The Return of Men’s Crop Tops. The 10 Best Crop Tops For Men

Twitter, oh Twitter. The internet’s biggest flaw and our guiltiest pleasure. Back in 2019, before the world ended, Twitter was rife with discussions about the 2020 election between Trump and Biden, Gucci’s hideous “Blackface” balaclava, and, of course, whether crop tops for men should exist.

That may sound like nonsense, but we’re dead serious. ASOS released a variety of men’s crop tops that went viral in the summer before the epidemic. People were genuinely irritated. The mere possibility that some man somewhere is proudly flaunting a couple of inches of belly sparked a discourse.

“Should males dress in crop tops?”

“If that’s the case, what kind of men can wear crop tops?”

People allowed themselves to get worked up over… clothes. Old-fashioned straight people were furious because of all of their cherished gender roles, and some LGBTQ+ individuals were upset because it was assumed that “only gay people would wear these fugly shirts,” but it shouldn’t have been. It’s as if no one ever saw an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in which Will Smith wore a cropped tee (pre-Oscar slap, of course). What about a young Johnny Depp with a cropped jersey on the phone in Nightmare on Elm Street? (We recognize that some of you have blocked that from your memory.)

But, sweetie, listen up: men’s cropped t-shirts have been around for a while. This contentious article of apparel, like men’s rompers before it, has a lengthy, butch history. We’re sorry we had to be the ones to say it.

1. SHEIN Men Striped Contrast Binding Crop T-Shirt

You already know what the TikTok girls say: SHEIN haul! This striped crop top is available in sizes ranging from small to XXL, so no matter your size, that bod will definitely fit. The tee itself is really inexpensive, so it won’t set you back an arm and a leg. It has a classic striped design that seems quite retro, so pair it with whatever you feel most at ease with.

2. Rowing Blazers ’70s Stripe Cropped Rugby

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Is a story about fashion at SPY even a fashion story if it doesn’t contain at least one pick from Rowing Blazers? Most likely not. As Rowing Blazers fans, this truncated rugby is beyond our greatest expectations. Sure, it’s designed for ladies, but we’re prepared to make it work. There is always a way if there is a will. Get some males up on the site modeling these crop tops, Rowing Blazers! And you know exactly who to call if you need a model!

3. Budweiser Cropped Tee

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Your favorite beer has never looked better. This Etsy crop top features the traditional Budweiser emblem and is ideal for wearing while grilling burgers with a beer in hand throughout summer. This crop top is a must-have for any guy who spends the most of his summer wearing jorts and aviators. You get extra points if you have a mullet.

4. Runcati Workout Cropped Tank Top

Crop tops for men don’t usually cost an arm and a leg, but our best option is a little more expensive due to all of the organic, sustainable qualities. Most crop tops for men are under $10, such as this exercise cropped tank from Amazon. Aside from the full black colour, there isn’t much to this one. It removes both sleeves, allowing you to show off your shoulders, bi’s, and tri’s while also leaving plenty of area for a belly peep. There are a few more hues available, including white, pink, and purple, so go crazy and stand out like a sore thumb this summer. It is entirely up to you!

5. D.A.R.E Crop Top

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Okay, if you want to achieve the summer retro style mastered by Will Smith and Johnny Depp, you’ll have to do it right. Consider this vintage D.A.R.E crop — it’s old-school, effortless, and appears to be something you could easily find at a thrift store. If you want to look like one of the sexy muscle boys from your favorite 80s movie this summer, wear a crop top like this.

6. SweatyRocks Striped Long-Sleeve Crop Top

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Because summer isn’t always as near as we’d like it to be, check out this long-sleeve crop top from Amazon that you can wear when you still want to show off your abs but need to keep your arms toasty. To be honest, this one is completely intended for ladies, but what? We don’t give a damn. Put this on with your favorite jeans and Converse hi-tops for a look that everyone on the street will envy.

7. Sport Crop Top T-Shirt

Bring it back in time with this mesh crop top that looks like a peewee football jersey from your childhood. What goes around comes around, as the saying goes. This sporty yet flirtatious crop top will add some manly elements to your cropped look this summer while keeping you appearing effortlessly cool regardless of how you style it. Wear it while playing hoops with the lads, at a backyard pool party, or out on the town with your pals. You know what to wear if the occasion calls for something casual. Place it on. It’s a little cropped than your typical crop shirt for males, but who cares? Prepare yourself for a truly hot guy summer.

8. ASOS DESIGN Mesh T-Shirt with Ringer Detail

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Mesh for sports? Never look better than in this ASOS crop top, which is made of an unique patterned mesh material. This crop top is a must-have for any man who enjoys being the focus of attention. It’s the ultimate conversation starter and can be matched with almost anything.

9. Marek + Richard Toxic Goo Crop Tank

This isn’t your typical crop top. Nothing Marek + Richard do should be considered “classic,” as you’ll see at the end. This sticky cropped tank is all you need for any forthcoming festival or rave you have planned. It has an unusual, uneven shape that will definitely get you a lot of praises.

10. Marek + Richard Thrussy Crop Tee

Okay, we know we claimed crop tops for men aren’t always queer, but this cropped tee is straight up gay and we’re fascinated. We’re not going to sit you down and explain what “thrussy” means; it’s as simple as knowing. From the beach to the backyard BBQ to your next Instagram snap, this famous tee is a crowd-pleaser. Just be cautious when wearing it on the straights.