What is Vedette? What is The Vedette Position?

Vedette is a term that appears frequently in the press and media. Perhaps everyone is aware that Vedette is a term used in the fashion and modeling industries. But Teeanime has no idea who Vedette is. Who will play Vedette? What is the function of this position in fashion shows? Let’s dig deeper into the ONOFF article below for more details.

What is the Vedette position?

Vedette position

First and foremost, we must recognize that Vedette is a fashion phrase. In every fashion show, Vedette is the brightest position on the catwalk. The model’s presentation of the collection’s location. Vedette is thought to be the designer’s representative face in that presentation. It has a direct impact on the designer’s reputation as well as his or her success. As a result, the selection of Vedette position for the collection is critical and is carefully considered by the designers.

Designers hold casting meetings for models to participate in fashion shows prior to each presentation. They will then select the Vedette location for their presentation. The vedette will be displayed magnificent attire and is frequently organized to appear in the show’s concluding position. Meanwhile, Vedette will have the honor of greeting the collection’s end with the designer. Vedette will be in charge of ensuring that the performance ends spectacularly in order to impress the audience.

Affirmative position

It’s no accident that every model wishes to be a Vedette at least once during a fashion presentation. This position is highly competitive among models. It’s a class affirmation for a Vedette. Not everyone who desires to be a vedette will be able to do so; it takes a lot of effort and guts to be spotted and catch the designer’s attention in their presentation.

If you don’t have the talent, personality, or can’t demonstrate what the designer wants in their clothing when you go casting. You cannot then become a Vedette.

Having this position is an acknowledgement and self-affirmation. Models that are selected for this role will have a more flexible career path, the option to participate in more shows, and a specific position in the fashion industry.

They are all well-known supermodels with solid credentials that have been proven over time.

Vedette Selection Criteria

Vedette position

What are the selection criteria for the Vedette position? What factors would the designer examine while selecting Vedette?

In general, the designer’s qualification is that they must be a model, a current hot celebrity. Catwalk prowess, mastery of the circumstance, and an angled, appealing face. The Vedette must express the soul, the idea that the designer wishes to transmit via the garments.

There will be distinct requirements for each fashion sector in different countries.

With the world’s fashion leaders such as Italy, England, and France… The designers here want to work with model stars that have prior modeling expertise. And they will prefer prominent fashion faces like Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima of Victoria Secret, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, or legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell…

It’s a little different in our country. In addition to looks, physique, and catwalk talents. Designers frequently select fresh names, not necessarily from the modeling world. They will be extremely popular names nowadays. For example, U23 Vietnam goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung. Our athletes rose to prominence after the U23 squad finished second in the Asian Championship. Because of that attraction, they are welcomed by many brands, and the goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung is invited to take on the Vedette position for the first time on the catwalk.

Because they will have a direct impact on the entire event, more people will be aware of and concerned about them. There are many reality shows looking for models such as: Next Top Model, The Face, Vietnam Supermodel … Designers often choose faces that emerge from these competitions to take on the Vedette position for their own shows.

Distinguish between vedette and first face

Vedette position

The two most interested in a fashion show are vedette and first face. So, with these two positions being so similar, how can they be distinguished?

If the first face is the one that opens the show, the first performer for the collection, they will provide the audience their first impression of the designs in the collection.

The vedette is the final performer, finishing the show with the most unique and spectacular designs. And the most amazing performance, which many people are anticipating.

Although the first face is also significant as the show’s opening act. However, Vedette remains the most desired post, which is not surprising given how competitive this position is. Vedette is the center of attention at fashion presentations.

Assuming the vedette position is always what the models desire, and they strive to achieve this essential position at any costs. I hope this post has given you a better understanding of Vedette’s crucial role in today’s fashion industry.