What is Normcore? The 6+ Best Normcore Outfi Ideas

While normcore’s popularity has fluctuated over the past eight years, the aesthetic remains prevalent. Balletcore, cottagecore, gorpcore—a new aesthetic trend is named “core” every day. The vocabulary remains in most popular fashion magazines, proving that many are still attempting to understand and embrace normcore fashion. Teeanime break down what normcore is (and has become), how to get the look with important components, and outfit inspiration.

What is normcore?

K-Hole, a now-defunct trend predicting firm, was the first to use Normcore. (The initial report is still available for reading.) The word gained popularity in 2014 as a result of a slew of think pieces delving into the aesthetic and its consequences.

Normcore is a mindset that “desires the independence that comes with non-exclusivity.” As my former colleague Nicole Kliest so eloquently put it, normcore is “essentially the philosophy of recognizing and appreciating our similarities as people. So, rather than looking for ways to stand out, being content with wearing (and acting) in the sameness is perfectly okay. Of course, there is no such thing as normal, but we can all identify and agree on what is considered normal in our various groups and places.”

It was initially uncertain if this design was actually a trend at its core or was intrinsically anti-trend, but this is becoming increasingly evident as brands and shops capitalize on its appeal. If you will, the whole atmosphere has now risen to more elevated, glossier heights.

How to Get the Normcore Aesthetic

In terms of fashion, normcore embodies nostalgic clothes reminiscent of ’90s inspirations à la Jerry Seinfeld. Consider button-down shirts, slacks, plain belts, high-waisted jeans, dad sneakers, flat sandals, and other functional and basic pieces. The options below reflect the most recent take on the look.

Normcore Outfit Ideas