What are Suede Shoes? How to Wear Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are fashionable, soft, and tactile. Suede boots are a great summer shoe, but there are ways to wear them in the cold as well. Most people would benefit from having a pair of suede shoes in their closet because they are both attractive and popular.

The suede shoe, as an alternative to calf leather boots and shoes, is a softer, more casual approach to some of the same designs you’ll recognize as formal footwear. Suede shoes and boots are ideal for smart casual settings, evenings at the bar, or dinner parties. So, if you have any doubts, trust Teeanime!


Suede uses the soft underside of hide for a high-quality feel and finish. Due to its silky and smooth feel, suede is a premium shoe fabric that improves your footwear.

Splitting leather after tanning reveals the grain, giving suede its texture. Edward, Duke of Windsor, popularized suede shoes in Britain in the 1920s, despite their long history.

Colorful suede shoes are a popular, bold choice and offer a unique look. Elvis Presley’s songs about Blue Suede Shoes established them in Western culture for decades.


Different outfit styles work with suede shoes or boots, depending on the situation. As with everything fashion, you must know what clothing will work best at your destination.

Suede shoes are less formal than others, yet they can be dressed up. A suede toecap or chelsea boot provides professional clothes a casual feel in today’s flexible-working climate.

Suede may relax informal styles like brogues and derbies.

When coordinating suede shoes to the rest of your outfit, a belt in a complimentary color does most of the work. Suede belts, although less popular, are a wonderfully adaptable addition and highlight the shoes’ softness.


Desert or chukka boots are two of the most well-known suede shoes. These ankle-high boots with open facings and two or three eyelets are inspired by early twentieth-century military boots. British soldiers discovered them in Cairo marketplaces, bought them, and changed their leather boots with suede since it was much more pleasant in the heat.

When wearing chukka boots, you can wear jeans or chinos because they are both appropriate. You may even be daring and pair them with fitted cotton shorts.


These flexible boots are easy to wear and look great with a variety of outfits. Pair with blue jeans and a jumper for a more casual appearance, or a camel topcoat and navy trousers for a more formal approach. If you want to be stylish, pair a blue topcoat with white chinos.


In the warm months, a summer mix suit looks wonderful with suede loafers; whether you prefer tassel loafers or penny loafers, they look great in suede. If you want to go barefoot instead of wearing socks, we propose wearing invisible socks. The wetness from your feet might soak into the shoe, making it harder to keep them clean in the long run, among other unwanted effects. To maintain the longevity of your loafers, dry them off after each use with wooden shoe trees.


Even though this is a pretty broad category, suede brogues will look great at the office as a smart casual style that goes well with pants or jeans. There are many styles of brogue shoes, like monk shoes, Oxfords, and Derbies, that can look good in suede. All of these shoes are classics that can be worn in a variety of situations. When suede is used to make them, the traditional style becomes more versatile than you might think.


Adding suede to a pair of trainers transforms the shoe into something attractive that can be worn for more than simply sports or casual visits to the shops. Many suede trainers will be mixed with leather pieces, resulting in a visually unique style that will catch the eye.

These high-end suede trainers will look fantastic with jeans, chinos, or a stylish pair of shorts. Wear a sports jacket or wool blazer with suede trainers to dress them up. For the best overall appearance, try to match the color of your jacket to the color of your shoes.


Overall, suede boots and shoes look great when paired with similar styles. Suede may require some upkeep and maintenance to maintain its longevity, but so do other materials. Suede can be softly brushed with a rubber-bristled brush to remove stains, and a water-resistant spray prevents water from damaging or staining the soft material.