Tips To Shave Your Face Like Pro

The majority of us think we know how to shave. Now, our shaving game might be on point, and we might be really good at it. But if shaving is anything less than an orgasmic experience and you can feel some prickly stubble here and there, you probably aren’t doing it right. Let’s learn How To Shave Your Face Like A Pro With Teeanime.

Prepare your face

Shaving your face takes some prep, just like any other thing that looks good. Remember that we’re talking about how to shave like a pro so that you can do it on your own and get the closest, smoothest, and best shave of your life. After washing your face and beard well with plain water, put a lot of pre-shave cream or beard oil on it and let it sit for a while. A preshaving cream softens the skin and opens up the hair follicles so that you can get a better shave. This makes it even less likely that you will get ingrown hairs, razor burns, or irritation. This should be done at least half an hour before you shave, but we think it works even if you do it 10 to 15 minutes before the act.

Water Up

When you’re ready to start shaving, wet your face with water that is as warm as your skin will let you. This cleans your face of any grit or larger particles that might make it hard to shave. It also opens up your hair follicles and other pores, which makes shaving and cleaning your face in general much easier. This is also important if you want to really foam up your face. A wet face also lets the lathering product, like shaving gel, soap, or foam, get deep into the skin and adjust the pH balance, which is what makes your skin glow after a good shave.

Foam, Soap, Cream or Gel

Now, before you reach for the shaving brush, you need to choose between shaving foam, gel, cream, or soap. All of them have their pros and cons, so you need to choose the one that works best for you. Shaving foam is the easiest to use. All you have to do is spray some foam on your fingers and spread it over the area you want to shape.

Because you use your fingers right away, you can shape the foam into the shape you want to shave your beard into. But shaving foams aren’t as cheap as you might think, and they often make the skin red. Gels and creams for shaving usually last longer and are the best way to go if you don’t have a major skin problem. If you want to make your own lathering agent, shaving soap is the best choice. You can not only make one at home, but you can also buy one from a store and add some essential oils that will help your skin.

Lather Up

After choosing a lathering agent, lather up with a hair shaving brush. If possible, get a badger or fox fur shaving brush. They’re pricey but last forever. Whether it’s your first or thousandth shave, they always seem new. Try camel or horsehair for a budget choice. Plastic-bristled razors get scratchy after two or three shaves. They’re also harsh for acne-prone skin. Wet the shaving brush and shave the area to be shaved. Using your fingers to spread shaving foam is inefficient. Instead, use a shaving brush. First clean your cheeks, then your chin and throat.

Stroke Action

The action begins. Straight razors are best, but choose one you’re comfortable with. More blades on your razor means more razor burns. The first blade of a multiblade razor cuts off most of the hair, while the middle blades tug the follicle so the last blade can go deeper. Multiblade razors deliver a closer, finer shave on the first stroke, but can cause ingrown hairs and discomfort. Always shave with the grain, or the direction the hair grows. Warm water after each stroke allows the blade to glide effortlessly over your skin without resistance. Never apply too much razor pressure to your skin. A razor should slide across flesh.

Clean Up

Once you’re done shave, clean your face with a camphor-infused towelette. Place the towelette on your face for a more orgasmic sensation. Add aftershave to the water. After shaving your face, rub your fingers across it to see if you need another shave. If you’re satisfied, wipe away any remaining suds and gunk. Wet your face and rub alum on it to utilize it. Face with cold water and a soft cloth.

Post Shave Rituals

This is the part where you tie everything up with a bow and add the last, smaller details. Take some aftershave lotion and rub it between your hands. Now, rub your hands all over the area where you shaved. Don’t rub the aftershave into your skin, because it could make your skin red. After you’re done with the aftershave, seal everything with a good moisturizer. If you want to be fancy, use a post-shave cream, but a regular moisturizer will work just fine.