What to Look for in a Golf Shirt. The 5+ Best Golf Shirts for Men

Even the “best” golf shirts were anything but hip until lately. Every apparel brand, from Nike to Under Armour, was solely concerned with performance, forgetting that club-going males wanted to not only feel cool but also look cool. Thankfully, the (tee) time has come for fashion-forward golfers, with everyone from Bill Murray to Mark Wahlberg to Macklemore getting into the golf fashion game.

If you intend to hit the links this year, it may be time to update your golf attire. You don’t have to be a pro golfer or pay a fortune to wear the most cutting-edge golf apparel these days. For a lengthy afternoon on the course, you want something lightweight, quick-drying (to wick away perspiration and moisture), and comfortable to wear. A splash of fashionable flair doesn’t hurt either. Teeanime have done the research for you and compiled a list of the top 7 golf shirts for men to buy in 2022.



Men’s Tech Golf Polo


AIRism Polo Shirt

UniQlo, a Japanese heritage brand, produces some of the greatest golf clothing on the market. Its simple AIRism Polo Shirt is an excellent addition to any man’s golf collection. To promote breathability and stretch, the mainly cotton structure is trimmed with polyester and a dab of spandex. Unlike more athletic-cut golf polos, this one has a more relaxed and comfortable fit than most. Dual hem slits give adaptability, allowing it to be worn tucked or untucked depending on your preference. At roughly $30, it’s an absolute steal. Our only complaint is that Uniqlo’s manufacture does not use recycled fibers.


Regular-Fit Quick-Dry Golf Polo Shirt


The Heater Golf Polo


Custom Slim Bear Performance Polo Shirt


The Knit Pique Polo in Blue


Vapor Logo-Appliquéd Checked Dri-FIT Golf Polo Shirt

What to Look for in a Golf Shirt

When buying for golf shirts, the two most crucial factors to consider are fit and fabric type. Because there is no uniformity among brands, you may wish to trial before you buy (as with Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe). Athletic fit shirts, on average, feel tailored and hug the body; normal fit shirts are true to size and feel “fitted” but looser than their athletic counterparts; and relaxed fit shirts are the loosest fitting of them. We recommend athletic or normal fit shirts for maximum performance. Relaxed fit shirts, of course, provide the most comfortable fit, but they tend to prioritize comfort over performance.

Fabric types vary widely among golf shirts, as they do with all sportswear. Polyester is commonly used because it is soft, lightweight, and quick-wicking. Spandex or elastane is frequently used to improve stretchability and durability. Cotton is almost always more comfortable, but it does not wick perspiration as well as synthetic textiles and does not dry as quickly. Another basic rule is to wear polyester or synthetics in warm to hot weather, and cotton in cooler weather when you’re likely to sweat less.

How We Selected

We have studied and analyzed dozens of the best golf shirts from some of the biggest apparel brands, like Nike, Ralph Lauren, Uniqlo, and others, for this collection. Every aspect of each shirt was carefully considered, including weight, durability, sustainability, softness, and, of course, affordability. The seven greatest golf shirts for men to wear on the links in 2022 are represented by the list above, which has been field-tested.