What Exactly is a Femboy? Everything You Required information is Listed Below.

A fun fact about Discord is that if you join any server, you are automatically thought to be a man. If you tried to convince the members otherwise, you’d be called a predator who lives in your parents’ basement. Using “uwu” in your speech or having an anime girl as your profile picture (pfp) also won’t help your case. Sometimes, people would say things like, “Then you’re definitely a femboy.” Some servers would even ban you if you were both a “femboy” and a “furry.”

So, what is a “femboy”? Why do people on social media sites like Discord either hate them or find them interesting? Are they just boys who like girls? Let’s clear things up once and for all with Teeanime.

What is a femboy?

A femboy is a young cisgender male who acts and dresses like a girl. They are also called “roseboys” and “otokonokos.” Most of the time, this person is under 30 years old. He may sometimes or always act in a very feminine way. Urban Dictionary says that femboys are not the same as ladyboys. A ladyboy is a person who changes from being a man to a woman in Asia, especially in Thailand.

A top entry on the platform goes on to say, “Femboys are also different from cross-dressers.” “Even though femboys are feminine, they don’t always wear clothes made for women, but this is very common.” Also, it’s important to remember that being a “femboy” has nothing to do with a person’s sexuality. You can be on any end of the spectrum and still call yourself a “femboy.” In short, the context is very important before you start using the term to describe anyone who wears a skirt.

“Femboys are basically men who act like women,” TikTok influencer Seann Altman told SCREENSHOT. “Just like there are feminine girls and masculine girls, there are also femboys.”

“So when you call a femboy a “feminine man,” people get a better idea that he’s just a boy who dresses in a feminine way.”

In the 1990s, the word “femboy” was used as an insult to describe men who didn’t act like traditional men. The word used to mean “sissy” or “wimp” until the internet picked it up and gave it a different meaning. In 2001, femboys made the first online community called “Boi Fancy.” Today, men who like a mix of feminine and masculine traits use the term to describe themselves, and they even have their own subreddits and Discord servers.

How do you spot a femboy in a crowd?

Amazon thinks that cat-eared hoodies, skater skirts, leather chokers, and striped thigh-high socks are the way to go for femboys, even though there isn’t a specific accessory or piece of clothing on the femboy must-have list. Not to mention the clothes maids wear. If you search for “femboy” on the e-commerce site and quickly scroll through the results, you’ll end up in the frilly land of “Lolita maid costumes” with gloves, hats, and neck straps.

The outfit in question was popular with cosplayers at first, but it really took off when it was worn by Raymond, a popular Animal Crossing character. Since then, maid costumes have become synonymous with femboys on TikTok, which has had close to two billion views and is still growing. This is because a growing number of fans are saying things like, “Give us some maid content, senpai!”

“As a feminine male, I dress more feminine. Altman said, “Sometimes I put on makeup and wear skirts or dresses because it makes me feel good and is fun.” “Sometimes I don’t feel like getting dressed up, so I stay in my pajamas all day, but that doesn’t make me any less of a feminine man.”

But the influencer said that labeling someone based on how they look is a big problem in and of itself. “The idea that heterosexuality is the “holy” sexual orientation has changed how we think about gender now. Just by looking at someone, you can’t tell what they stand for. The only way to know for sure who someone is is to ask them in person.”

Why are femboys being fetishised?

I’ll discuss femboy fetishization’s problematic roots even if Rule 34, “If it exists, there will be porn of it,” sums up this section.

PornHub included “femboy” as a searchable category in 2013 after a series of sexual fantasies. Nine years later, thin, curvaceous, often cross-dressing males in leather claim to be “the ultimate cure to incels.” The platform’s “furry sex” category also attracts femboys. All lifestyle-based hentai?

“Femboy Hooters,” a femboy version of Hooters, further fetishizes. Because why else?

“Hooters except it’s manned totally by femboys” was all it took for a tweet to go viral, spawning subreddits, Discord servers, and a change.org petition to “make wishes come true”. Femboy Hooters is a PornHub genre that fetishizes scantily-clad male restaurant employees. Rule 34 applies to everything on the internet.

Altman noted that sexualization is different from fetishization. The customer and sex object have power in fetishization. Fetishists seek for certain people to fulfill their fantasies. The California State University graduate disagrees with fetishizing a minority for sexual purposes.

“There are a number of Reddit forums for femboys where males say ‘I would never be in a relationship with a femboy but I would have sex with one’. The chat is wrong even though it’s private. We are persons, not sex objects.”

Femboys on TikTok have changed the toxic masculinity discourse despite the “Fap or Trap” stigma. “Stop being afraid of yourself and literally be who you are because it is the most liberating thing to do,” Altman said. “Explore your feminine and masculine qualities. We’re all a mix. No one needs to fit into this box or cultural standard of what a guy or girl is.” Otherwise, you’re a basement predator. Having a female anime pfp or saying “uwu” won’t help either. “Then you’re obviously a femboy,” you’d hear. Some servers even ban “femboy” furries.

What’s a femboy? Why do Discord users loathe or fetishize them with no in-between? Soft boys? Let’s settle Teeanime’s score.