What are Joggers? How Should Jogger fit? The Answer is Here !!!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that jogger is a new and growing trend in activewear. When worn correctly, jogger can make you look cool, put together, and on trend, but they can also make you look terribly frumpy and unkempt. With so many alternatives and so many hits and fails, many people are asking how joggers should fit and when to wear them. So, if you have any doubts, trust Teeanime!

What are joggers?

Joggers were originally used for exercise, but the mainstream has grabbed on and they may be worn for numerous situations. Typically, joggers are lightweight, comfy, and athletic-looking. Joggers are widest at the top and narrow near the ankle. Most joggers have a drawstring or elastic waist, and the ankles are stretchy. While joggers began as sweatpants, today they’re composed of many various materials and come in more elegant and customized forms.

When were joggers invented?

Joggers are well-named. Running extends back to ancient Greece, but it went out of favor until the modern Olympic games returned in 1896. As more individuals ran for sport, running-specific clothes became necessary. French designer Émile Camuset founded Le Coq Sportif. Camuset was bored of running in non-athletic gear. He tried out different trousers styles, fabrics, and cuts before settling on the basic jogger sweatpants. The jogger was born in 1920, although it has evolved into several designs and shapes for men and women.

What are the different types of joggers?

There’s more than one type of jogger. Designers have been experimenting with different jogger styles and shapes for years because to their recent popularity. There are sports, lounge, everyday, and stylish joggers.

Sporty joggers

Most people think of sporty joggers when they think about joggers. Since the first sweatpants were produced in the 1920s, even sporty joggers have altered. Original joggers were baggy, generally made of thick material, and added bulk. Today’s sports joggers have a much thinner silhouette and flatter the form while still allowing for a wide range of movement. Today’s fitness and sports joggers are created from moisture-wicking, breathable, odor-fighting fabrics like bamboo.

Lounge joggers

Lounge joggers are the most comfy pants for Sunday football. These joggers feature a looser fit and are constructed of comfortable materials like fleece or french terry. You’ll have plenty of room to move and relax while yet appearing put together. Comfortable lounge joggers.

Everyday joggers

These are the greatest alternative for daily comfort and style. Everyday joggers are perfect for errands, picking up the kids from school, a lengthy flight, or brunch with friends. Comfort and style make these pants one of the most versatile items of clothing on the market.

Smart joggers

Need to dress up but despise having to put on “real” pants every time? Let me introduce you to the world of the intelligent runner. Smart joggers have completely flipped the sweatpants trend by demonstrating the transformative power of a few simple alterations, a switch in fabric, and a dash of personal flair. Smart joggers, as opposed to regular joggers, will feature more cut and tapered legs, allowing you to show off your legs and producing a more flattering silhouette. If you know how to style them, smart joggers may take you from dinner to parties to informal meetings without sacrificing your good looks or comfort.

How should joggers fit?

How your joggers fit depends on where you’re going and what you’re doing. More fitted and tapered joggers legs are formal. Wider, less-tailored joggers with thicker material and less tapered legs are best for casual wear or lounging. Follow these tips to make sure your joggers fit:

  • Joggers should taper at the ankle and fit snugly. If your joggers don’t hug your skin and lower thigh, they’re too huge.
  • Joggers should stop above shoes, not over them. Well-fitting joggers show sock or skin.
  • Slim-fit joggers should define the body’s contour but not be too tight or “thin.”
  • In your joggers, you should be able to move freely. If you feel confined, they’ll seem more like leggings than joggers.
  • Joggers should sit on your hips. If you buy high-waisted joggers, they should sit at your natural waist.
  • If you’re trying for an athleisure appearance or wearing joggers to lounge around, drop the crotch. For a fitted look, the crotch shouldn’t sag.

How do you style joggers?

With so many various designs of joggers to choose from, the ensembles you can put together are seemingly limitless. Of course, how you dress your joggers is heavily influenced by where you’re wearing them and the type of pants you’ve purchased (i.e. lounge joggers versus smart joggers). Here are some simple ways to wear joggers:

  • If you want to look casual and comfortable, wear a sweatshirt with your joggers. You want the sweatshirt to be a different color than the pants and to fit you better so that you don’t look like you just threw the clothes on. Wear boots or stylish sneakers to keep your style street-ready.
  • Wearing a casual t-shirt with joggers is a simple and comfortable way to dress on the weekend, but your shirt should fit well and not be too big. Wearing joggers that fit more snugly will keep you ready for the street.
  • Add a denim jacket to your joggers if you want to step up your style. Denim jackets are casual, but they give your casual look structure and style, and the different textures add contrast and interest to your outfit.
  • Think you can’t pair a blazer with your joggers? Think again. Go to your business meeting in joggers and a dark or neutral-colored blazer made of a more casual material and with less structure. Skip the dress shirt and wear a button-up or knit t-shirt under the blazer instead.
  • Want to look like you belong at a country club but still feel casual and at ease? Pair your joggers with a polo shirt. The trick is to choose joggers with a heavier fabric if you want to look more put together and to stick to styles that are lighter and softer if you want to look more casual.