What Levi’s Numbers Mean? How to Choose The Right Jeans? Here’s The Answer

Nothing beats traditional Levi’s jeans, but comprehending Levi’s numbers can be difficult. Regardless matter the brand you wear, shopping for jeans may be a daunting endeavor. Finding the ideal pair might be difficult with so many styles and fits to pick from. Add in some strange numbers, and you’re bound to be perplexed—even if you’re a Levi’s purist. Teeanime explains what the numbers on Levi’s pants imply to help you find your next favorite pair of jeans. In addition, we’ll explain how the most popular styles of men’s and women’s Levi’s jeans fit so you can browse Zeitgeist’s handpicked denim collection with confidence.

First, we need to break down four variables that affect the way your Levi’s jeans (and all other jeans btw) fit. 

It’s difficult to fathom how these measures will fit on your body when they’re just numbers on paper. We recommend taking measurements of a few of your favorite pairs of jeans and noting your ideal measurements. The next time you go jeans shopping, bring your reference sheet—and a measuring tape if you’re buying in person.


Rise means how high up on your waist and hips the jeans go. From the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband is how long it is.


Leg is a term for how the pants fit all around. A straight leg would skim your body, while a slim leg would hug your thighs and legs. People often say that the legs of boyfriend jeans are loose.

Leg Opening

Leg opening means how big the bottom of the pant leg is around. This gives you an idea of how wide they will look at the bottom. For example, the leg opening on a pair of skinny jeans for women is usually between 10″ and 12″, while the leg opening on a pair of flared jeans is between 21″ and 27″.


Fit is the most significant factor to consider because, as the name implies, it provides you a sense of the overall fit of the jeans. Levi’s normally offers three fit options: slim, regular, and relaxed.

Slim fit and slim jeans hug your legs, whereas conventional fit types, such as straight leg jeans, skim them comfortably. Relaxed fashions, such as boyfriend jeans or baggies, are form-fitting.

To make jeans shopping easier than ever, we’ve explained the meaning behind Levi’s numbers and broken down the most popular styles of Levi’s jeans and how they fit. 

Levi’s Fits That Start with 5

Levi’s 500 series jeans were the first jeans ever made. These classic fits will always be in style and are a great addition to any closet. Many of the 500 series are now worn by women, even though they were made for men at first.


The Original Levi’s Jeans: The 501

Levi’s 501s are the first model of jeans. The now-iconic style was created in 1873 by Levi Strauss himself for working men who needed pants that could survive harsh working conditions. They’ve become synonymous with classic American style during the past 130 years.

The 501s have a conventional button fly and heavyweight non-stretch denim. The classic style has a straight leg and a comfortable fit through the hip and thigh. Because these jeans are often composed of non-stretch heavyweight denim, ladies should size up at least one to two sizes for a relaxed, boyfriendy style.


The Gentleman’s Choice: The 502

Levi’s 502s and 501s are practically identical. The 502 jeans are somewhat more tapered in the leg and offer a bit more room in the thighs. They have a polished appearance without sacrificing comfort.

The tapering leg offers the 502s a polished aesthetic that can be dressed up or down. They also look fantastic with boots or casual summer sneakers. For a flexible jean that isn’t too casual, try them in a crisp dark wash.


The Rock-and-Roll Approved Pair: The 505

Levi’s 505 jeans offer a slightly looser fit than the 501s. They offer a wide fit, a straight leg, and a zip fly.

The introduction of the 505 design in 1967 represented a watershed moment for the Levi Strauss brand. The jeans were featured on the cover of the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers album in 1971. Though Levi’s jeans were originally intended to be useful work pants, they swiftly become a staple of the modern wardrobe.


The Classic Skinny Jean: The 510

Levi’s 510s were among the first slim jeans ever made. Since since, the modern style has remained one of the brand’s most popular fits. This is the pair of Levi’s skinny jeans that every man should own.

Levi’s 510 jeans offer a narrow fit with a slim leg opening and a tight-fitting leg.


The Reliable Slim-Fit: The 511

The fit of Levi’s 511 jeans is described as “not too slim and not too loose.” With a rise that rests just below your waist, the modern fit is thin through the thigh and straight throughout. The majority of pairs have a traditional button-fly.


The Comfortable Skinny Jeans: The 512

The legs of the 512 jeans are slimmer than the legs of the 511. The style is based on slim-leg tailored pants, which gives them a sleek, modern look. They sit below the waist and have narrow leg openings and tapered legs.

Levi’s 512s are great for guys who like skinny jeans but still want to be comfortable.


The Lanky Fit: The 513

The slim leg and straight fit of 513s make them easy to wear with a variety of styles. The tailored fit is kept comfortable by the stretch in the medium-weight denim. They are a modern choice that goes well with a blazer and button-up in a business casual office.

Levi’s says that their 513 fit is best for “slim, athletic builds.” This means that they are great for long, skinny guys who don’t want a super skinny fit.


The Most Comfortable: The 514

The 505 and 511 fits aren’t too different from the 514 fits. They have a classic straight leg and sit just below the waist.

Many styles have some stretch, which makes them very comfortable and easy to put on. They’re great for guys who want to look stylish but don’t like skinny jeans because they’re too tight.


The Farmer’s Favorite: The 527

The 527s are the first pair of Levi’s boot cut jeans. The style was first made for ranch hands and cowboys who needed a wider leg opening so their boots could fit over it.

The seat and thighs of Levi’s 527 jeans are slim, and they sit right at your waist. They have a classic zip-fly and five pockets.


The Gym Rat Approved Jean: The 541

Levi’s 541 jeans were made with athletes and people who like to go to the gym in mind. They have a tapered fit that shows off a fit body without being too tight. The seat and thighs of 541s have more room for men who don’t skip leg day. No matter how hard you flex, you won’t bust through your jeans because they have a loose fit and are made of thick denim.


The Old-School Relaxed Fit: The 550

Levi’s 550s are the best dad jeans. They came out in 1985. They are worn by the average person everywhere because they are comfortable, casual, and always in style.

The hips and seat of 550s are a little bit loose, and the rise is medium. The legs are a little bit tapered. They are more roomy than regular 501s.

Levi’s Fits That Start with 7

The skinny fits of Levi’s “Lot 700” jeans flatter, smooth, and lift every size and shape thanks to the extra stretch.


The Super Skinny Jean: The 710 

The 710s have the skinniest legs of all of Levi’s “Lot 700” styles. They are one of Levi’s best-selling styles because of how flattering the sleek mid-rise fit is. They are still comfortable enough to wear all day thanks to the stretchy cotton and zip fly.


The Versatile Skinny: The 711

The 711 was what Levi’s thought of as their “classic skinny jeans.” They fit a little looser than the super skinny 710s and have a mid-rise and skinny leg, which makes them a very versatile pair of jeans.


The Basic High Rise: The 721

Levi’s 721s are one of their most popular fits from their famous 700 series. The style that emphasizes the waist looks good on a wide range of body types. Their medium-weight cotton fabric has a little bit of stretch, and the zip fly makes them easy to wear and flattering.

The hips and thighs of 721s are slim, and the skinny fit makes the legs look longer. They rise more than 710s and 711s.

Other Popular Styles of Levi’s Jeans


The Most Universally Flattering Levi’s Jeans: The Wedgie

Levi’s wedgie jeans are a feminine take on the classic vintage Levi’s that lift the booty and show off curves. They have a button fly, heavyweight denim that doesn’t stretch, and five pockets, just like the brand’s original 501s.

Their high rise, straight leg, and tight fit are all made to highlight your best features. They also come in a skinny fit, which means that the leg opening is a little bit smaller.


The Highest Rise: The Ribcage

Levi’s highest rise yet is in the ribcage fit. The ribcage style is based on the classic 501 jeans from the 1990s. It has a slim fit through the hips and thighs and a straight leg. They use midweight denim that doesn’t stretch and has a button fly and five pockets.

The high rise and button fly of these mom jeans make your waist look smaller and your legs look longer. Levi’s ribcage jeans now come in many different styles, such as straight, cropped flare, split flare, and pleated crop.


The Figure-Flattering Fit: The Mile High Super Skinny

The Mile High Super Skinny fit is just what it sounds like: skinny legs and a high rise. Even though they are very tight, the fabric is very stretchy, so they are very comfortable.


The 80s Inspired Fit:

Levi’s balloon jeans are a must-have for 2021. They are a modern take on a classic 80s fit. Levi’s says that they have a “flattering high rise with a dramatic curve at the hip that tapers at the leg.” When your waist is high and your legs are loose and tapered, it makes your legs look longer.

Bottom Line

With Zeitgeist’s carefully chosen collection of vintage Levi’s jeans, you can wear your favorite Levi’s styles while helping the environment and Seattle communities.