The 30 Best Boots For Men in 2023

Forget about your dog. In our opinion, man’s closest friend is actually his beloved pair of boots. The best men’s boots are steadfast partners who stick with us through thick and thin and always have our back. We admire them, are quietly impressed by them, and feel relaxed and at ease in their company, much like our dearest friends.

But, at some point in every man’s life, his favorite boots give up the ghost. After you’ve said your goodbyes (and possibly shed a tear or two), you’re on the quest for your next pair of boots. And therein lays the difficulty. How can you choose from the several styles of men’s boots available?

To make your life easier and get you on your way to meeting your new favorite footwear, we’ve selected the 30 top men’s boots from the world’s best boot manufacturers.

Read it and think about it. There could be a style you hadn’t considered previously. For example, do you know what a moc-toe boot is? Teeanime guarantees you’ll leave knowing exactly what your new go-to pair of boots will be. Or, at the very least, with a large wish list.

The 30 best men’s boots

1. Axel Arigato Chelsea Boot

best boots men axel arigato chelsea boot review Luxe Digital

We can’t get enough of Swedish company Axel Arigato’s sustainably manufactured shoes, and these Chelsea boots have jumped to the top of our wish list as well. They’re composed of fine suede and have a modest yet powerful Arigato gold stamp on the heel. The round toe and pull-on loop are reminiscent of the classic Chelsea boot form, and the sole features a thread pattern for additional traction on wet streets. Glossy leather is also available.


2. Oliver Cabell Suede Chelsea Boot

best boots men oliver cabell suede chelsea boot review Luxe Digital

We already knew Oliver Cabell manufactured terrific sneakers, so we weren’t surprised to learn that the footwear company also makes very desirable Chelsea boots for guys. The sole of these boots is composed of a unique Italian crepe and is constructed of delicate split suede from Venice. The footbed is made of vegetable-tanned leather and features a replaceable molded insole.


3. Amberjack The Chelsea

best men chelsea boots comfort amberjack - Luxe Digital

Some of the most comfortable dress shoes for men are made by Amberjack. The brand puts the same care and attention into making their boots light and comfortable to wear all day with The Chelsea, which is a good name for them.

The shoe is made of water-resistant Italian suede and has a high-tech, heat-activated arch support sole that helps your feet stay in place when you’re out and about. The boot comes in different colors and is made of both leather and suede.


4. Blundstone 550 Boot

best boots men blundstone 550 boot review Luxe Digital

Blundstone boots are very popular. Fans say they are the best when it comes to comfort, light weight, and support. Originally made for factory workers in Australia, these slip-on boots are not technically Chelsea boots, but they have the same elastic panel, as well as a shock-absorbing design and weatherproof outsoles. Wear these men’s Chelsea work boots on hikes, shopping trips, business meetings, or even to herd cattle, if the need arises.


5. Koio Chelsea

best boots men koio chelsea review Luxe Digital

The Koio Chelsea boots are the type of boot you’ll find yourself wearing on a daily basis simply because none of your other footwear has the same level of adaptability. They’d look equally fantastic with black tie as they would with worn blue denim. They have an equestrian vibe to them and are both practical and long-lasting, with a sole designed to absorb impact and provide grip even on cold streets.


6. Timberland Waterproof Boot

best boots men timberland waterproof boot review Luxe Digital

These legendary work boots for men have been in stores for over 40 years and are the brand’s best-sellers. It’s hardly surprising, given that it’s difficult to find another boot with the same degree of perfect performance and classic work boot style. These Timberland work boots have abrasion-resistant and long-lasting waterproof uppers, rust-proof eyelets, insulation that provides warmth while being lightweight, and a climate-controlled footbed. On our list, these are some of the most comfortable work boots.


7. Carhartt Composite Toe Boot

best boots men carhartt composite toe boot review Luxe Digital

We’re not sure when Carhatt became popular, but we’ll gladly follow suit. These black work boots are the ideal compromise between no-nonsense utility and wearing to a classy cocktail bar with your date next Friday. As genuine safety boots, they have a composite safety toe for impact, compression, and even electrical circuits of up to 18,000 volts. You can never be too cautious.


8. Red Wing Heritage Classic Boot

best boots men red wing heritage classic boot review Luxe Digital

If you’re looking for a pair of men’s casual boots that are both utilitarian and durable, go no further than Red Wing’s waterproof work boots. They have a moc-toe design, inspired by moccasins, and have a unique and distinct profile that would look excellent with a shirt and chinos. These leather labor boots, unlike moccasins, have a solid and dependable treaded outsole.


9. Skechers Work Boot

best boots men skechers work boot review luxe digital@2x

Skechers’ steel toe work boots are the real deal—proper industrial boots that have been tested and approved to satisfy the essential criteria, as well as being resistant to impact, compression, and electrical energy. Wear these heavy-duty boots to work, no matter what you do, to keep your feet safe and secure. They’d also look great with a pair of black jeans and a bomber jacket.


10. Caterpillar Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

best boots men caterpillar second shift steel toe work boot review Luxe Digital

These Caterpillar industrial boots, with their robust style and solid construction, are some of the best steel-toed boots we’ve seen. These are boots that understand the value of hard labor as well as the importance of a work-life balance. They’re gorgeous in a big, heavy-duty way, and we can see ourselves wearing them on the weekend with selvedge denim and a motorcycle jacket.


11. Frye Engineer Boot

best boots men frye engineer boot review Luxe Digital

This traditional engineer boot features an oiled leather upper and brushed silver hardware, as well as two adjustable buckles for an unique fit. They resemble those initially worn for protection by employees in the engine room of steam trains—and later adopted as the unofficial uniform of motorcyclists worldwide. These heavy-duty boots are an excellent alternative for individuals who work as hard as they play, instantly adding unique style points.


12. Clarks Desert Boot

best boots men clarks desert boot review Luxe Digital

Clarks’ Original Desert Boot bears little resemblance to Nathan Clark’s original design, which was conceived in Cairo in the 1950s and went on to gain a cult following throughout the world. The shape is clean and simple, with a simple lace closure, and the craftsmanship is excellent—premium beeswax leather and a sustainably produced crepe fabric.


13. Koio Chukka

best boots men koio chukka review Luxe Digital

While we love the traditional desert boot style, this Chukka reimagining by Koio has a lot of appeal, not least because it’s unbelievably comfortable. These men’s casual boots are handcrafted in Italy from ultra-soft suede and have a lightweight yet durable sole composed of 68% recycled materials. These chukkas are difficult to resist due to the bonus green points and fashionable urban atmosphere.


14. Cole Haan Grand Tour Chukka Boot

best boots men cole haan grand tour chukka boot review Luxe Digital

With its clean-lined adaptable design and durable construction, the aptly called Grand Tour by Cole Haan truly feels like a shoe you could wear on a tour around the world. These Chukka boots are a little different from the original style, especially since they’re made of leather rather than suede, but they still have that go-anywhere, do-anything vibe, as well as a tinge of the rebellious and unruly.


15. M.Gemi Desert Bootie

best boots men mgemi desert bootie review Luxe Digital

This desert boot by M.Gemi has so many features that we adore. This typically Italian touch on the conventional chukka raises it to new levels of refinement, from the distressed suede (casual, cool, and stylish) to the low cut (more like a shoe than a boot), as well as the extremely high-quality materials (M.Gemi doesn’t scrimp or compromise). Shoes that go well with a Negroni.


16. Tod’s Desert Boots

best boots men tods desert boots review Luxe Digital

These finely constructed desert boots by Tod’s, an icon of Italian design, are the epitome of casual luxury. The suede uppers are oh-so-soft and cut low in a flattering shape, and the studded rubber bottoms are high-quality and long-lasting. Wear yours with rolled-up jeans and a pristine white shirt. For a more formal look, pair with pleated trousers and a polo neck.


17. New Balance 3-in-1 Boots

best boots men new balance 3 in 1 boots review Luxe Digital

These Nobium hiking boots break rules and push limits. For one thing, they can be worn as hiking boots, mules for walking around the campsite, or socks for wearing inside the tent. Heavy-duty rubber, suede, and mesh are used to make them, and they are the perfect shoes for trekkers and nomads. Oh, and they have a great sense of style.


18. Diemme Hiking Boots

best boots men diemme hiking boots review Luxe Digital

Diemme is known for its refined yet functional performance footwear, as evidenced by these hiking boots. They’re ideal for exploring trails, but the soles are also light enough for people who’ve had enough of blisters to wear in the city. The durable Cordura construction is abrasion-resistant, and the nubuck collar is cushioned for increased comfort.


19. Danner Men’s Mountain Hiking Boots

best boots men danner mens mountain hiking boots review Luxe Digital

Danner’s Mountain 600 is a shoe that is both classically gorgeous to look at and amazingly comfy to wear. The Vibram SPE midsole combines synthetic natural rubber and EVA for increased flexibility, resiliency, cushioning, and durability while adding no weight. In addition, the Vibram Fuga outsole has a self-adaptive lug design for excellent traction on challenging terrain.


20. adidas Terrex Hiking Boot

best boots men adidas terrex hiking boot review Luxe Digital

The Terrex by adidas is a hiking boot that also serves as a stylish shoe for city adventures. It has the brand’s most responsive cushioning technology to date and is well suited to rugged terrain. A rubber outsole provides superior traction on uneven surfaces, while the Primeknit design is lightweight and conforms to the contour of your foot as you trek. It’s also produced from recycled plastic waste.


21. Moncler Vancouver Leather Hiking Boots

best boots men moncler vancouver leather hiking boots review Luxe Digital

Experts in Alpine wear Moncler is our first choice for outerwear that is both stylish and useful. The Vancouver boot from the brand is a unique take on traditional hiking boots. It looks and feels expensive and is still useful, with non-slip rubber soles for grip and traction and the brand’s red, white, and blue stripes on the back of the heel. From the chalet to the ski lift, you should wear.

22. Tom Ford

best boots men tom ford review Luxe Digital

No one does modern luxury as well as Tom Ford, as these show-stopping black glossy boots for men show. These designer boots are made of smooth calf leather and look great with a tuxedo. They have a zipper and a stacked heel that is high enough to be interesting without being too flashy. Or, for a more casual look, pair these leather boots for men with tailored pants and a slim-fit cashmere sweater.


23. Paul Smith

best boots men paul smith review Luxe Digital

We’ve already talked about how the rocker look of Chelsea boots gives them a unique appeal. And these Paul Smith Chelsea boots are just the right amount of classy to wear with a suit and tie to a formal event. Even though they’re simple, they go with everything and will still be in style in ten years.


24. Salvatore Ferragamo

best boots men salvatore ferragamo review Luxe Digital

These designer boots for men are a sharp, modern take on the traditional Jodhpur boot. They are perfect for men who want to pair their cocktail wear with something a little more interesting and memorable. Without being flashy or over the top, these black leather boots for men have a serious understated appeal thanks to an edgy metal buckle that looks like silver spurs.

25. Balmain Suede Men’s Ankle Boots

best boots men balmain suede ankle boots review Luxe Digital

Spend a lot on these Balmain suede boots if you want something extra special for a very important event. They will stop anyone in their tracks. They’re not a pair of shoes for the shy, because they’re loud and catchy. But if you want to stand out and be remembered, these black suede boots are perfect. In the best way, something to talk about.


26. Church’s Leather Chelsea Boots

best boots men churchs leather chelsea boots review Luxe Digital

Church’s Prenton Chelsea boots are the kind of cool boots that beg to be worn to a dimly lit bar with jazz piano in the background and a martini on the bar. Not only do they look great, but they also have lightweight rubber soles for better grip on wet streets (or the dance floor). They also have sides that stretch, making them easy to put on and take off.

27. Our Legacy Camion Boots

best boots men our legacy camion boots review Luxe Digital

If this boot were a person, it would probably be that mysterious stranger who walks into a bar and makes all the women in the room curious. The grained brown leather, square toe, zip closure, stacked heel, and unusually high top of these Camion boots make them stand out, but they don’t steal the show.


28. Yuketen

best boots men yuketen review Luxe Digital

The style of these Yuketen boots is classic old-school Americana. It took about 20 years to get the design right, and we like the attention to detail, which is clear in everything from the thick Vibram rubber soles to the perfectly smooth full-grain leather. The steel shank reinforcements spread your weight, so you can stay on your feet for longer without any trouble.

29. John Lobb Leather Boots For Men

best boots men john lobb leather boots review Luxe Digital

John Lobb is a shoe brand that has been around since 1849 and is known for sticking to old-fashioned ways of making shoes. Because each pair of boots is made by hand in the UK, you can be sure of a certain level of quality. In a charming way, these men’s boots are simple. They have a pointed toe, a beige leather lining, and a sturdy hiking-style sole, so you can wear them to work or on a weekend hike.


30. Saint Laurent Wyatt Boot

best boots men saint laurent wyatt boot review Luxe Digital

Saint Laurent adds a special kind of magic and attraction to every piece of clothing it touches, and these Wyatt suede boots are no different. The sharp lines, pointed toe, and slightly showy heel of this Jodhpur-style boot hint at the 1980s, while the rich suede and strap hint at the shoe’s equestrian roots.