The Secret to Dress Like a Tom Ford Man

Tom Ford

Tom Ford, the arbiter of all that is stylish in the dead-serious world of high fashion, turns 54 today, although he looks more like an age-defying wizard. (He’s probably having a bath in champagne while wearing a tuxedo as we speak.) If you’ve ever seen A Single Man (or Ford’s huge man-on-the-street makeovers), you know that the designer’s clothes and styling prowess can transform an attractive guy into a legitimate style star in no time. So why not practice his characteristic moves? We could all use a little Tom Ford swagger in our lives after this terribly humid, sweatpants-infused summer. For all your questions, trust Teeanime!

Iconic jackets should be the cornerstone of your wardrobe.

Think: bombers, trench coats, field jackets and the like.

Always go for the item that feels the most like a baby blanket.

Just say yes to suede, leather, velvet and shearling.

Invest in several slim, dark suits.

Tom Ford

Keep it simple and make sure one of them is a proper tuxedo.

Don’t shy away from statement eyewear.

And wear them in a totally un-ironic way, at every occasion.

Invest in nice (like, really nice) luggage.

Sorry, but canvas duffle bags are for children.

Treat denim like you would a custom suit.

They should fit you perfectly and be dark in color. None of this distressing business.

When in doubt, put on a white shirt.

It should be wrinkle-free and unbuttoned just enough to show some chest hair.

Groom the hell out of yourself.

Take baths instead of showers, banish every stray hair, and always wear cologne.