What Do You Find Physically Attractive About a Man? 15+ Men’s Traits That Women Can’t Resist

What do you find physically attractive about a man? There are many risks in dating, and people have different ideas about what they find attractive and what they don’t. There is no one answer to what people in general find attractive and what they don’t, because it is different for each person.

When people find someone attractive, it may be easier for that person to find a partner. In the same way, if someone doesn’t find someone else physically attractive, that person may have a much harder time finding a short-term or long-term partner. For a relationship to work, both people have to accept each other as they are.

Studies and research materials, like the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, explain in detail how attraction works. But this article tries to answer the question, “What do people find physically attractive?” And how do you know if other people like you?

According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, psychological science, and biological sciences, physical attractiveness is much more than physical attraction or even facial attractiveness. But that could be a big factor in some cases, at least in the beginning. But there are a lot of other ways that men act and think that women find attractive. What do you find physically attractive about a man? Go with Teeanime for all your doubts!

Traits Of Attractiveness In Men

What makes a man good-attractive? According to the fields of psychology and biology, there are a few things that most people find physically attractive in men. Some physical traits, like the shape of a man’s eyes or cheekbones, have more to do with his style and preferences than with his body. More important than these physical traits are those that a man can control, such as facial hair and clothing. People often find personality traits to be much more physically attractive than physical traits like facial attractiveness.

The Journal of Psychology recently published a cross-cultural study that was done at the University of California. It shows what science says about what people find physically attractive. Researchers at the University studied hundreds of people over a number of years to learn more about how physical attractiveness, positive personality traits, and societal markers affect physical attractiveness and sexual attraction.

If this study hadn’t been published, the state of psychology today might be different. You might be wondering what it can tell you about what some people think makes a man physically attractive. These kinds of studies can give general advice, but everyone has their own tastes. Here are the most common physical and personality traits of men that the people surveyed found to be physically attractive.

Be careful and keep in mind that these answers show what attracted an attractive number of people, but attraction is personal. You don’t have to follow these tips to be considered attractive by everyone. It depends on the person.

The following traits were linked to attractiveness and are probably things that most people find attractive. But don’t worry too much about having any or all of them, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

#1 Facial Hair

Cross-cultural studies have shown that many people are more attracted to men with facial hair. This is true even though some men don’t like it because it can be hard to keep it trimmed and itchy.

This is based on studies of evolution and how people act in different cultures. The results showed that people thought men with well-kept facial hair were more mature and gave them higher ratings for physical attractiveness.

#2 Sincerity

Some prefer casual intimacy, sex, or dating to meaningful partnerships or making connections. It’s personal.

This may be partly due to dating apps and services. When someone has romantic feelings for someone and tries to be true, it may turn them on; most people admire sincerity and ethical behavior.

Open and honest about your objectives may be one of the finest methods to attract someone romantically, even if you’re merely attempting to be physically attractive temporarily. This sincerity is appreciated.

#3 Ability To Tell A Good Story

Some people are attractive in people who can tell good stories. Some people love it when someone tells a story about something they did, like a conversation with their friends or an interesting thing that happened in their lives.

Being a good storyteller can be a sign that you can talk to people well. This is because being a good communicator is a trait that can help any relationship get better and is very attractive to most people.

#4 Body Hair

Some individuals appreciate men with a little body hair. This is because body hair can be seen as a sign of maturity and reproductive success, either consciously or subconsciously. This contributes to a potential mate’s overall physical beauty or sexual attractiveness.

#5 Signs Of Physical Activity

Others may remark your developed calves and hip ratio. This fits the psychology of attraction, or physical attraction. Some find developed calves and a good hip ratio alluring because they indicate physical activity. A toned chest, shoulders, and arms show that a man is physically active and cares about his body. Some find these toned parts attractive through clothing.

University researchers think people’s attraction to males with toned muscles and other evidence of physical activity dates back to ancient humans. Because primitive humans’ struggles may have required physical power rather than talent or social connection. The hip ratio may also affect fertility.

According to some studies, like the one from the University of California, people have been attracted to guys with muscles and a good hip ratio for millennia.

#6 A Feminine Side

Some find non-masculine males physically attractive. Some physically attractive men find traditionally feminine things appealing if it signifies they’re confident in their sexuality.

University researchers hadn’t previously considered this a component in male physical or sexual appeal. Some people told university academics researching human behavior that these traits are now physically attractive in guys.

Researchers discovered this for various grooming practices and family duties.

Men who paid attention to their grooming, such as wearing great cologne and choosing their clothes properly, were more physically attractive.

Some cultures consider this a “feminine” trait. Men who participated in physically female household activities, such as cooking, cleaning, and childrearing, were viewed as more attractive.

#7 Sense Of Humor

People like a man who can make them laugh and also make them laugh. Men with a good sense of humor are usually seen as more physically attractive than men who don’t laugh much. Some people may think that guys who tell a lot of jokes and funny stories are much more physically attractive than guys who don’t.

People who don’t have a good sense of humor may seem dull to some.

#8 Being Into Music

Some people find men who are really into music to be physically attractive. If you like songs that aren’t in the top 40, you have a much better chance that some people will find you physically attractive. Even if the other person doesn’t share your musical tastes or like the songs you play for them, the fact that you like different kinds of music may be enough to make you physically attracted to them.

#9 Intelligence

A smart man is attractive. This is a quality men find attractive in women. Intelligence attracts many. If you want to seem smart, be yourself while staying informed about the world and life. Cognitive appraisal affects interpersonal attraction, according to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. You don’t need to be smart to attract someone. Still, you may need to be bright and able to hold an intriguing, fair discourse. More random information makes you physically attractive.

#10 Men Who Smell Good

Everyone loves a good scent. Some males have a great natural aroma, which is more attractive than cologne to some individuals.

Colognes and other fragrances can sometimes boost attention. Body odor tells more than simply if someone has showered recently. Body odor can detect hormones and germs. This can help people choose mates with higher reproductive success and better genes to pass on to future generations. Even without perfume, body odor can attract a physiologically compatible mate.

#11 Good Hair

Some women adore a man with nice hair. Although some ladies prefer bald or shaved heads, many others prefer a man with excellent, well-maintained hair. If you have good hair, keep it that way by practicing good hygiene and using hair products that are good for your hair rather than merely cheap.

#12 Volunteering

If you volunteer for a local charity, little league team, church, or other organization or group, you are much more likely to be physically attractive. The second group is more interested in people who work for the greater good, even if they don’t get paid or get anything for themselves. People like a man who is willing to give his time and energy to a good cause, according to modern psychology. It says a lot about a person; it could mean they are kind, gentle, and care about other people.

#13 Showing Passion

When a man really cares about something, it can really turn a woman on.

Passion is often seen as the most important or attractive trait by some people. People are drawn to men who are really into something. Researchers at the University of California say that it might even be enough for someone to overlook a man’s flaws if they think that those flaws come from his passion. For example, you might think this is a turnoff if you are a nerd who is really into comic books or a certain comic book character. But if you are really into it, it could be a turn-on for some people.

When you bring up the subject, you can see that passion. What might seem like a nerdy obsession becomes a trait of physical attractiveness or sexual attraction. So, you shouldn’t be afraid or hesitant to talk about your interests on a first date or in your online dating profile.

#14 Work Ethic

People want to know that they want a man who can take care of them. People should be able to take care of themselves, but some want a man to help them. When researchers tried to figure out why this might be the case, the answer was more social than it was about evolution. People who have a high status in society are liked by a lot of people. In the modern world, a person’s high status is often linked to their job or how much money they make.

This is also true when it comes to money. Even though this seems like a small thing, it can sometimes be a sign of a strong work ethic. This means that a strong work ethic can go a long way toward making you physically attractive to the right person.

#15 Having Confidence

Some people find men who are sure of themselves to be physically attractive. In these situations, you are much more likely to seem physically attractive to the women you talk to if you are sure of yourself. Being shy and unsure of yourself or seeming weak in some way will not make you physically attractive. Having confidence in yourself could help, no matter what else you are like or how you look. In the University of California study, the results showed that some of the other participants thought men who thought they were more physically attractive were more physically attractive. This shows that having faith in yourself can also make other people have faith in you.

#16 Being A Gentleman

There’s more to being a gentleman than opening doors and pulling out chairs. Being a gentleman also means having good manners, like saying “please” and “thank you,” and being respectful in general. If you are worried that you are attracted to men who don’t look good, don’t be. Being a gentleman can make women like you. Giving your date flowers or chocolates can go a long way and make you more attractive to them.

#17 Integrity

Many people find it physically attractive when a man has integrity and is willing to tell the truth no matter what and is honest even when it’s hard. Most people don’t like people who tell lies.

Integrity is important because if you are honest and have integrity, you are less likely to cheat on your partner and more likely to be loyal and respectful.

#18 Dominance Or Prestige

In a recent cross-cultural study that was published in the International Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, researchers wanted to know if women are more attracted to men who are powerful or men who are respected. And according to what Psychology Today and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology have found, people who want short-term relationships might be more interested in dominant men. On the other hand, women who want long-term relationships are more interested in men with status.