What Makes a Man Attractive? 10+ Qualities of Men That Women Fall In Love With

What is it that draws a woman towards a man? What is that women really want? We know you’ve always wanted to know what it takes to impress the woman you like. Well, turns out, it’s not as difficult as it seems. While every woman has a different choice when it comes to men, it won’t be wrong to say these 10 qualities are the one every woman in the world gets attracted to in a man. So, come on over to Teenime and find 10+ Qualities of Men That Women Fall In Love With.

1. Mystery

Like moths to flame, mystery attracts women to men. They constantly want to think there are a million stories he keeps hidden from the rest of the world. They want to know about your life other than what they see, and it takes someone special for you to expose who you truly are. The more you attempt to hide, the closer they want to get. The more you attempt to hide, the more people want to see.

2. Humour

The truth is that witty males are the most popular with girls. Who doesn’t enjoy a guy who can make everyone laugh? Half the battle is won if you can make her laugh. The key is to not try too hard. Girls adore men who can make people laugh at the most heinous of jokes without coming across as callous jerks, and, more crucially, those who can laugh at themselves as easily as they do at others. Be flawless. Unless you can be hilarious, you should always be perfect.

3. Confidence

As corny as it may sound, a confident man makes women weak at the knees. They find something incredibly appealing in a man who is clear and unapologetic about who he is and what he wants. Indecision and self-doubt should be avoided at all costs. A woman would always choose a man who has the confidence to approach her and express his interest over a boy who is too afraid to even look her in the eyes.

4. Spontaneity

Every relationship is exciting at first. Boredom sets in after the honeymoon period has passed, and unless you’re impulsive, things aren’t going to get any better. Women find unpredictability and spontaneity extremely appealing. Who doesn’t enjoy a little excitement and adventure in their lives? They want a man who doesn’t need to make ‘plans,’ who lives life day by day. They want to be astonished every time they see you, and they want to know you’re open to any plan at any time of day because, let’s face it, the finest things happen when you least expect them.

5. Being Articulate

You should begin working immediately on being able to speak freely in front of others without being nervous or awkward. One of the most underappreciated qualities of a man is his ability to speak well. Nothing turns a woman on more than a man who is not afraid to talk to her and express himself freely. No one turns a woman off more than a man with whom she does not connect.

6. Emotionally Secure

Women, like you, want their space. They start to drift apart the moment they realize you’re possessive. Women want a man who is content with himself, who does not want constant attention, who can go a day without chatting on the phone three times, who will not lose his mind the one time she goes out partying with her best friends and gets drunk, and who has a life outside of the relationship. Nobody wants a companion that clings to them and binds them indefinitely.

7. Intelligence

Stupid males are the biggest turn-offs, we assure you. Men who always have something important to say to a conversation are incredibly attractive to women. Listening to a man discuss his travels and the sights he saw in the various nations, cities, and towns he visited is always entertaining. It’s true that engaging in discussion with smart individuals never gets boring. And for for this reason, females like smart men.

8. Sensitivity

Women think that most men don’t understand what it means to be sensitive, which is why they fall in love with a man as soon as he shows his sensitive side. They want to make sure the guy they’re going out with isn’t a sexist jerk. They want to know if he understands how important things are and if he can get along with different kinds of people.

9. Being Passionate

Women go crazy for men who have a reason for living and something they really, really love to do. It shows that you have something to look forward to in your life and that you are passionate about something. It makes them want to spend more time with you and just admire your passion for life.

10. Machismo

It takes much more than just having a ripped body to be a man; you don’t need it. She must continually experience an uncontrollable want to be near you. Every time you stare at her, your eyes should express how much you desire her. You need to give her the impression that you are powerful enough to defend her—and not just physically. You ought to feel like a guy because you are one. To make her perceive your true manliness, you must discover it within yourself.

11. Being Well Groomed

Yes, it is quite significant. Even a “scruffy beard” or “out of bed” appearance requires some basic care. Always keep yourself tidy, put together, and well-groomed, but especially when you meet her. Men who put effort into their appearance and value it are adored by women.

12.  Kindness 

Women look for men to be kind, so when they discover it in them, it makes them feel fantastic and settles their hearts. This entails helping the less fortunate, doing something for the elderly, or perhaps just helping a dog or an elderly woman cross the street. The simple things mean most to women, and they will appreciate your efforts.

13.  Good Listeners 

If males truly pay attention to them, girls really enjoy it. They will feel significant since you are listening to every word of the conversation and paying attention to them, which will help you two develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship. So the next time, pay close attention to what she says.

14. Being Organised   

When it comes to keeping their surroundings tidy, men are incredibly negligent, and trust us, this is a major turnoff. She will just become disgusted if you can’t keep your room tidy. Put half as much attention and effort into cleaning up your surroundings as you do into keeping yourself looking beautiful! When they observe males keeping their possessions in order and being organized, women feel great.

15. Romancing 

Being romantic instantly appeals to women, so avoid being weird and you’ll be alright. Romance is brave; it conveys the value you place on your relationship. Therefore, do a romantic gesture the next time she visits!