What Is a Hypebeast, and Could You Be One?

If you’re feeling out of the loop and wondering what a hypebeast is, you’re not alone. That’s why Teeanime dug in to learn what the phrase meant.

Unless you live under a rock or have erased all of your social media accounts, you’ve heard the term hypebeast. It’s a popular term on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But what exactly is a hypebeast?

The term “hypebeast” is spreading like wildfire, yet despite the fact that we all seem to be using it, most of us have no idea what it is. It’s undeniably a part of popular culture, but what does it mean? Is it just a passing fad or something more?

Of course, when it comes to terms like these, the easiest approach to find the correct definition is to consult our trusted Urban Dictionary.

What is a hypebeast?

A hypebeast is best defined as the following:

1. “A person who follows a trend in order to appear cool or fashionable. A person who dresses in the latest fashion.”

2. “A hypebeast [sic] is a child who collects clothing, shoes, and accessories for the sole goal of impressing others. Despite the fact that the individual does not have a cent to their name, they want to act as if they make considerably more than everyone else. With his mother’s [sic] credit card in hand, the hypebeast [sic] will do everything in his power to obtain every pair of Nike’s [sic] he saw Jay-Z wear on 106 & Park.”

With these definitions in place, a hypebeast presents an impressive front in order to be viewed as someone of prestige and symbolism. They are someone who always has the latest trends and fashion stuff, even if it is not who they are.

Essentially, they want to be a part of the trend. They don’t want to be the last person to know about the latest trends and things.

Why is a hypebeast a hypebeast?

Nobody knows why a hypebeast is so obsessed with the latest trends, but one thing is certain: they desperately want to fit in.

It makes no difference what collector’s item they’re onto right now, where they obtained their Starbucks mug, or how they got their hands on the latest Nike shoes.

When asked what a hypebeast is, they plainly want to be perceived in a certain way. They most likely wish to blend in with the coolest crowds and be perceived as stylish and fashionable. Perhaps it’s because they’re fearful of being identified as outcasts or misfits.

The clearest signs someone is a hypebeast

So, how do you know if someone is a hypebeast? With these signs, you’ll be able to spot them out instantly!

1. They wear everything that’s trending

They’re like walking Instagram accounts. True hypebeasts do not feel that everything should be consumed in moderation. Again, they’re up to date on the latest fashion trends, so you’ll always see them sporting the latest fashion trend.

It’s not even in a cool way, more in a live-walking-Instagram kind of way. When you see them, they’re wearing every label you can imagine. It’s evident that they’re trying way too hard to fit in.

2. They focus on the trends rather than the necessities

Even if they don’t have any, money isn’t a problem for them. They’ll be able to afford the latest iPhone or Yeezy shoes. Their priorities are catching the latest fad, so it doesn’t matter if they forfeit a complete dinner or a week’s worth of food.

They will literally go to any length to obtain the latest trends, even if it means sacrificing important elements of their lives.

3. They’re proud of their collections

True hypebeasts take tremendous care in their gold chains, snapbacks, shoes, and watches collections. They most likely worked hard to obtain them, so why not enjoy them?

A normal person brags about their successes, while a hypebeast considers it an accomplishment to acquire an abundance of collector’s stuff.

After all, who could possibly have acquired every Nike series? Who would have the most recent iPhones in each generation? Nobody else but them.

4. Savings? What savings?

Some of us avoid buying the on-sale dress or shoes because we want to save money. If it describes you, you are not a hypebeast. A hypebeast lives in the present moment. By this stage, you should be aware that hypebeasts don’t care if their savings account is empty.

They’re satisfied as long as they’ve gathered all of the significant trends. What about college tuition? Rent? Those can’t be that significant.

5. They don’t necessarily like what they’re wearing

They might not even like the new Yeezy shoes, but that’s beside the point. The point is, they’re brand-new, and everyone wants a pair.

They only wear it to seem cool and be viewed as having status and symbolism. They want others to exclaim, “You’re so lucky to have the newest Adidas!” or something to that effect.

6. They know all the brand names

If they’ve never heard of a brand, it’s evident that it’s not important. However, they are well-versed in all of the brands. They’re all of them. They’ll beat you at your own game if you even dare to dispute their wisdom.

Even if the brand is unfamiliar to you, but it is regarded a trend or an upcoming one, they will be fully aware of it.

Clothing without a label? That doesn’t pique their attention. It’s not fashion if their favorite celebrities aren’t wearing it.

7. They depend on Instagram likes

A hypebeast understands that their worth is solely determined by what other people think of them. This explains why they spend more time on Instagram than any other social media network.

They believe they have failed in life if a particular appearance or collector’s item does not receive the anticipated number of likes. Each like confirms that they’re doing the proper thing to appear professional.

8. They follow celebrities with a passion

What celebrities dress on a daily basis has a big influence on hypebeasts. If you look at their Instagram profile, you’ll discover that they follow the most renowned names, and you’ll undoubtedly notice parallels in how they dress.

They obtain confirmation on what products to buy by seeing which celebs have worn a given look or own a particular gadget. They’re virtually carbon copies of their favorite celebrities.

9. They never leave the house not hyped up

They dress up for any occasion, whether it’s a quick trip to the market for milk or to pick up the mail. You’ve met those people who are obsessed with their nonexistent image and reputation, even when doing grocery shopping.

They’re always expecting to run into someone they know *I mean, it’s a small world*. So they don’t take any chances by dressing down, but they always dress up. Always.

10. Their clothes are in mint condition

Hypebeasts treat their clothes as if they were collectibles because, in their opinion, they are. Their costly, stylish pieces are supposed to be worshiped rather than worn.

If you’re wondering what a hypebeast is, it’s someone who treats their clothes and collectibles as if they’re extremely fragile, refusing to let anyone touch them. But this is only natural given that it is their beautiful collection.

11. They love shoes

We cannot emphasize this enough. Hypebeasts adore shoes, but they adore them. They may never trust a lover, but they know that their new pair of shoes will never betray them.

They don’t just have an average-sized sneaker collection like any other sneakerhead; they have so many brands and pairs that they could open their own store! You know what we’re talking about if you’re buddies with a hypebeast or have gone to their house.

12. Everything must match

This isn’t true for every hypebeast, but the vast majority take delight in making sure everything matches. They would never go out in an outfit that doesn’t even match to begin with – that would be a nightmare. As a hypebeast, they consistently wear coordinated outfits and accessories.

From head to toe, they’ll be dressed in one hue and only one color. Unless they’re decked out in bling.

13. Their Instagram page is carefully crafted

They are concerned with their Instagram feed as well as their outward appearance. A hypebeast’s life gets turned upside down by a boring photo on their page.

If you find yourself tracking a hypebeast, you’ll notice that they’re always flaunting the latest fashion trends, gadget trends, sneaker trends, and practically any trend that exists. It’s so photogenic that it would put any apparel brand’s website to shame!

14. They shop with urgency

Even if a pair was just released yesterday or the latest iPhone was just released, hypebeasts make sure they don’t have to wait days to get their hands on it. In fact, they will go to any length to obtain the latest trends on the day they are released.

Because they are also up to speed on all market news and trends, they know exactly when the release is and prepare themselves accordingly.

15. It’s like they’re always on a fashion show

A hypebeast will almost never be seen wearing mundane clothing because it is a complete nightmare for them. They consistently make an effort to appear their best by following the current fashion trends. A visit to the dentist? Shopping trip? A stroll in the park? Every one of those things has an outfit for it, because life is a fashion show, right?

So, what is a hypebeast?

Hypebeasts, in general, have a propensity of striving a little too hard to be in and aware of the latest trends. They are frantic to seem as someone who possesses a certain status symbol, which is why they go to such lengths to amass a collection of the latest trends.

They seek and receive validation from trends and social likes, and they don’t care about anything else, including their finances, long-term plans, or long-term life goals. After all, you live for today, don’t you? Who knows what will occur tomorrow!

So, what exactly is a hypebeast? It’s time to evaluate yourself if you know someone who is a hypebeast or if you are the hypebeast. You might be one if you identify with the bulk of the aforementioned indications.