What is Preppy Style? Preppy styling Guide

If Ali MacGraw from Love Story is your favorite style icon, you almost probably have a preppy style attitude.

An all-American style inspired by prep school apparel, this is a way of wearing that can transcend seasons and generations. So, for all your doubts, trust Teeanime!

What Is Preppy Style?

So, first and foremost, what precisely is preppy style? This collegiate-inspired style is mostly casual, but that doesn’t imply your closet will be entirely comprised of denim and jeans.

You also enjoy wearing skirts and dresses, as well as blouses with pussy bows or Peter Pan collars.

How To Tell If You Have A Preppy Style Personality

A preppy style shares many similarities with classic fashion, so you may find yourself drawn to features of both. It might also be inspired by natural style.

As a preppy style type, you appreciate comfortable knits, checks, and stripes, as well as flat shoes and natural fibers such as leather and wool.

If you’re not sure what your style is, you may take this fun style personality quiz to find out which style you prefer.

You Appreciate Clean-Cut Styles

To my knowledge, you do not own a pair of torn jeans or a leather jacket. You’re more into traditional business style, such as a jacket, a v-neck sweater, and straight-leg or boot-cut jeans.

You Aren’t Trend Obsessed

It’s much more important to you to have a good closet of essentials than to shop for a statement piece each season.

You Have A Love Of Stripes

If you only have one pattern in your closet, it’s stripes. That’s because, in addition to being based on college style, the preppy look also has a hint of the sea.

You Love A Dress Or Shirt With A Collar

Even though you wear t-shirts and boat necks, your favorite styles are collared ones like the peter pan collar, the classic button-down shirt or shirt dress, and the polo style.

You Don’t Have A Preference For Pants Or Skirts

Even though preppy style is usually comfortable, you feel just as good in pants as you do in a skirt, and you probably have about the same number of each in your closet.

Preppy Style Women

Emma Watson and Olivia Palermo are just two of the younger celebrities who have taken up the preppy style in the past few years.

But Alexa Chung, who is in her 40s (above, right) and mixes preppy with bohemian fashion, and Gwyneth Paltrow, who mixes preppy with classic style, also like it. Also, Reese Witherspoon often wears a preppy style.

Also, there are a lot of older women who could teach them a thing or two. Lilly Pulizter, a fashion designer, was the personification of preppy style, while Jackie O or Grace Kelly were the only ones who could pull off a twinset.

Designers You Like If You Love Preppy Fashion

Since the preppy style is really an all-American look, you tend to like American designers like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Thom Browne. Gucci and Prada have also become more fans of the preppy style in recent seasons.

All of these designers will make you happy if you like clean, classic styles with a style of “geek chic.”

Preppy Clothes And Accessories

Now, let’s look at some of the best ways to get a preppy look with clothes, shoes, and accessories. Plus, if you keep reading, you’ll find a summer capsule wardrobe put together just for people with a preppy style.

Tops To Get The Perfect Preppy Look

When it comes to tops, there are really only two main styles that fit the preppy style.

You will want to have a lot of casual clothes, like a classic polo neck and a Breton-striped top, in your closet.

Preppy Sweaters

For a preppy style, you definitely need a classic sweater and a cardigan.

Choose a V-neck and look for details like cable knit and stripes in the varsity or cricket fashion for a true preppy look. You could also find a sweater without sleeves to put on top of your shirt.

Preppy Style Outerwear

For the transitional months or cooler evenings, invest in a padded, yet fitted vest to wear over shirts and v-neck sweaters.

You should also include a classic jacket and a quilted coat. You might also consider including a classic pattern, such as plaid.

Jeans And Pants For The Preppy Style Personality

You won’t be looking for the most recent hem style or jeans with holes when shopping for jeans and pants.

You choose a clean cut style that can last decades, just like the rest of your look.

You’ll want a traditional jeans style as well as selections with patterns such as checks and pants with a pronounced crease. A sailor style will also appeal to you.

Preppy Dresses And Skirts

If I were to check through your closet, I’d bet you have an equal quantity of pants and skirts.

Look for models with pleats that will complement your Peter Pan collars. If you have confidence in your legs, you might go for a shorter skirt length as a preppy style.

A shorter skirt with opaque tights is always an option. You might also go with a knee-length or midi length.

Preppy Shoes

Your shoes, like the rest of your outfit, will be in traditional styles. They are also usually mostly flat.

You don’t like wearing heels and you despise being uncomfortable. Instead, during the cooler months, seek for loafers with bows or tassels, brogues or Oxfords, and flat knee-high boots. Look for sneakers or boat shoes for the summer. Mary Janes, either flat or with a heel, are appropriate for more formal events.

Accessories To Go With Your Preppy Clothes

When it comes to accessories, you prefer simple to flashy.

You like a traditional bag, well-made leather gloves that will last you for years, and, of course, a long wool scarf. Headbands are extremely popular right now and are an essential feature of preppy style.

Like the rest of your wardrobe, your jewelry will be stylish and understated, so you may merely choose a pair of diamond or pearl stud earrings and a watch for your day-to-day attire.