What is The Best Haircut For Men? 8+ Best Buzz Cut Styles For Men

The buzz cut is a hairstyle that involves shaving the back, sides, and top of one’s head uniformly with a hair clipper.

However, the classic hairdo has undergone many alterations in recent years. As a result, it is sometimes confused with other short hairstyles such as the crew cut. Buzz cut hairstyles for guys are typically more popular among the military and police officers. In fact, this is how the term “military cut” came to be.

Years later, the minimalist, basic, and edgy look is still popular. If you’re looking for a new take on the’military cut,’ you’ve come to the right place. Here are the most stylish buzz cuts that any man should attempt!

1. The Curly Haired Buzz 

This is one of the best buzz cut haircuts for men with curly hair. The buzzed top provides volume and richness while the fading sides keep the curls at bay. You can wear this look with a light stubble or entirely shaved; the option is yours!

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2. The Contrasting Buzz 

If you want your buzz cut to stand out, try using a contrasting hair color. If you have naturally dark hair, a light platinum blond will look great on you. Make sure to let your beard grow out in its natural color, and you’ll be fine!

3. The Low Fade Buzz 

It’s interesting how a simple low-fade can make a basic buzz cut look so much better. Make sure to keep your beard short and pair your low-fade with a line-up style of your choice.

4. The Fringed Buzz 

With the exception of the fringe, this one is pretty similar to a crew cut. The slightly tousled hair mixed with the high-fade is an irresistible aesthetic. This look will seem even more edgy if you have a sharp face cut!

5. The Extended Buzz Cut 

This is one of the most stylish buzz cut hairstyles for bearded men. If you love your beard just as much as your hair, this look is perfect for you. Make sure to merge your side locks with your beard and always keep them trimmed at a uniform length. Both, your beard and your hair, should be blended together seamlessly.

6. The Extended Fade 

This is one of the most fashionable buzz cut hairstyles for men with beards. This look is ideal if you enjoy your beard as much as your hair. Make sure your side locks are merged with your beard and that they are all the same length. Your beard and hair should be flawlessly merged together.

7. Buzz Cut With Handlebar 

Which moustache and beard you pair with your buzz cut style makes a significant difference. After all, both will determine your total appearance. This short buzz cut will look great on oval and triangular faces, especially when paired with a handlebar.

8. Medium Fade With Medium Beard 

We think it’s pretty clear by now how powerful a good fade can be, especially with a buzz cut. We kept this one simple by giving him a medium fade and a medium, thick beard. This look can be done with or without a moustache.

9. The Cropped Buzz 

Finally, we’ve got a crisp trimmed haircut for you. Because of its blunt, cropped top, this is one of the most fashionable buzz cuts for guys. This hairstyle is incredibly stylish because to the straight hairline.

The Bottom Line

Finally, if you want a stylish yet safe haircut, go for the buzz cut. Its simplicity has stood the test of time and is still adored by many!

It’s a simple, low-maintenance, and adaptable haircut for any man! stylish.