Top 4 Men’s Fashion Styles That Never Go Out of Fashion

Trends come and go and, by definition, often repeat years later. True men’s wear classics, on the other hand, have weathered the test of time – even decades – and remain an important fashion cornerstone for the contemporary men’s style canon. Whether it’s 2020 or 2055, the following nine pieces will continue to find their way into the stylish man’s wardrobe, office, and, finally, the weekend.

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Chambray / Denim Shirt

The sunny chambray shirt can be traced back to Alain Delon and the Nouvelle Vague movement of the 1960s. The Euro tradition collided with America’s Paul Newman, and both demonstrated to the world how nice a casual, cotton shirt might look for smart casual reasons.

Choose a chambray with a proper fit and a light blue color for either the dual pocket or the single pouch. Then, for a more relaxed look by the sea, combine with a linen blazer and mid-blue wash denim in the city, or with chino shorts and leather brogues.

Wayfarers (Well…. maybe these come in waves)

Wayfarers were a smash when Ray Ban released them in 1956, and they are claimed to be the best-selling eyewear of all time. After a brief hiatus in the 1970s, they reappeared in films like Risky Business in the 1980s, with Tom Cruise’s deadly movements catapulting them back into the fashion spotlight.

Most premium eyewear manufacturers now offer their own versions in a variety of styles, including tortoiseshell, dark brown, and even leather frames. The original gloss black and matching black lens, on the other hand, are the most fashionable and ageless of all. They go with everything.

Navy Blazer

The navy blazer, made legendary by Ralph Lauren, has become a men’s clothing classic, no longer reserved for member’s clubs of preppy business people.

The role of the blue-hued blazer vary based on its fabrication in two broad types: structured and unstructured. The former is more conventionally fashioned compared to the more relaxed variant.

Whatever the occasion, the blue blazer adheres to the fit rules: crisp on the shoulder and slender down to the waist. With tonal or brass buttons, a narrow lapel, and a single-breasted design, the jacket can easily transition from casual Fridays to the weekend with khaki chinos and leather lace-ups.

Leather Oxford Lace-Ups

Leather shoes anchor any elegant man’s look. Oxford and Derby are the perennial favorites. Lacing distinguishes Oxfords and Derbys.

The Derby has an open lacing system and a more casual fit than the Oxford, which has a closed lacing system.

Each has brogue versions with punch-hole holes in ornamental designs. Black, dark brown, and tan will last you years.

Breton Stripes

The Breton shirt is as fundamental as the white tee. Breton fisherman made the summery tee popular, and James Dean admired its simple horizontal stripes in white and navy.

The Breton, in short or long sleeve, can be worn with pants and a jacket or with linen shorts and slip-ons to evoke the local maritime gents without the rod and straw hat.

The Trench Coat

British officers designed the trench coat in 1895 to outfit soldiers going to war. The Burberry classic, with military epaulettes, throat latch, hook and bar, D-ring on the belt, cuff straps, and storm flap on the right shoulder to keep the rain out, remains the same more than a century later.

Luxury manufacturers make trenches in navy, black, and beige. Cotton makes it a classic workwear garment. It looks street-cool over denim, a tee, and sneakers for the weekend.

Dark Raw Jeans

Denim became U.S. men’s workwear in 1873. Denim’s subcultural affinity to Brando and Dean in the Fifties still influences fashion today.

The original minimalists, mid-century males, showed subsequent generations how well denim could work as a trendy pant—effortless and as versatile as trousers.

Rolling the cuffs and wearing leather Chelsea boots with a basic white tee gives a rockabilly look. Dress up jeans with a button-down shirt, blazer, leather belt, and matching brogues.

The Classic Grey Suit

Grey non-black suits are most versatile. Grey suits are ageless, whether pastel or charcoal. Wear a bright pink, blue, or lilac shirt under a dark grey three-piece with brown shoes for business.

On the weekend, an open-collared white shirt and white sneakers—no socks—look dapper.

White Sneakers

The shoe has been liberated from the gym and appears destined to outlast sportsluxe.

In recent years, men’s fashion has shifted toward comfy chic, with white sneakers paired with clean, thin trousers and shirt or a textured jacket and chinos for a bouncier smart casual look.

Keep the sneaker low-cut, leather, and without colored panels or designs to make it look dressier than it is. Running without socks is sportier. Grab them.

Menswear Essentials FAQ

What is the difference between denim and chambray?

Chambray has a plain weave and is lightweight and pleasant to the touch. Denim is a hefty fabric. Because of its twill weave construction, it is robust and harsh to the touch.

Do you wash raw denim jeans?

Raw denim should not be washed according to conventional wisdom. Because you can give them their first wash, it should take about 4-6 months of constant wearing. To clean, soak it in cold water with no detergent. You should not scrub.

What is the best way to clean white sneakers?

Remove any excess dirt from the shoes with an old toothbrush. Clean the stains using a sponge and a shoe cleaner, repeating as needed. Allow the sneakers to dry naturally overnight. Avoid exposing them to the sun, which can turn them yellow.