What is a Hipster? How To Be a Real Hipster?

What is a hipster?

Everyone appears to be curious about who/what/where a hipster is. There is a trend to assert that there is no genuine definition of a hipster, despite the fact that the term is used loosely by almost every magazine imaginable.

What exactly is a hipster? Keep reading with Teeanime to find out.

You would be surprised. It very well could be YOU.

A hipster is an individual who usually belongs to a specific subculture. Which subculture is it? It makes no difference. Because the term “hipster” is so ambiguous.

In its most basic form, a hipster is someone who is curious about things. Whether it’s discovering a band before anybody else, learning about the Syrian conflict, the history of taxidermy, or obscure phrases in 20th century Americana. A hipster is someone who is eager to learn, see, and, yes, even do. Being a hipster is being a member of a subculture. Hipsters as a demographic attempt to distinguish themselves from culture as a whole while remaining within it. This is nothing out of the norm for a subculture, yet the term “hipster” carries a certain connotation.

The term “hipster” has come to refer to anyone who does not appear to be mainstream. As a result, hipsters stand out from the crowd. (Even if they fulfill the stereotype of standing out from the crowd.) Personally, “hipster” is the only label I’ve ever felt at ease with. It’s a broad subculture that encompasses a wide range of sins, styles, and vices.

What does a hipster look like?

Hipsters dress in thin jeans and cargo trousers, t-shirts and tank tops, trucker hats and no-hats. They sip wine, beer, gin and tonics, old fashioneds, and Arnold Palmers. Many hipsters refuse to be identified by that label or any label. Nonetheless, they will dress in branded clothing. Many, though, will not. Are you noticing a pattern here? Hipsters do one thing while other hipsters do something else.

Hipsters may appear basic stereotypically (and what is a personified definition if not a stereotype?).

Want to look like a hipster? You probably already do. Anyone may be a hipster. Hipsters wear pretty about any brand you can think of. Though, in reality, Salvation Army, Oxfam, Humana, and other secondhand and vintage stores are the hipsters’ preferred shopping destinations. Hipster attire could encompass everything from Urban Outfitters to something truly trendy and unique—perhaps an indie designer.

How to travel like a hipster!

Travel is a means to an end—we go so that we might take in new sights, experiences, and ideas.

Travel allows us to broaden our horizons, find comfort in unfamiliar places, and make sense of the peculiarities that unite and distinguish our planet. When we venture out of our comfort zones, we gain insight into who we want to be and what we hope to accomplish in this life. The purpose of our trips is educational.

Distance is no object, since we go far and near.

We visit remote islands and busy metropolises, exotic locales and the homes of our ancestors. We visit both well-known and lesser-known destinations.  “Home” is where one makes it.

While on the road, we try to have an open mind.

We take to the road with zeal and curiosity to learn more about the world we share with our neighbors. We are doing this trip with an open mind, hoping to rediscover ourselves through the experience of getting lost.

We go on trips so that we can make connections with individuals, both foreign and domestic, who can enrich our lives with new perspectives, experiences, and opportunities.  During our journey, we treat each other with kindness, compassion, and understanding.