The World’s Top 10+ Most Beautiful Team Jerseys 

Manchester United’s home outfit is undoubtedly the best football jersey that every football fan adores. For nearly a decade, this club sold more than 3 million jerseys per year. It also earns more than $300 million from jersey sales. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona’s home shirts are also among the best football jerseys of all time.

Sports jerseys are shirts worn by team members to identify their allegiance with the team. Athletes wear jerseys to identify their names and numbers, and they typically display the team’s colors and logos. The team’s sponsor’s logo may also appear on the jersey. Today, we’ll talk about the greatest football jerseys of all time.

Jerseys were invented by one of America’s most renowned persons, “Kit Carson,” which is why it is also known as kit. Jerseys are one of the most valuable financial assets of any soccer club. The expense of displaying a sponsor’s brand or business on a jersey is extremely costly, and sponsors invest significantly on their jerseys.

Teeanime recently evaluated the greatest footballers of all time, as well as the richest football clubs the sports world has ever seen. However, when it comes to having fun, clubs are as popular as their jerseys. So, without further ado, here are the best football jerseys of all time.

Best Football Jerseys | All-Time Ranking

10. Chelsea – English Premier League

In 2021, football jerseys from Chelsea Club are among the ones that make the most money. Every year, Chelsea sells about 1,525,000 shirts all over the world. Chelsea, which is in the finals of the European Champions League, has chosen Trivago as its new training jersey partner.

The Chelsea logo has a roaring lion in the middle of a blue circle, which is surrounded by a gold border on both the inside and the outside. In 1983, Chelsea, one of the teams that won the English Premier League, got its first sponsor logo from Gulf Air.

Later, Chelsea signed sponsorship deals with many companies, including Fly Emirates, Auto Glass, and Samsung. Samsung was one of Chelsea’s top-paying sponsors, giving the team 18 million euros.

At the moment, three phone companies, Nike, and Zapp all sponsor Chelsea. Which is spending a lot of money to keep this deal good for both of them.

9. Borussia Dortmund – German Bundesliga

Borussia Dortmund is a professional football team in Germany. It is known for having the best soccer jerseys. With the City of Dortmund in 1974, Borussia became a shirt sponsor. After two years, “Samson” became their new sponsor for the next two years, until 1978.

In the last year between 2019 and 2020, Borussia sold 1,205,000 jerseys. Borussia makes a lot of money through sponsorships and selling jerseys to one of the biggest fan bases of any football club in the world.

In the last season, in 2020, Borussia’s home jersey was changed. The new home jersey for Borussia has a more modern look. The Puma logo is on the right side of the chest, and half of the black stripes on the sleeves make the jersey look very professional and nice.

But the new Borussia away jersey is very different from the old one. It has a steel-gray border around a black background to make it look cool and have a little bit of class.

8. Manchester City – English Premier League

Manchester’s soccer shirts are the ones that have been worn the most. Man City, a winner of the English Premier League, has shirt sponsors like Nissan, Etihad Airways, and Etisalat that pay a lot of money.

The club’s official statement says that from 2019 to 2020, the jersey sponsorship brought in $336 million. The home kit for Manchester City is sky blue with white logos, and the away kit is off-white with shimmering details on the team badges and sponsor logos.

The away kit is all about the problem with water. Reports say that in 2020, Manchester City sold 1,085,000 jerseys and made a lot of money.

Man City’s jersey is the eighth best football jersey of all time because of how popular it is and how much money it brings in.

7. Bayern Munich – German Bundesliga

One of the most popular football jerseys in the world is the Bayern Munich jersey. The news says that Bayern Munich sold 2,575,000 jerseys last year and made a lot of money from it. Since they started, they have also made some of the best sponsorship deals in football.

Adidas, a German company, has been the sponsor of a German sports team’s jerseys since 1965. After that, the club made deals with companies like Allianz and Deutsche that were very big.

This year, Bayern Munich changed its home jersey, which is now a lighter shade of deep red. On the right side of the chest, there is a white Adidas logo that everyone knows. On the sleeves, there is a logo for Qatar Airways. The away jersey for Bayern Munich is black and gold.

Even though the logo is gold, the background is black. With its sponsorship deals and jersey sales around the world, Bayern Munich makes a lot of money and has the seventh best football jersey in history.

6. Juventus FC – Italian Serie A

In 1981, Juventus started getting its jerseys sponsored by a company called Ariston, which made appliances. There are many companies that sponsor the jerseys of Italian soccer teams, like Nike, Jeep, and Adidas.

When CR7, one of the most famous footballers of all time, joined Juventus, sales went up, and the Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus jersey became the most popular soccer jersey of all time.

The last update from Juventus showed that it had sold 1,615,000 jerseys all over the world, making it the biggest jersey seller in the world. The black and white stripes that have always been a part of Juventus’ home kit are back.

The away kit came out on July 22, 2021. The three stripes on the shoulders were a mix of orange and purple. Now, Juventus is number 6 on our list of the top 10 best football jerseys ever.

5. Paris Saint-Germain – French Ligue 1

Since 1986, when they started selling jersey sponsorships, the Paris Saint-Germain team has made billions of dollars. The latest Forbes list says that PSG earns $701 million each year from jersey sponsorship.

It doesn’t matter to PSG fans how much the jersey is worth. Some fans will pay anything for a Paris Saint-Germain shirt. Since Leo moved to PSG, the jersey of Lionel Messi PSG jerseys sold has gone up. But they have been buying some of the best-paid football players ever for a long time.

According to PSG’s review of the past year, 750,000 shirts were sold all over the world, making a lot of money. The new home jersey for Paris Saint-Germain will be navy with red-and-white stripes along the collar and sleeves.

There will also be a pink and black with a white background away jersey. The new jersey and sponsorships give PSG the fifth spot on the list of the top 10 best football jerseys of all time.

4. Liverpool – English Premier League

Liverpool, a team in the Premier League and one of the most successful English football teams of all time, was the first club in football history to have sponsors on their jerseys. Hitachi was the first company to back Liverpool in 1979.

After that, Crown Paints, Candy, Carlsberg, and Standard Chartered all gave Liverpool more money. Clubs can make a lot of money from jersey sponsorship and from selling their jerseys in the market.

For instance, Liverpool makes a lot of money by selling its jersey. Last year, the club made a lot of money by selling 1670,000 jerseys all over the world.

At the start of 2021, Liverpool changed its home kit to a traditional color scheme by adding a bright orange to the red. The away kit is a tribute to the classic jersey. It is black and off-white with teal accents.

3. FC Barcelona – Spanish La Liga

Barcelona has the best uniforms in the Spanish League. FC Barcelona, one of the most popular football teams in Spain, was the only team that didn’t let sponsors put logos on their jerseys until 2006.

After making a deal with UNICEF for $1.5 million, it started putting logos on its jerseys. After that, Barcelona never looked back, but they did get more deals with Rakuten, Nike, and Qatar airways for their jerseys.

On June 15, 2021, the new Barcelona kit came out. It had a red logo and blue stripes that looked like the club’s crest. The shirt also has a tag from Rakuten on the front.

With its light purple and mix of blues and reds, the away kit shows the fight to make football fair for both men and women. In 2019-2020, the club sold 1,925,000 shirts, which puts it in third place on our list of the 10 best football jerseys of all time.

2. Real Madrid – Spanish La Liga

Real Madrid is known for having the most expensive jersey sponsorships in the Spanish La Liga. Also, they are known for having seen some of the best El-Clasico moments between them and Barcelona, their biggest rival.

In 1985, Real Madrid started getting sponsors for their jerseys. Parmalat was the first company to sign a deal with them. Real Madrid has always had many sponsors, like Adidas, Emirates Airlines, and Mahou. Emirates Airlines spends $84.1 million every year to be a jersey sponsor.

The club sold 3,120,000 jerseys in 2020, which puts Real Madrid’s jerseys at number two on the list of the 10 best football jerseys of all time. In 2021-22, Los Blancos will wear a new version of their famous jersey.

On the right chest of the Real Madrid Football jersey is an Adidas tag, and the spiral design looks like the fountains in Cibeles Plaza. The team’s away shirt is dark blue with yellow lines on the shoulders and a big Emirates Fly Better logo on the front.

1. Manchester United – English Premier League

When it comes to their jersey, Manchester United is the best. The Red Devils’ jerseys are paid for by big companies like Aon, AIG, and Vodafone. Every season, the jerseys bring in 290 million dollars for the team.

The home kit for Manchester United is very red. The Adidas logo is on the right chest, and white straps over the shoulders make it look better. The away jersey, on the other hand, has blue and white stripes that make a zigzag pattern and a team viewer logo on the front.

Manchester United also makes a lot of money from selling its shirts all over the world. Last season, the team generated a lot of money by selling 3,250,000 jerseys. And this story hasn’t stopped since Sir Alex Ferguson, one of the best football managers ever, took over the club.

The Manchester United jersey is extremely expensive and is appreciated by fans, which is why Manchester United ranks at first position out of the top 10 best football jerseys of all time.

Clubs are the most profitable and highest sellers in terms of jersey sales. However, there are two countries that also showed prominence in terms of jersey sales.

Honorable Mentions | Best International Football Jerseys

11. Brazil National Football Jersey

People know Brazilians for their cool jerseys and sponsorship deals. MasterCard, Guarana Antarctica, and Nike are some of the filthy rich sponsors of Brazil.

Brazil makes a lot of money from the companies that sponsor its jerseys. Last year, Brazil made $411 million. Brazil’s current jersey design is exactly the same as its 1970 world cup kit.

12. Argentina National Football Jersey

Argentina is one of those teams that make a hefty amount of money through Jersey sponsorships. Recent news broke down that Argentina sold 650000 jerseys last year and earned a huge amount of money.

Argentina has many jersey sponsorships, including Adidas, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s. Argentinians wear blue on the away kit, while their home jerseys are light blue with stripes over the shoulders.

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