What is Tomboy Fashion? Where Did This Trend Come From? Here’s is The Anwser

Fashion is a vital element of practically everyone’s everyday life, with a global industry worth more than $406 billion. It’s a terrific opportunity to express yourself, flaunt your particular style, and have fun adorning oneself in a way that reflects your personality. Tomboy fashion may be the correct decision for you if you want to be comfortable all the time. But what exactly is this style? What distinguishes it from simply dressing masculinely?

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What is Tomboy Fashion?

While the term “tomboy” may connote a hyper-masculine style of feminine dress, this is not the case. Tomboy style is about dressing easily and putting a menswear-inspired spin on your favorite women’s clothing.

If you like denim jeans, high-waisted shorts, graphic tees, and long trenchcoats, you may already be wearing in the tomboy style without even realizing it. After all, several well-known brands have recently recognized its potential!

Getting a tomboy style is all about being comfortable in your clothing. For a classic tomboy appearance, wear loose khakis with a women’s fitting tee and a baseball cap. You can also wear loose flannel shirts with patterns like plaid. Tomboy clothing, especially flannels and cardigans, is a must-have.

Another fantastic element of tomboy outfits? Hats. A baseball cap adorned with your favorite enamel pins will look great with loose garments and flannels, and you can complement this look by putting buttons on a denim jacket.

Beanies are also a great way to add a burst of color to your ensemble. Allow your loose hair to fall past your shoulders or create a sloppy side braid that extends from your beanie.

You may also be relieved to learn that you can still look tomboyish when wearing skirts and dresses. Loose cardigans or jackets that go with your favorite dress look great, especially when paired with a sloppy bun or loosely-plaited hair. You can also combine the masculine and feminine by wearing an enormous shirt or long jacket with your skirt. That is, after all, what the tomboy chic style is all about!

Where Did This Trend Come From?

Coco Chanel, the fashion icon, was the first to popularize tomboy fashion. She’s a well-known 20s heroine that ladies adore since she liberated western women from corsets and too constricting skirts.

Her entire MO was offering them comfortable knit garments and trousers similar to what guys used to wear. Essentially, she created the tomboy look to keep all future women, including you, free and comfortable.

Tomboy Fashion Chic Style Outfit Ideas

Now that you know why the tomboy chic fashion trend is so popular, it’s time to look at some of the best outfits in this style. It’s a lot of fun to browse Pinterest for clothing ideas, so we recommend doing it yourself. However, we’ve created a list of some of our favorite tomboy clothes.

The Sweatshirt Combo

Sweatshirts are quite comfortable and give you with effortless beauty, which is why you should match them with khakis. A loose skirt will also work if the colors match, but a true icon can also appear feminine in loose jeans. Wear some large rings and a baseball cap with the same design as your hoodie.

High-Waisted Denim

Tomboy-style clothes look wonderful when they incorporate denim trends if you want to wear high-waisted shorts. Combine ripped high-waisted shorts or denim with a graphic hoodie or zip-up jumper. This great whale design is incredibly expressive and pairs nicely with the model’s little necklace, so attempt to obtain a similarly-printed sweater to replicate her look.

Feminine Florals

Want a more feminine take on the tomboy look? So did the model, who was dressed in a hoodie with butterflies and roses on the sleeves. With her feminine purse in the backdrop and some mildly damaged jeans, she looks quite amazing and comfortable. You can, too!

Perfect Plaid

We discussed flannels briefly in the previous section, and this lady understands how to look badass in one. Her long floppy-sleeved button-up flannel fits her dark cuffed jeans well. She’s set to go with some converse in the same black and white tones as her flannel and tee.

That Little Collar

A woman dressed in tomboy street style can wear loose women’s jeans with a more formal men’s top and look fantastic. With her untidy bun and tattered jeans, this girl did an excellent job of layering a collared shirt and a long sweater over her vest. Consider a charm bracelet or choker if you like this ensemble but want to add a more feminine touch. I’m ready to rock.

Find Out More about Styling Today

Tomboy street style is one of the coolest and most elegant looks available. It doesn’t mean you have to dress like a man—you may look cute and feel beautiful in these ensembles, too.

Continue reading if you have any lingering fashion and style questions. Our specialists would gladly suggest you in the direction of some outfits that you can utilize to express yourself. We’ll also assist you in developing an understanding of your particular style and how it fits in with tomboy fashion, so we hope to hear from you soon.