What does “crush” mean? What are the subtle signs that your crush likes you?

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How to know if the person you like likes you. When you have a crush on someone, you get butterflies in your stomach and feel all happy and soft. But having a crush on someone doesn’t mean you’ll end up in a relationship with them. Before you try to get close to them, you should make sure they feel the same way about you as you do about them.

Real quick: What do we mean by ‘crush’?

A crush is typically defined as amorous sentiments for someone that remain unspoken. The thing is, crushes don’t have to be romantic in any way.

Crushes aren’t usually romantic in nature, according to Christie Kederian, PhD, a psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist. They do, however, reflect a yearning to connect on a deeper level with another individual.

We can have crushes on potential friends, coworkers we want to be work pals with, or even friends or coworkers we want to be romantic partners.

26 Signs Your Crush Likes You

You can fall in love with anyone at any time in your life, and you have no control over your feelings. You might want to find out if your crush has feelings for you in order to start a relationship. Here are several signs that your crush likes you.

1. They keep looking at you

If someone has a crush on you, there’s a good chance they’ll be looking at you more than other people. They might stare at you when they think you’re not looking, and if you catch them, they might even look away. If they look at you like this, it could mean they like you too.

2. They get anxious around you

When we’re with our crush, we do strange things. If you notice a change in their body language, like nervousness or just more smiles, it’s likely that they feel the same way about you. Some other signs are fidgeting, playing with their hair, and stumbling over their words when they talk to you.

3. They initiate eye contact

Even though making eye contact may seem like a polite thing to do in a social setting, you might notice a difference when someone who is interested in you does it. If you’re not sure if they’re just being polite by making eye contact or if they have a crush on you, you can find out in a group setting. If they pay more attention to you or look at you more often, it could mean they like you too.

4. They make casual physical contact

Handshakes, high fives, and hugs are popular types of platonic friendship physical contact. If your crush initiates physical contact with you more frequently and in different ways, such as patting you on the back or holding your hand while you’re angry, it could suggest that they have deeper feelings for you. Pay attention to these occurrences and note whether they occur solely with you or with others as well.

5. They change their body language around you

Body language expresses one’s emotions. Take note of whether your crush immediately straightens up when they see you or if they fix their hair or clothes when you’re there. Another sign that someone likes you is when they face you straight when you interact with them, especially their feet. Other telltale signs include them leaning towards you while speaking and copying your body language.

6. They try to sit near or next to you

If you find your crush is frequently directly next to you or near you in a group setting like a meeting at work, it could be a significant indication that they are romantically interested in you. While friends would naturally do the same, you may notice that your crush is making an extra effort to be near you.

7. They listen to you

While this attribute alone does not suggest or confirm romantic desire, it does when paired with other signs. If you notice your crush paying close attention to you, asking polite questions, and showing appropriate emotional reactions such as laughing, surprise, or horror when you tell a tale, they most likely have a crush on you. If they are captivated by whatever you say, it may imply a greater level of interest in you.

8. They want to get to know you better

It could apply to a variety of people, but it usually denotes mutual love desire when your crush expresses an interest in getting to know you. They could want to know your favorite foods or movies, bands, or childhood recollections in order to get to know you better. If they are interested in you, they may even inquire about your family or siblings. They most likely regard you as more than simply a friend.

9. They try to get an idea of your plans and aspirations

While not every crush is thinking about marriage right immediately, they may be interested in your future intentions. It could range from job goals to what you expect from a marriage or family, or it could be as simple as what pets you want or where you want to travel. If the person you like asks about these things, it’s to see if your plans line with theirs.

10. They may inquire about your relationships

If your crush inquires about your relationship status, this is a definite indication that they are interested in you. If they are too shy to ask you or your friends directly, they may turn to social media.

11. They call or text you a lot

In the twenty-first century, romance can take various forms. If personal contact is not possible, they can always contact you via phone. If you find yourself chatting to or messaging your crush frequently, with them starting it on most days, they most likely have a crush on you. The number and time of these encounters are key distinctions to make—if the calls and messages come frequently and last late into the night or early in the morning, chances are they consider you as more than a buddy.

12. They actively engage with your social media posts

If your crush is frequently the first person to view your tales, like your photos, or leave a nice comment on anything you share, there’s a strong probability they like you. Someone’s social media can often provide access to a wealth of information about them. A person who has a crush on you would want to look at these frequently in order to get to know you better and engage with you.

13. They respond immediately

If your crush reacts quickly to a call, text, or even a forward, it’s a good sign they like you as well. If they have a crush on you, they will most likely re-read your discussions or check your social media in their spare time, so they will be fast to respond to any calls or messages. This haste might frequently reveal their genuine intentions toward you.

14. They get jealous when someone else flirts with you

While it may not be visible, check for signs of jealousy in your crush when another person flirts with you or you flirt with another person. It could be as simple as a shift in body language or expression, or it could be them informing you that the other person isn’t a good match for you. If your crush is so concerned in your love life that they are bothered by others attempting to be with you, this could be an indication that they like you.

15. They ask your friends about you

If someone inquires about you, your close pals will always inform you. If your crush is interested in you, they may inquire about your relationship status or likes and dislikes from your pals. They may rely on shared friends and even family members to learn these details about you. It’s a hint that they’re interested in you but are too shy to ask you straight.

16. They talk about you often

If your crush likes you, it’s not uncommon for them to tell their friends or mutual friends about you. It frequently comes in the guise of compliments, so you’ll probably hear it from friends and acquaintances. It could even be deliberate, expecting that these accolades be returned to you. Keep an ear out for mutual pals to see whether your crush has been chatting about you.

17. They find excuses to spend time with you alone

They might be working out at your gym or simply strolling their dog when you arrive. If your crush makes excuses to spend time with you or be near you, it’s an indication that they’re interested in you. It most likely signifies they want to spend time with you alone.

18. They share secrets with you

One of the best signs to tell if your crush likes you is if they feel safe telling you things. These could be embarrassing stories, fears, personal opinions, traumatic events, or things they are too shy to tell other people. Most people don’t open up unless they feel safe and trust the other person. If your crush comes to you when they want to talk, that could mean they like you.

19. Your mutual friends act differently when your crush is around

You may be the last person to find out if your crush likes you. If you have mutual friends or coworkers, they’ve probably observed these signs, or your crush has told them about you. Regardless, they will not behave similarly in your presence. They may make excuses to leave you two alone together during group outings, ensuring you’re seated next to each other, give subtle clues, or tease you, as friends do. It typically signifies they know something you don’t: your crush likes you.

20. They’re aware of your needs and want to help

Another indication of whether your crush likes you or not lies in their availability and willingness to help you. If your crush likes you, they’ll do their best to help you with something difficult, be there for you during a tough time, or even help you handle a complicated social, family, or workplace situation. If the help comes even without you asking for it, it further shows that they like you. It means they have a good idea of your personality and your emotions to know when you’re uncomfortable or going through a rough patch and know when to step in.

21. They look for you at social gatherings

If they look for you at a party, work event, or other social gathering and spend most of their time with or near you, these are good signs your crush likes you. Most likely, they’ve planned it so that you spend as much time as possible together.

22. They’re always at their best around you

Even though your friends might not mind if they wear casual clothes around you, someone who likes you romantically will try to look their best. You might notice that they are well-dressed and well-groomed when you are around. This is because they want to impress you.

23. You remind them of positive things in their life

If you remind them of things they identify with pleasant emotions, such as humor, attractiveness, and happiness, these are signs that your crush likes you. If your crush constantly compares you to a celebrity, gives you amusing nicknames, or says you remind them of a close friend, he or she probably likes you. It’s their way of saying they like you without admitting it.

24. They trust you

Even if you like someone but haven’t said “I do” yet, trust is still important. If your crush feels like they can tell you anything, it’s likely they like you. It’s true if they tell you about serious problems at home or work or other things they don’t usually talk about with other people. If they trust you enough, it shows that they like you.

25. They flirt with you

Flirting is healthy as long as it doesn’t go too far. If your crush likes you, he or she will only flirt with you. It shows that they want to be with you exclusively and that it’s not just a passing fancy. It can become the foundation of a relationship later on.

26. They try to keep you happy

If your crush likes you, they wouldn’t want to see you bored or sad. If you were having a bad day, they would try to make you feel better. If they go out of their way to make you feel better, it could mean they like you.

There are a few ways to tell if your crush likes you or not. If they keep looking at you and try to make eye contact even when there are other people around, they may be interested in you. If they seem nervous around you, listen carefully to what you say, or like your plans and ideas, it’s possible that you’re on their mind. Check to see if they answer your texts quickly, call you often, or want to hang out with you at events and parties. But you won’t know for sure until they say so. In the meantime, enjoy those beautiful moments when nothing is said.

What To Do Now That Your Crush Likes You Back?

If you have checked off even a couple of the aforementioned signs, you now know that your crush likes you back. But what will you do once you’ve accepted this fact? Read the infographic below to find out what you should do next.

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