event was disappointing. Fans are as upset as the Z Fighters. Super’s authors elected to have Buu miss the Tournament of Power because they felt his presence would rob Team 7 of underdog status and diminish the stakes.

Even in retrospect, only Universe 11’s Top and Jiren can beat Buu, and then likely via ring out rather than damage. Buu’s regeneration renders most of his battles one-sided.

Buu’s Potential Redemption and GT

The anime ended after the Tournament of Power, but the manga is still ongoing. Buu had a big lore dump during the Z Fighter’s struggle with planet-consuming Moro. Good Buu was created after Kid Buu absorbed Grand Supreme Kai, but this arc revealed that the latter’s consciousness still lives in Good Buu and can take over. Grand Supreme Kai boosts Buu’s power, making him a match for Moro and impervious to his powers.

This dualism makes Buu a more complicated and compelling figure and allows him to fight other cosmic threats. Although Goku is usually always the eventual victor, it’s nice to see Buu used for more than quick fights or comic relief. Buu has been absent from recent Super and Broly chapters, and it’s unknown if he’ll appear in Super Hero.

Buu merges with Uub to form Majuub in GT. Majuub is Uub with a power boost, and his genesis seems like Buu’s demise. Because GT’s canonical standing is uncertain, Super or whatever comes after may not follow suit. Buu should not be merged into another character. Despite his damaged powers, he deserves to be around and be expanded on. He’ll hopefully shine more soon.

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