What Do Men Find Attractive About Women?Top 10 Traits Men Resist

People say that beauty goes beyond the surface, but we can’t deny that first impressions are important. But when it comes to men and women, it’s about a lot more than beauty and looks. What exactly do men find attractive about women? Is it how big their hips are? A particular hair color? What their long legs look like in heels. Or maybe it has to do with the good things about them?

We don’t have to guess, which is good. Many studies have been done on this topic, and they have given us a lot of information. It’s important to remember that different people have different tastes. But there are some things that most men find attractive in women, no matter what their taste is. Surprisingly, it doesn’t always happen on purpose. Men are attracted to women by some things they don’t even notice or understand why.

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What Do Men Find Attractive In Women Behavior?

You might not believe it, but how a woman acts and behaves can be just as important as how she flicks her long, beautiful eyelashes. There are a few things that can make every woman more beautiful than she already is (without changing how she looks!). Here’s what most men think makes a woman “attractive.”

1. Perfect Sense Of Humor

Almost everyone agrees that a sense of humor is one of the things that men find most attractive in women. But studies show that men and women choose and like different things when it comes to humor.

Humor is a way to communicate that everyone likes and that works in any situation. A great sense of humor will ALWAYS get a guy’s attention, whether you’re sitting next to him on a train or messaging him through a good dating app.

But it’s not always that simple. There are a few ways in which men’s and women’s senses of humor are different that you should be aware of.

Women think that the best men are funny and grateful at the same time. Men, on the other hand, don’t need a woman to be funny herself; she just needs to be able to respond to their jokes and make them feel good (hmm…). To put it simply, a “win” is when a man makes a joke about something and a woman gets it and laughs. The man’s heart door starts to open.

2. Confidence And Risk-Taking Behaviors

We’ve all met that woman at some point. She didn’t look like a 10, but her confidence and bravery gave off such a powerful sense of beauty that everyone loved her! That’s how confidence draws people to you.

This works both ways. Both men and women like people who are confident and willing to take risks. In fact, risky behavior can be a big turn-on for both men and women.

Men find it very attractive when a woman is willing to go on adventures and trips with them. These things can be anything, like mountain climbing, whitewater rafting, skiing, getting a tattoo, etc. Even if you don’t know how to do any of these things, a lot of men would love to teach you because it lets them show off their strength and masculinity (but you have to be brave enough to take the risk!).

Men seem to be attracted to women with tattoos and piercings because they like doing dangerous things. Many men find these kinds of women very attractive because they show they are brave and willing to take risks.

3. Feminine Independency

Men do like it when women depend on them for certain things, but studies have shown that men find independent, self-sufficient, and not needy women more attractive. They might like it if you ask for help, but if you seem too needy, they won’t want to help you.

Men also seem to like it when women can make their own decisions and deal with their fears or men of insecurity without needing help from them.

4. Kindness, Integrity, and Responsibility

In the end, being nice does matter. If you are rude and direct for no reason, men won’t like you. Instead, men look for women who are attractive and kind. Men also like it when a woman knows how to handle things in a calm way.

These traits are important because when a man sees that you are kind and honest, he knows he can trust you, and when a woman is responsible, he knows she can be helpful and an equal partner in all men. After all, long-lasting romantic feelings usually lead to long-term relationships. So, anything that shows a good family and a happy life is important to both men and women.

What Do Men Find Attractive In Women Looks?

We can act like it’s not true or right, but when it comes to choosing a partner, beauty and looks are still very important. Attractive women are so powerful that they can even make men feel stressed when they’re around. Here’s what men find attractive about women’s looks.

5. Mature Appearance

When gray hairs start growing out of your head, it’s annoying and makes you worry that you’re getting old… But, surprise surprise! Some studies show that men do like it when a woman looks mature. It seems that men whose mothers were over 30 when they were born were more likely to want a long-term relationship with a mature woman who was a bit older than them.

Women who are older also tend to have better qualities that make them more attractive. They feel less shame, fear, and insecurity that isn’t based on reality. This can mean that the relationship is getting stronger.

But in short-term relationships, where younger women seem to be preferred, maturity might not be a factor.

6. Pretty And Healthy Hair

There’s no doubt that hair is one of the things about women that men find attractive. Men sometimes notice a woman’s hair first, especially if it is long, shiny, and healthy.

A survey of women, though, showed that 71% of them don’t think their potential love interest will notice their hair! Men say they like hair a lot, though (especially when they are down, and some men prefer messy buns).

The hair color seems to be a question of taste, but women with blonde, luscious locks seem to have an upper hand. Lighter hair colors associate with youth, playfulness, and more positive parenting potential  and this might explain why blonde hairstyles seem to never go out of style.

Men are also easily turned off by hair that has too many products in it, is greasy, is very short, or has been dyed a color that doesn’t look natural.

7. Red Lips Or Clothes

Red is what makes them weak. Men really do like the color red when a woman is around. This may seem strange. This color makes people think of heat, passion, love, and desire. Studies have shown that this isn’t the case. It was thought that men might like this color because it makes them feel excited (because pink shades remind them of women’s bodies). Men just really like the color red, and when a woman wears red, they can’t help but notice her because it’s so eye-catching.

What Do Men Dind Attractive In Women’s Skills?

There are some things that most women have from birth that make men crazy about them. Some of them might sound like cliches, but we’re not trying to bust common myths here. We’re just sharing what we found in our research. Okay? Okay!

8. Cooking Skills

Of course! The old saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is still alive and well. Men do find it attractive when women can cook delicious food for them. Men love to be cared for, and cooking is another way to show that you care.

There may be a link between the fact that women can cook tasty meals and the fact that mothers cook for their children. So, being given a delicious meal is like feeling like someone cares about you.

9. The Ability To Create Beauty

Women are known for making everything around them look nice, and most men like that. Men are very attractive in women who know how to decorate their homes, put together outfits and makeup that go well together, and make old things look new.

It’s true that “opposites attract.” Men are attracted to gentle women and the power in their touch, just like women are often attracted to things that feel very different to them, like “bad boys” or guys who aren’t responsible.

10. That Motherhood Instinct

The need to have children always affects how people act.

Most women have a “motherhood instinct,” which means they are naturally drawn to playing with children, taking care of them, and, well, having them. Women tend to be better at taking care of babies and young children than men because they are hardwired to love kids.

Since men like things that make them think of a healthy mother for their kids (ah, nature! ), acting like a mother can also be very attractive to many men. In fact, a lot of men look for warmth in a partner that reminds them of their mother.

Things That Men Find Attractive In Women That Have To Do With Evolution

Lastly, there are some things from the past that we all still have. The most important factors are female figures and differences between men and women, which seem to make people think they have a better chance of having children.

Bottom Line

What about women do men find attractive? Everything that makes them think about how beautiful, caring, and different from them women are. Anything that shows you could be a good mother and have children. Anything that makes them feel good around women. Then, add humor, a willingness to take risks, and great hair… That seems like a whole lot! But if you’re a woman reading this, you should know that you already have most of these things.