Why Should You Choose American-Made Products? Here’s is The Answer

American Products

The majority of Americans prefer made in USA products, research suggests. According to a recent poll, 60% of Americans are willing to pay more for American-made products.

Why do millions of Americans favor products made in the United States? For starters, things made in the United States may be of superior quality. This is due to the fact that American factories, such as ours, are subject to stricter quality standards in terms of product design, material traceability, and customer feedback.

Purchasing American-made products is not only good for you and your business, but it is also a simple way to aid your fellow citizens. Purchasing goods made in the United States supports businesses that pay their employees a living wage and provide safe working conditions. Aside from that, purchasing products made in the United States helps communities in need during times of turbulence and unemployment.

Here are some of the reasons why buying American-made products is a good idea for you, the environment, and your community.

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Made in USA Products Are Higher Quality

There’s a reason why 60% of Americans are willing to pay more for products made in the United States: greater quality. This relates to manufacturing processes: federal and state governments heavily regulate domestic producers. Though this increases overhead, it is a good thing for the customer and the environment: domestic manufacturers must follow more stringent quality control procedures, may be required to provide material traceability (if they are a medical device manufacturer like us), and work more directly with their customers.

This could eventually lead to higher-quality products that endure longer, which is beneficial for the environment.

More interaction with regulators and customers results in better-designed products. As an American company, we have personal knowledge of the quality processes that our government requires. In addition, we have two decades of product design experience. With the Casco ShieldTM, for example, we seek user feedback to fine-tune our design even after numerous in-house iterations.

Shipping Domestically Means Fast Delivery Times

Supply chain interruptions were one of the most serious issues that businesses and individuals encountered during the COVID-19 outbreak. At best, this entails longer shipping periods and, at worst, an inability to obtain the materials we require. What is causing this? American businesses and individuals rely too heavily on international manufacturing, which poses issues during global crises like COVID-19.

Fast delivery times are one of the most significant benefits of choosing made in the USA products.

On a global scale, relying on imports for crucial products such as face masks and face shields puts the world at risk of running out of supplies.

The issue of delivery delays is more important than ever. Businesses are having difficulty obtaining the equipment required to reopen during COVID-19. When you buy foreign-made products, you may face higher shipping prices and longer delivery delays. Timing is essential for instructors shopping for back-to-school supplies or summer camp reopenings.

All of our products are created and shipped from Sanford, Maine. This leads into more efficient production and faster delivery.

Made in USA Products Provide Jobs for Americans

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national unemployment rate is above 11%, while it may be higher in individual areas. This is an increase from 3.5% in February 2020 and does not include people who are unemployed but not actively looking for work.

Supporting local businesses is one of the finest ways to assist other Americans in need during COVID-19. That can be as simple as purchasing American-made products, which are critical to reviving our economy.

Paying attention to product sourcing not only benefits you — higher quality, shorter delivery times — but it also benefits our economy and communities.

Made in USA Products Offer Better Customer Service

Do you have a question about a recent purchase? Smaller, family-run firms are more likely to provide excellent customer service (and be located in your time zone). SiliconeGearTM takes pride in providing excellent customer service. Do you have a query concerning our face shields? Please email us and we will respond as soon as possible. Thousands of inquiries about our products, wholesale opportunities, and so much more have been answered. You only need to ask.

Support Fair Wages and Safe Working Conditions

One of the most compelling reasons to buy made in the USA products is to ensure that workers who make them are paid fairly and have safe working conditions. One of the unfortunate realities of buying products from underdeveloped countries is the risk of human rights breaches such as child labor and hazardous working conditions.

Facilities in the United States must ensure that their workers are adequately rewarded and that manufacturers meet the minimal minimum of safety regulations. In our situation, we strive hard to offer a supportive, safe working environment for our staff in Sanford, Maine.

In addition, we are an ISO 13485 accredited factory, which means that our facility meets or surpasses international quality standards for Class II medical devices. Although the products on this site are not medical devices, they are produced to the same high quality standards.

Shopping Made in USA Products Is Environmentally Friendly

Do you want to lower your carbon footprint? Goods made in the United States are generally of superior quality. That means they will survive longer, saving you money in the long run and preserving the environment from additional garbage. Our objective at SiliconeGearTM is to create long-lasting products. As a result, our face shield headbands are made of medical-grade polypropylene and silicone. As a result, they are sanitization-safe and reusable.

Furthermore, sourcing locally reduces the fuel expenses inherent in international supply networks. When you send something from Maine rather from China, you save money on fossil fuels and other hidden environmental expenses.

Third, purchasing American-made products implies supporting companies that dispose of their garbage in a more environmentally friendly manner. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States, for example, has tight laws on how manufacturers recycle unwanted materials and prevent air pollution.

How to Find Made in USA Products

Do you want to help American businesses? The best way to tell if something was made in this country is to search for labels. For example, “made in the United States” or “made in Maine.” Keep in mind that “designed in the USA” does not imply that it was made in the United States.

The more open a corporation is about its manufacturing, the more probable their products were made in the United States. For example, at SiliconeGearTM, we make it very apparent that we are a factory-owned and run company. Casco Bay Molding is headquartered in Sanford, Maine. All of our products are designed and made in Maine.

Are Made in USA Products More Expensive?

US manufacturing is generally more expensive than overseas. Quality, fair salaries and working conditions, and exceptional customer experiences raise business costs.

The highest minimum wage in China (Beijing) is 24 yuan per hour, or $3.43. Maine’s minimum wage is $12.00. Thus, manufacturing recruiting in the US is at least twice as expensive. Unemployment insurance, healthcare, safety protocols, and other American factory operations are not included.

How is SiliconeGearTM so cheap? We provide factory-direct prices because we are owned by a factory. Fair pricing is also moral.

Locally Sourced Products Are the Future

Origin matters. They care enough to spend more for superior quality and design. In times like these, it’s becoming clear that buying American-Made Products products is good for Americans and good for businesses as they restart. How can a firm survive without timely delivery, high-quality products, and friendly service?

All that at factory-direct prices is our goal. SiliconeGearTM empowers employees with durable, eco-friendly products.