What is a Pocket Square? How to fold a pocket square? The Answer is Here !!!

So, what exactly is a pocket square?
A pocket square is a little rectangle of fabric that fits snugly in your jacket’s breast pocket, delivering a tasteful touch of fabric peeking out to add visual appeal.
I know what you’re thinking: do you use it to blow your nose? No, it does not! You’re picturing a handkerchief.
Or, better still, a Teeanime.
So, why would you put a non-functional piece of cloth in a non-functional pocket?
Baby, it’s all about fashion!
A pocket square is a low-effort, subtle way to take an ordinary outfit from drab to tres chic.

Difference between a pocket square and a handkerchief

At first glance, a pocket square doesn’t seem all that different from a handkerchief. In fact, you could say it’s a direct descendant of the handkerchief.
People used to keep their handkerchiefs in their trouser pockets with coins, bills, and keys, but then they started to think that the breast pocket might be a better place.
Soon, a splash of color or a hint of silk were all the rage, and the pocket square was born as a way to add style.
But there are still some important things to keep in mind:

#1 – Use

As was already said, a handkerchief and a pocket square are used in very different ways. This might be hard to understand, especially since fashion magazines and style experts use the terms interchangeably.

But pocket squares are for fashion, not for the flu!

To put it simply, a hanky is for blowing your nose and a pocket square is for showing.

Less simply, you can use a handkerchief to blow your nose, clean up messes, or even just wipe your forehead.

The purpose of a pocket square is to add style. You can use it to show off your creativity, make yourself look like you belong in the 1920s, or just add a pop of color to an otherwise boring suit.

#2 – Size

Most of the time, handkerchiefs are bigger than pocket squares.

Handkerchiefs go in your larger trouser pocket, while pocket squares go in your smaller breast pocket. A pocket square that is too big might make you look bulky instead of sleek and stylish.

Also, if the cold weather is really getting to you, you want a handkerchief that is as big as possible.

#3 – Fabric

There are different kinds of materials for pocket squares, like linen and silk, which aren’t good for blowing your nose on. On the other hand, most handkerchiefs are made of cotton.

This is for the softest, most absorbent, and most durable cotton possible. Cotton can still hold its shape even after being washed many times.

Not so much wool.

How do you wear a pocket square?

When used right, a pocket handkerchief can be a great way to add a little something extra to an outfit. It can liven up even the most boring business suit and draw attention to your face. It comes in a variety of patterns and styles.

What your dad did with ties, but much cooler.

So, how should the square be worn? Here are some tips:

Mix don’t match

Your pocket square shouldn’t be the same color and material as your tie, because that would be too much of a match and might look tacky.

Instead, it should go with the rest of your outfit. Look for secondary colors in your shirt or tie and choose a pocket square that has those colors. To add some shine, choose a nice fabric like silk.

Don’t overdo it

There are a lot of fun and interesting patterns for pocket squares, but it’s important not to go too far. Don’t wear a loud paisley square with a pinstriped suit. Instead, wear it with a flat, monochrome piece.

When in doubt, go white

White is the classic color for a pocket square, and it really does go with any jacket or tie. Just keep it clean and fold it well, and you can’t go wrong.

How to fold a pocket square?

The pocket hanky was first made as a way to show style and creativity. So, there are a lot of different ways to fold and wear pocket squares. Here are the three most common ways to fold:

The Classic Pocket Square Fold

You can’t go wrong with a classic folding technique!

  1. Lay your pocket square out flat.
  2. The square is folded in half once.
  3. Fold the bottom up to make a square.
  4. Fold again along the length to make it fit your pocket. Put the square, with its edges facing up, in the pocket of your jacket.

One-Point Pocket Square Fold

One point to you for style.

  1. Lay your pocket square out flat.
  2. Fold the square diagonally down the middle, bringing one edge to meet the opposite edge.
  3. About two-thirds of the way through, fold one edge in and across.
  4. Step 3 should be done again with the other edge.
  5. The Scallop Pocket Square Fold

Mmm, scallops.

  1. Lay your pocket square out flat.
  2. Fold the square diagonally down the middle, so that one corner meets the other.
  3. Fold the triangle in half again, bringing the two corners at the ends of the first fold together.
  4. Curl one of the corners that has been folded in and down. Do the same thing with the other corner, putting it on top of the first one.
  5. Put the point of the triangle in your pocket.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your favorite fabric. You can choose from silk, linen, wool, or cotton.
  • A machine for sewing. Yes, for sure. Go ask your granny, or better yet – invest!
  • An iron. You have one of these already. Right?
  • Cutters for fabric. You can get good ones at any store that sells sewing supplies.
  • Tape for measuring. You can’t guess on this one!

Here’s how:

  1. Use your scissors to cut a square from your fabric. As was already said, pocket squares come in sizes ranging from 10 by 10 inches to 17 by 17 inches. If you’re nervous, make it bigger than it needs to be. You can always cut it down later.
  2. Make a hem by folding one side in about 14 inch and ironing it in place. Fold it again and iron it to cover the torn edges. Repeat for each of your square’s four sides.
  3. Use your sewing machine to stitch around your square. To do this, put your fabric under the needle of your machine, lower the presser foot, and start sewing with a quick tap on the pedal and a back stitch. When you get to a corner, leave the needle in the fabric and lift the presser foot to turn it 90 degrees. Put the presser foot back down and sew again, making sure to cut the ends of the threads.
  4. And voila! Fold it in half and put it in your pocket. You look really good!

Don’t stress out if you mess up a few times. Keep in mind that they will be half hidden in your pocket, which makes this a very easy DIY project. Once you know how to do the basics, you can use different fabrics, patterns, and colors to make even more creative clothes.

Final Thoughts

When you want to add a touch of style to your jacket, a pocket square is a classy choice.

But when you need to blow your nose or wipe sweat off your forehead, use a real handkerchief or a HankyBook.