The Best Equipment in Dragon Ball Legends

In Dragon Ball Legends, players can use Equipment to improve their favorite Z Fighters in ways that have never been seen before.

Thanks to Dragon Ball Legends, fans of Dragon Ball can relive the story of Goku and his friends from a new character’s point of view: Shallot. With Shallot in the mix, the story of Dragon Ball Z will be retold in Dragon Ball Legends, but this time there will be new story arcs, fights, and bad guys along the way. Players can put together their own teams with the most popular Dragon Ball characters, whether they are friends, enemies, or supporting characters.

One of the strangest things about Dragon Ball Legends is its role-playing game (RPG) part, which lets players not only improve their skills in certain areas but also use Equipment to make their favorite Dragon Ball Z characters stronger. But since there are so many options, it will take a lot of research to figure out what the best equipment is in Dragon Ball Legends.


The Tide Of This Battle Is Turning Yet Again (God Ki)

  • Type: Gold
  • Equip Condition: God of Destruction, Angel
  • Slot 1: Base Strike Defense UP – 6%-15%
  • Slot 2: Special Move Damage UP – 5%-10%
  • Slot 3: To Blast Attack when “Tag: God of Destruction” is a battle member UP – 5%-10%

Fans knew Goku and the group were entering the big leagues when God of Destruction Beerus was introduced in the modern Dragon Ball environment. With Beerus being more than capable of destroying worlds on a whim, it’s understandable that Dragon Ball Legends players would want him on their side.

And The tide of this war is turning yet again serves as an excellent piece of equipment for God Ki characters. Aside from increasing defense against close-quarters Strike combat, Beerus’ and other heavenly beings’ particular skills receive a much-needed boost in order to establish their superiority.


Here I Come! (Awakened, Rival Universe)

  • Type: Gold
  • Equip Condition: Rival Universe
  • Slot 1: Base Blast Defense UP – 10%-20%
  • Slot 2: Base Blast Attack UP, Base Strike Defense UP – 6%-13%
  • Slot 3: Base Strike Attack UP or Base Strike Defense UP – 12%-20%

During the Universe Survival Arc, Dragon Ball fans discover that there are parallel universes with their own versions of the strongest Dragon Ball fighters. Within these universes, some of the strongest fighters have forced Goku to go past his limitations and achieve the famous Ultra Instinct form, demonstrating their value as a respectable team to construct in Dragon Ball Legends.

While SP Bergamo (Red), SP Lavender (Purple), and SP Basil (Blue) may appear to be easy targets at first, it’s goods like Here I Come! No. 1 that can turn them into formidable opponents. Aside from the basic boost in Blast Defense, this item may also grant a boost in Blast Attack or Defense, as well as Strike Attack or Defense. When combined with the proper build, this Equipment provides these characters with the necessary steadiness to outlive their opponents.


I’ll Send It Back! (Regeneration)

  • Type: Gold
  • Equip Condition: Regeneration
  • Slot 1: Base Strike Defense UP – 6%-15%
  • Slot 2: Base Health UP – 4%-10%
  • Slot 3: Blast Defense UP for each Element: Yellow battle member. – 6%-15%

Characters from Dragon Ball who have the ability to regenerate their health on their own have been given a privileged position among the Dragon Ball Legends Fighters. These Fighters, such as Cell, Majin Buu, and Piccolo, fall under the category of the Regeneration character type. As a result of their natural resilience, they almost always take the role of tanks.

Nevertheless, I’ll Send It Back! is the song that best demonstrates their abilities. For example, a tank like SP Good Buu GRN can use this Equipment for its Slot 3 buffs when working with other Yellow members, particularly against Purple foes who are strong against Greens. This is especially useful in situations where the Yellow team is facing off against Purple foes. Players who intend to build tanks out of their characters’ Regeneration abilities should consider this one of their absolute necessities.

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Boundary Breaking Vegeta (Vegeta Family)

  • Type: Gold
  • Equip Condition: Vegeta Family
  • Slot 1: Base Blast Attack UP – 6%-13%
  • Slot 2: Special Move Damage UP – 5%-10%
  • Slot 3: To Strike Attack for each “Tag: Vegeta Family” battle member UP – 2%-5%

Even though Gohan and Goten’s growth shows that most of the main Dragon Ball stories are about Goku, Vegeta’s bloodline is no slouch. In Dragon Ball Legends, the Vegeta Family Tag shows that proud Vegeta and his humble son Trunks are two of the best Fighters the game has to offer. And with Boundary Breaking Vegeta, their ability to fight from a long distance, which is their specialty, becomes more common.

With this Equipment, their base Blast Attack gets a boost, and their Special Moves also get stronger. They also have a better chance of using a Strike Attack for every Vegeta Family member on their team. This gives players a lot more reason to try to build a team with members of the Vegeta family.


Battle Of Saiyans (Saiyan)

  • Type: Gold
  • Equip Condition: Saiyan
  • Slot 1: Base Strike Defense UP – 10%-18%
  • Slot 2: To Strike Defense for 15 timer counts when faced with Saiyan UP – 4%-10%
  • Slot 3: Base Health UP – 4%-10%

Given how many Saiyans are in the Dragon Ball series, it’s not surprising that a lot of fans probably have the strongest Saiyans on their Dragon Ball Legends team. In this way, players who want SP Super Saiyan 3 Goku to be as good as possible might want the Battle of the Saiyans Equipment.

This item is still a great piece of Equipment for Strike-focused Saiyans, since the buffs it gives can help them go toe-to-toe with tougher enemies in both PVP and PVE situations. So, this Equipment is a good place to start when putting together more optimized Saiyan builds for different situations.


Android #18 (Female Fighters)

  • Type: Gold
  • Equip Condition: Female Warriors, Girls
  • Slot 1: Base Strike Attack UP – 8%-20%
  • Slot 2: Base Health UP – 6%-15%
  • Slot 3: Damage to RED after 30 timer counts UP – 6%-15%

Male Fighters often take the lead in the show, but it’s usually female Fighters like the former villain Android 18 who show that girls in the franchise aren’t to be messed with. Fans should pick Android 18 for their Dragon Ball Legends team because he was one of the biggest threats in the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.

Android 18 is also a must-have for a Female Fighters Team because she is good against Saiyan Tags, which are used a lot in PVP. She also becomes a behemoth with the Android #18 Equipment, which not only boosts her base Strike Attack, Health, and damage against aggressive Red Fighters, but also makes her a stronger fighter overall.


It’s All You, Gohan! (Son Family)

  • Type: Gold
  • Equip Condition: Son Family
  • Slot 1: Base Strike Defense UP – 6%-13%
  • Slot 2: Base Blast Defense UP – 6%-15%
  • Slot 3: To Strike Attack for each Tag: Son Family battle member UP – 2%-5%

Since Goku, his family, and their Saiyan forms get most of the attention in the Dragon Ball series, it makes sense for many fans to build Dragon Ball Legends teams around these characters. But if you want the best Goku family builds, you might want to use It’s all you, Gohan! for fast-paced, close-up setups.

With this Equipment, Strike-heavy Son Family members not only get base defensive buffs, but they also get attack buffs for Tag-based Strike Attacks. This gives players an advantage even when they are on the defensive by doing things like switching Fighters in the middle of a fight. Because it makes you more likely to stay alive, this Equipment is a great defensive addition to other Equipment that is more focused on offense.

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I Want To Fight! (Hybrid Saiyan)

  • Type: Gold
  • Equip Condition: Son Family
  • Slot 1: Strike Defense or Blast Defense UP – 6%-18%
  • Slot 2: Special Move Damage UP, Ultimate Damage UP – 5%-12.5%
  • Slot 3: Base Health or Damage to Regeneration UP – 5-12.5%

Goku and his family found out that Gohan is half-Saiyan when Raditz came to visit and Gohan was born. This makes Gohan the first of many hybrids to appear in Dragon Ball history. Early on, there were hints that Gohan could be much stronger than Goku. However, it wasn’t until characters like Trunks and Goten came along (and were able to use some of Goku’s powerful moves) that hybrids became a force to be reckoned with in the fandom.

This is probably why they have their own Hybrid Saiyan Tag, and it’s also why I want to fight! Equipment is one of the best choices for them. At its core, this Dragon Ball Equipment not only makes a Hybrid Fighter more resistant to Strike or Blast Attacks, but it also makes their Special Moves and Ultimates much more powerful. When used right with people like Trunks and Goten, it can make them powerful members of their teams.


Saiyans Don’t Do Limits! (Future, Vegeta Family)

  • Type: Gold
  • Equip Condition: Melee Type
  • Slot 1: Base Blast Defense UP – 5%-12%
  • Slot 2: Base Critical UP, Base Strike Attack UP – 5%-10%
  • Slot 3: To Blast Attack for each Tag: Future battle member UP – 2%-5%

The first time time travel was used in a Dragon Ball story was when Future Trunks came to warn Goku and his team about the upcoming Android threat. Since then, the idea of changing the future through time travel has become a mainstay of the series. In Dragon Ball Legends, these episodes are known as the Future Tag.

Surprisingly, Saiyans Don’t Do Limits! is a great piece of Equipment for their kits, especially for Melee Types who can use the defense against Blast Attacks and the boosts to Criticals and Strike Attacks. Most interesting is that this Dragon Ball Equipment works well for Vegeta Family Teams, since a lot of their members also have the Future Tag.


This Is The Kaioken (Strike Fighters)

  • Type: Gold
  • Equip Condition: Melee Type
  • Slot 1: Base Strike Defense UP – 6%-15%
  • Slot 2: Base Strike Attack Up – 5%-12.5%
  • Slot 3: Base Strike Attack Up – 5%-18%

Source: JGamer

Dragon Ball Legends gameplay clearly attempts to emulate the fast-paced action sequences of Dragon Ball fight scenes, which means a lot of Fighters will slug it out up close and personal. This is the Kaioken, which is based on Goku’s signature Kaioken technique, and is easily the best piece of Equipment for players who rely heavily on their Strikers.

This Dragon Ball Equipment, depending on where it is put, can improve either the defenses or the attacks of a Strike-based Fighter; something that melee characters can undoubtedly use when battling others in melee range. Someone like Android 18, who, despite her Blast Arts, can do more damage to the popular Saiyan Tag, could benefit greatly from this equipment.

Dragon Ball Legends was released for Android and iOS.

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