The 5 Most Expensive T-Shirt For Men in 2022

Money can’t buy love or happiness. But you might get a t-shirt out of it. And some of them are pretty expensive. Some of the most popular T-shirts on the market right now will cost you thousands of dollars. When you buy a band T-shirt at the concert you just went to, you might think you’re spending a lot of money, but it’s nothing compared to the ones we’re about to show you.

How can a T-shirt become a very expensive part of your wardrobe? It depends on the materials that go into it, the name that is stitched onto the tag, how much people want it, and how many of them can be made. When designers find the right combination of all of these factors, they can make a crazy amount of money.

Check out some of the most expensive t-shirts you could buy. Just don’t ever plan to wear them. You won’t get a refund for rips and stains. So, go with Teeanime for all your doubts!

 Rick Owens Performa Tee — $415

You probably recognize Rick Owens as the man who Nike claims stole their sneakers. To the fashion world, though, Owens is one of the most forward-thinking designers working today. Fans of his art collect his items, which range from shoes to coats, cargo trousers, and shorts.

Those followers are most likely what allow him to charge $415 for what is essentially a slouchy t-shirt. I can’t find a description on the site to justify the price, so I guess you’ll have to trust the piece speaks for itself.

Philipp Plein Scarface T-Shirt– $600

Philip Plein describes himself as “not a designer,” “not a fashion person,” and, most importantly, “not affluent.” Depending on your attitude, that last statement will either make you chuckle or make you angry, given his net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars.

While no one knows where he obtained all that scratch, one suspect may be selling Scarface-themed tees with Al Pacino’s uuhh, scarred visage (idk, I didn’t watch it) on the front. I believe this figure indicates the resale value, but I’m not certain. Even so, how much must this have originally cost to justify such a markup?

Also, this shirt looks like something you’d find at a hypothetical “Scarface: The Roller Coaster” gift shop, doesn’t it? Less “high fashion” and more “boardwalk souvenir,” I believe.

Gucci Sequined T-shirt — $996

It wouldn’t be a list of ridiculously costly garments unless Gucci was included. Apart from looking like something out of a department store’s kids’ area, this 100% cotton t-shirt is notable primarily for its low price.

Diamond Studded Shirt – $400,000

What does this albatross mean if diamonds last forever and t-shirts don’t?

That’s correct. This garment, which appears to be an ordinary monochromatic screen printed tee on your computer monitor, is actually composed of diamonds.

In reality, there are sixteen of them. A total of nine (count ’em, nine) carats. So it’s no surprise that owning this shirt will set you back almost $400,000.

This shirt is apparently created using a process that reduces emissions by 90%. But I have so many more questions. How do you clean it? Can you wear it to a formal occasion? And do you get comments like “look, those are diamonds on your shirt” when you wear it?

Tom Ford Long Sleeve Solid T-Shirt– $1,690

Tom Ford may offer what you’re searching for if you want to splash the cash in a more modest fashion. The designer, known for his high-end, Italian-made pieces, has created his own take on the long-sleeve t-shirt.

And what a tee it is. It’s likely to feel more luxurious than your usual t-shirt because it’s made of cashmere. Is $1600 in comfort worth it? That is all up to you.