What is Basic Tee? 10+ Best T-Shirts For Men in 2023

The best T-shirts for guys are like water: you might not perish without them, but your wardrobe will. (Some could argue that this is why it’s called survival of the fittest.) So Teeanime aren’t going to let your style flop. Good tees are the cornerstone of almost any fantastic look, whether you’re wearing it alone with blue jeans and sneakers, layering it with a flannel shirt and boots, dressing it up with a perfectly slouchy suit, or wearing it to the gym with your running shoes.

The possibilities for wearing a T-shirt are limitless. And there are a thousand different tees to select from for each one. But picking the correct tee is a Herculean endeavor because, well, every brand and their parent company creates a version. That’s why we’ve compiled an exhaustive list of the greatest men’s T-shirts, from crisp white tees to funky-colored bangers, burly winter-ready heavyweights, and paper-thin summer undershirts. Whatever you’re looking for, whatever your budget is, wherever you’re going, you’re sure to find the T-shirt of your dreams here.

The Best White T-Shirts

If there was one T-shirt to rule them all, as Tolkien could say, it would be the simple white tee. With only one version and a pair of blue jeans, you can wear it around the home as casual loungewear, or follow in the footsteps of many a menswear great, seeking to entrench yourself as a style icon. These are just a few of our favorites, which range from pima cotton alternatives to broken-in crewnecks to retro-inspired, relaxed-fit pieces.

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Gildan heavy cotton T-shirt (2-pack)

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Hanes short sleeve Beefy T (2-pack)

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Sunspel Sea Island cotton T-shirt

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Uniqlo U crew neck short-sleeve T-shirt

The Best Affordable T-Shirts

T-shirts should not force you into bankruptcy (though some may argue that a really, very good tee is well worth the blow to your credit score). Fortunately, there are a plethora of T-shirt manufacturers that produce excellent value, and one of the brands listed below will never let you down.

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Carhartt K87 workwear pocket T-shirt

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Pro Club heavyweight cotton short sleeve T-shirt

The Best Black T-Shirts

We’ve already discussed why white tees are necessary. But, because life is all about balance, you also need a stack of high-quality black tees in your closet. Black T-shirts are hot and badass whilst white T-shirts are spotless and proper. Who doesn’t want to feel like a kickass babe?

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Gap classic T-shirt

3sixteen heavyweight pocket tee (2-pack)

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John Elliott Anti-Expo tee

The Best T-Shirts to Buy in Every Color

Of all, tees are more than just black and white, and the best colorful T-shirts can act as a sartorial mood ring. Are you feeling more forest green or sunny yellow today? In every color of the rainbow, these are the greatest models to buy.

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Comfort Colors short sleeve pocket tee

J.Crew relaxed long-sleeve premium-weight cotton T-shirt

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Todd Snyder x Champion basic jersey tee

The Best Undershirts

Before bold design tees and high-end Supima cotton splurges, the T-shirt began as a simple undergarment. Undershirts are made to play a supporting role so that the rest of your outfit can fully shine, whether you’re attempting to shield your nice dress shirts and sweaters from the funk of your sweat glands or simply need a warm base layer to keep the freezing air out. They come in a variety of materials, including waffle-knit thermals and temperature-regulating Merino wool, as well as plain ol’ cotton jersey. However, keep in mind that most nice undershirts will be closer to the slim-fit end of the silhouette continuum.

Uniqlo Heattech ultra warm long-sleeve T-shirt

Smartwool merino 250 baselayer tee

The Best Workout T-Shirts

You could exercise in a regular cotton tee and be OK—soaking wet and stinky, but fine. We’d prefer that you get a genuine exercise tee. They are not ordinary T-shirts: they are cool T-shirts—literally. Workout shirts are made of fabrics that are cool and drain away moisture, helping you to workout more efficiently and effectively. Some training shirts also have anti-microbial characteristics, so you won’t stench like rotten bacon even if you’re sweating like a pig.

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Rhone Reign short sleeve shirt

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Ten Thousand Versatile shirt