Trends in Men’s Clothing For The Upcoming Spring and Summer of 2023

Spring/Summer 2021 was all about freedom and hope, with brilliantly colored pieces, suits stripped of any formality, huge (couture) sweatpants, and extra-wide pants where comfort reigned supreme. As a counter-response to the pandemic we’ve been experiencing, fashion firms and designers are showing new silhouettes in 2022. Continue reading with Teeanime to find out How will men dress for Spring/Summer 2022?

How will men dress for Spring/Summer 2022?

JW Anderson used a lookbook, whereas Balenciaga used video, for the past two seasons. The Spring/Summer 2022 season witnessed the return of physical shows, a welcome change in fashion.

Spring/Summer 2022 Men’s Fashion Week emphasized positivity and creativity. Black and easy officewear created a new formality. However, fresh cardigans, brilliant colors, and party boy outfits with glittering leggings were sure to get us back on the dance floor. The bravery of designers this season in incorporating heels, crop-tops, and shorts as skirts into men’s wardrobes is also noteworthy. Vogue examines 16 Spring/Summer 2022 menswear trends.


Nicolas Di Felice debuted his first men’s collection for Courrèges this season, and cutaway items were one of the design statements of summer 2022. Other designers quickly followed suit, such as Rick Owens’ bodysuit and Y/deconstructed Project’s marcel.

The bermuda

Last summer’s must-have Bermuda shorts are still popular this season. But don’t worry, even though extra-short shorts are no longer in style, they are nonetheless iconic and highly sought for.

The sleeveless sweater

The sleeveless sweater, whether V-neck or round, was also spotted on the streets during Fashion Week. Prada made it one of its spearheads by inserting it into models with a delicate design, while other houses like as Dior Men and Erdem employed this knit piece to infuse it with a variety of motifs. The sun is shining, and the guns are ready…

Short… or skirt?

The skirt is no longer limited to women. When Loewe and Phipps debuted the piece, Prada experimented with a half-short, half-skirt design with a Sixties vibe.

The cardigan

The cardigan may have been abandoned for a long time, but it is still considered a retro piece par excellence, resurfacing from the closets and establishing itself as a men’s essential of Spring/Summer 2022 through excessive lengths, vintage accents, or multicolored knits.

Torso statement

Showing off your torso is currently a fashion trend. The T-shirt, according to Alled-Martinez, is no longer its primary function. Instead, it wraps itself hurriedly around the torso, whereas for Dolce & Gabbana, a modest swim brief will enough. Men will be fearless next year.

The office life

A formal style that is no longer hampered by blazers, suit pants, shirts, and ties… Designers revisited an entire officewear language in order to deliver on the promise of a summer that is both free and stylish.


This season witnessed a kaleidoscopic range of colors from neon green to bright pink and electric blue equipped with an audacious desire for a bold, optimistic, and brilliant summer. A trend seen at JW Anderson, Louis Vuitton, and Loewe.

Back to black

Following a colorful rebirth this summer, fashion is emphasizing its return to basics and classic tailoring with a single color: black. Kim Jones for Dior Men, for example, reintroduced his legendary beautifully tailored Oblique suit, while Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent leaned on his signature minimalist design. Simple and efficient.

Sandal Statement

After many lockdowns and over two years of fighting the pandemic, it’s time to trade in the mules and slippers for a pair of sandals. Designers have conducted numerous stylistic attempts to assert flip-flops’ reappearance this summer.

Think pink

Pink, pastel, and neon were first seen on the catwalks last summer and are surely making a reappearance for Spring/Summer 2022. Pink stays at the top of the list of colors to fall for, whether it is an embroidered Ami suit, a total look at Louis Vuitton, or a sporting rendition at GmbH.

The Varsity jacket

If you only buy one jacket to be trendy, make it this one. The varsity jacket, which was originally worn by soccer athletes, rugby teams, and baseball teams for their high school or university, has now gently slid into the men’s collections for Spring/Summer 2022.

Party boy

From Etro’s metallic leggings to Dolce & Gabbana’s thousand-colored crystal suit, now is the time to channel your inner night owl once more.

Back to green

Designers are returning to nature with their designs this season, a resurgence befitting of Marie-decision Antoinette’s to quit the Court in 1783. With a display of pastel colors and cameo green, it appears like we are on our way to the countryside. This trend was observed at Fendi, Thebe Magugu, and Ermenegildo Zegna.

Masculine Heels 

Goth frenzy! The heeled boots, like the skirt, are losing their feminine characteristics in order to assimilate into the male wardrobe. In a word, audacious!

Summer leather

Leather is typically worn in the middle of the season. This time, it is transcending time and space to manifest its newly discovered summer aura in the form of pants or maybe a complete look.