What Are the Differences Between Genuine and Fake Luxury Watches?

According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH), counterfeit and counterfeit luxury watches account for around 9% of all customs seizures each year. This means that, after textiles, imitation watches are the second most counterfeited product. Unfortunately, as the demand for luxury items grows, counterfeiters become more adept, with the ability to produce high-quality imitation watches. What Are the Distinctions Between Genuine and Fake Luxury watches? For all your questions, trust Teeanime!

3 Differences Between Real And Fake Luxury Watches

It is estimated that roughly 15% of Internet searches for luxury watches are for counterfeit products. Consider the following distinctions between true and phony watches:

1. Design and finishing

This may seem obvious, yet real luxury watches are rigorously crafted to the highest standards. So the finishing and details on a genuine high-end watch should be immaculate.

Take the time to study the specifics before making a purchase to ensure that everything is in order. Examine the dial, case, caseback, winding crown, lugs, bracelet, and clasp carefully. Top-tier watchmakers take great delight in their work.

Some of red flags include:

  • Peeling or flaking materials
  • Text or font that isn’t straight
  • Different distances between letters
  • Misspelled words and wrong logos
  • The bracelet doesn’t fit the case well.
  • Clasps on bracelets that are cheap and won’t close
  • Clasps, crowns, dials, or casebacks that are not signed
  • If the watch is sold as mechanical, it will make a loud ticking sound.

Do your research before making a purchase to become acquainted with how the original edition of your specific watch model should appear. Then use your knowledge to decide whether the watch in question is genuine or fake.

2. Materials

Since high-end timepieces are very expensive luxury goods, only fine materials are used in their construction:

  • Gold that is real, usually 18k
  • Real platinum is usually 950
  • Titanium that is real, usually grade 5
  • Most of the time, 316L or better stainless steel (Rolex watches uses 904L)
  • The real deal
  • Genuine diamonds and gemstones
  • Original packaging will also be made of the best materials.

Genuine watches tend to be heavier than fake watches due to the higher grade of the materials used. A notable exception is when high-end watch makers use materials such as titanium to create ultra-light timepieces.

A word of caution: there have recently been instances of imitation watches being manufactured in genuine 18k gold.

3. Price

Luxury watches cost a lot to make, for the following reasons:

  • The fine materials that are used to make fine watches.
  • Switzerland is where most of the best watches come from. Here, living costs and business costs are among the highest in the world.
  • It costs a lot of money to run these global luxury watch brands, which is clear from the prices of their goods.

So, keeping that in mind, if the price is too low compared to what it’s worth on the market, it’s likely a fake. High-end watches are in high demand right now, so a very low price should make you raise an eyebrow or two. The Internet has made it much easier to find out how much almost any model of luxury watch is worth on the market than it was in the past.

It’s important to point out that selling fake goods is against the law, and that the fake goods business has a shady side. It is linked to crimes like breaking people’s rights, using children to work, laundering money, and other bad things.

High-end watches stand for more than just luxury and exclusivity. But it also takes a lot of hard work, technical skill, and quality in the materials and people who make the craft. When you buy an original luxury watch, you are supporting a big industry with a long and proud history. So do yourself a favor and use these tips to make sure you’re not getting ripped off and buying the real thing.

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