Tips for Choosing The Best Summer Sunscreen for Men! 

Do you avoid wearing sunscreen because it causes your skin to get oily and sticky? You are most likely using the incorrect sunscreen for your skin type. Sunscreens aid in the prevention of serious skin problems and the appearance of aging. So, regardless of the weather, use the best sunscreen for your skin. Let’s learn How to Choose the Best Summer Sunscreen for Men! Teeanime 

What Is Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a skincare product that coats your skin with a protective coating. It protects your skin against UV radiation and environmental causes. Sunscreen either absorbs or reflects UV rays, protecting you from sunburn. Most significantly, using sunscreen on a daily basis lowers the risk of skin cancer.

How Does Sunscreen Work?

There are two types of sunscreen: physical and chemical, and they each act differently.

Physical sunscreen acts as a barrier. It forms a protective coating on the skin that reflects the sun’s rays, preventing sunburn.

Chemical sunscreen, on the other hand, is absorbed into the skin. It absorbs UV radiation and turns them to energy, so avoiding harm. When compared to mineral sunscreen, these are lighter and do not create a white cast.

For those who desire the best of both worlds, hybrid sunscreen is an option. It has UV filters and is suitable for all skin types.

Now that you understand how sunscreen works, let’s look at the benefits of sunscreen.

Benefits Of Using Sunscreen

UV Protection

Sunscreen shields you from the sun’s UV rays. It keeps your skin from having problems like uneven skin tone, dry skin, rough skin, and other skin problems.

Even skin tone

A broad-spectrum sunscreen stimulates melanin production. It means that the skin won’t get as dark or tan as much. If you use sunscreen every day, you might see less dark spots on your skin. Soon, you might be able to show off your smooth, even skin tone.

Reduced signs of ageing

Aging is a natural process, but being in the sun all the time can make fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dark circles, and other signs of aging more obvious. When you use sunscreen regularly, you are less likely to show signs of aging before you should.

Minimised dark circles

Aside from genes, constant exposure to the sun and blue light is one of the main reasons young people have dark circles today. Sunscreen also protects your skin from the damage caused by blue light. So, if you use sunscreen often, you may notice that your dark circles get lighter.

Even though sunscreens have these great benefits, they can be hard to use for some people. So, what are the possible risks of sunscreen, and how can I minimize them by choosing the right one? Here we go.

Potential Risks Of Using Sunscreens

Skin irritation

People with sensitive skin are more prone to skin irritation and itching. Sunscreen components such as essential oils, aroma, and preservatives might aggravate these skin issues.

Pore clogging and breakouts

Thick and heavy sunscreen formulas can block pores, causing outbreaks and acne. As a result, persons with oily or acne-prone skin should apply a non-comedogenic (doesn’t cause clogged pores) and lightweight sunscreen.

Eye irritation

Certain chemical-filter sunscreens can cause eye discomfort in those with sensitive eyes. In such instances, mineral sunscreen is recommended.

You can choose the best sunscreen for yourself after considering the potential risks of sunscreen and the other variables listed below.

How To Choose The Best Sunscreen

Look at the ingredients

Sunscreen chemicals are critical in absorbing or reflecting UV radiation. They also have a significant impact on skin health. As a result, it is critical to consider the components in sunscreen.

For example, persons with dry skin should opt for hydrating and moisturizing sunscreen containing compounds such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid.

People with oily or acne-prone skin should use a non-comedogenic sunscreen, while those with sensitive skin should use a mineral sunscreen containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Consider the SPF and UVA rating

The UVA star rating system assesses how well sunscreen absorbs UVA radiation in comparison to UVB rays. The amount of UVB rays blocked is determined by the Sun Protective Factor (SPF). Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect against dangerous UV rays.

In addition, the PA rating of sunscreen must be considered. It denotes how much UVA protection the sunscreen provides. To avoid sunburn, the best sunscreen should have a PA+++ rating.

You now know practically everything there is to know about sunscreen. Let us investigate further to determine the finest sunscreen for Indian men.

Best Sunscreens For Indian Men

We have handpicked these best sunscreens from myriad options.

Best overall sunscreen

WOW Skin Science AM2PM Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 50 is water resistant and provides broad spectrum protection. As a result, it is the finest sunscreen for men overall. It’s also non-greasy and contains anti-inflammatory components like aloe vera extract and liquorice extract.

Best affordable sunscreen

The best sunscreen that won’t break the bank for men is Villain Sunscreen Spray. It has a thin, clear coating that is easy to absorb and protects your skin from sun damage. It also has strong ingredients like aloe vera, which protects your skin and leaves a cooling feeling behind.

Best mineral sunscreen for acne-prone skin

Ultra-Light SPF 50 PA+++ from Thrive Co. The best mineral sunscreen for acne-prone skin is Daily Sunscreen Gel. It feels like a very light gel that is quickly absorbed by the skin. Plus, it has ingredients that are good for your skin, such as hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid, and resveratrol.

Best chemical sunscreen for acne-prone skin

The best chemical sunscreen for acne-prone skin is CGG Cosmetics Aqua Bomb Watery Sunscreen Cream SPF 50. It is a hybrid sunscreen because it also has titanium dioxide in it. With a PA+++ rating, the sunscreen protects against a wide range of UV rays. It is a hydrating sunscreen that doesn’t have any oil in it.

Best mineral sunscreen for oily skin

The best mineral sunscreen for oily skin is Beardhood SPF 50 PA+++. With zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, it protects against a wide range of things. Also, it can stand up to water and sweat. It makes your skin tone more even by getting rid of dark spots.

Best chemical sunscreen for oily skin

The best chemical sunscreen for oily skin is Plum Green Tea Day-Light Sunscreen SPF 35 with PA+++. It has green tea and niacinamide, which are good for the health of oily skin. Plus, it gives even protection from the sun. It is the best sunscreen for oily skin that won’t make you break out.

Best Sunscreen Brands

The best sunscreen brands for men are Thrive Co, Beardhood, and The Beard Story. These brands make sunscreen for Indian men that is made with their skin types and needs in mind. They work best for Indian men because of this.

How To Apply Sunscreen

  1. Select the best sunscreen according to your skin type.
  2. Take an adequate amount of sunscreen and apply it liberally to cover your face, ears, and neck.
  3. Blend carefully so that it doesn’t feel sticky.
  4. Make sure you don’t use it near your eyes; it might sting. Also, apply sunscreen on your lips to protect them from sun damage.

How Much Sunscreen Should You Apply

If you don’t use enough sunscreen, it won’t be effective in protecting your skin. The two-finger rule should be followed when applying sunscreen. Apply two sunscreen strips, squeezed out onto your index and middle fingers from top to bottom; this amount will cover your entire face, ears, and neck.

When Is The Right Time To Apply Sunscreen?

If you are staying at home, use sunscreen soon after taking a shower. Also, allow 15-20 minutes before leaving. When you’re out in the sun, reapply sunscreen every 3 hours.

In addition, the water in the swimming pool might cause skin injury. As a result, you must apply water-resistant sunscreen both before and after swimming.

The Bottom Line

Sunscreen is a vital component of any skincare regimen. It protects against a variety of skin problems. If you want to improve your date night look or prepare for wedding photoshoots, start using the best sunscreen right away. Please thank us afterwards.