The 20+ Best Oversized T-Shirts in 2022, According to Reviews

Best Oversized T-Shirt in 2022

We hope you enjoy the products we suggest! Our editors chose each of them independently. Although some were sent as samples, all opinions and reviews are our own. To be clear, Teeanime may receive a portion of sales or other money from the links on this page if you choose to shop from them.

1. A oversized American Eagle t-shirt that says, “Oh, me? I just woke up like this, no biggie “(even if you did not, indeed, wake up like that).

model wearing oversized white tee and ripped jeans

Positive feedback: “This shirt is really stunning! I bought one and then went back for more! I wear one every day of the week and have every color. I even have extras in a few different colors! I normally wear a medium in all shirts, but this one is huge, and even a small fits a little big. If you prefer a genuinely oversized fit, buy your regular size; if you prefer a loose oversized fit, size down!”

2. A slouchy V-neck T-shirt with a cool trim, because the small details are what make an outfit look put together.

reviewer mirror selfie wearing the gray t-shirt with baseball cap

Review looks good: “This works perfectly! I love how soft it is and how long the sleeves are. The pattern looks expensive, but the price isn’t too high. This would look good on me every day. Buy this to add to your closet and always have a nice shirt for when you’re just hanging out.”

3. A Carhartt K87 t-shirt that gives you all the good looks that sturdy, high-quality work clothes can give. Visit the skate park out of the blue? Can do. Then yard work? Can also do that.

reviewer mirror selfie wearing oversized black tee

Positive feedback: “Carhartt T-shirts are my favorite. They are oversized, with a longer tail to prevent ‘plumber’s crack’ for people wearing thick belts. They are made of exceptionally thick cotton and will keep you warm in the cold while also protecting you from sparks. Simply a high-quality, durable shirt that will last a long time. I have a lot of them.”

4. An Everlane casual crewneck shirt constructed of heavyweight, high-quality cotton that will last through all of your wears.

model wearing sage green oversized tee

Positive feedback: “I don’t usually go for the’relaxed fit’ or ‘oversized’ style, but I wanted to test the relaxed crew. I’m so happy I did! The silhouette is ideal for anyone looking for an oversized look while still wanting their garments to fit comfortably. Many of the oversized shirts I’ve tried don’t fit my body at all, giving the impression that I’m wearing a trash bag, however this shirt exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this stuff and would size up.”

5. A lightweight long-sleeve T-shirt for sweaty people. You can wear this to the gym or on a steamy day.

model wearing dark green under armour long sleeve

Recommendation: “UA is safe. This style is perfect for working out, sleeping, layering beneath another shirt, or simply as a shirt. After one, you’ll want more.”

6. A roomy H&M T-shirt feels like a circus tent (in the most fashionable way, of course).

model sitting on stool wearing oversized white t-shirt

Review looks good: “From now on, I’ll only buy these shirts, and I’m going to buy four more. I love that the sleeves go to my elbows, and I love the oversized look. It’s thick but not heavy. Favorite shirt!”

7. You’ll wish you could wear this scoopneck shirt all day, every day because it’s so soft, silky, and versatile.

reviewer mirror selfie wearing black scoopneck tee

Recommendation: “This shirt rocks! It’s roomy without becoming messy (if you are usually in between sizes like me, size down). Also enough back length. The soft cloth washes beautifully (no pilling), and the drop shoulder seams make it unique. I got two over a year ago, and they were my summer and winter go-to shirts. I checked today to see if there were more colors and saw new ones, but my size is sold out. Please refill, I’ll buy them all.”

8. A peplum shirt to replace your boring T-shirts. Loose on the bottom if you’re weary of riding-up T-shirts.

Review looks good: “Way too cute to only buy one color!!! This top is wonderful. It flows, doesn’t stick to you, washes well, and is cute. It looks great with shorts or jeans. It comes in more than one color. I like it a lot.”

9. Plus-size oversized striped tee you can toss on and go. Incoming chic clothing. It’s also loose-fitting, so it won’t cling.

reviewer photo wearing the oversized black tee with white stripes on sleeves

Review looks good: “I really like how this shirt looks on me! I can pair it with a lot of different things. I wore it with my skirt, but I’ve also worn it with jeans and, more recently, with leggings. It’s easy to wear, has a loose fit, and the color is so bright. It goes with a casual outfit so well that I keep going back to it.”

10. A plus-sized oversized pocket tee, because now that baggy clothes are the new chic, who even needs clingy T-shirts anyway?

model wearing orange oversized tee

Review looks good: “I love this t-shirt because it’s perfect. The main reason is that the sleeves and armholes are big enough for bigger arms, making it easier to move around without pinching and pulling. I’m thrilled to have found this and to see that Madewell is designing clothes for the actual sizes and shapes of larger bodies instead of just making larger sizes of items with the same proportions as straight sizes. I ordered one, and then I went back and got it in the other colors. This will be my summer staple for sure.”

11. A Hanes tee if you prefer for your clothes to fit less like a glove and more like a flowy, comfy cotton garment that you can move around in.

model wearing gray t-shirt

Recommendation: “Last, I finally found a long, comfortable t-shirt that reaches my knees. Soft and comfy material. This is a sleepable t-shirt. I’m a big guy, so ordering a 3X was crucial. Now I’m delighted, and only you will know how long it is.”

12. A crewneck tee so chill and relaxed you might have to resist the temptation to fall asleep in it on all the surfaces in your home.

model wearing oversized black tshirt

Review looks good: “This shirt’s name says it all. It is soft, loose, and easy to breathe in. I used to wear (and still do sometimes) shirts that were really tight around the armpits. This shirt lets your pits have enough room to breathe.”

13. An oversized V-neck shirt with ombre and tie-dye motifs to stand out and feel the air.

reviewer photo wearing the pink, green, and blue tie-dye t-shirt

Review looks good: “This T-shirt has a silky feel. The fabric makes you feel very soft and light. It is very easy to put on and take off. It fits a bit big, which is fine with me because I don’t like my T-shirts to be tight. The T-shirt was a great buy.”

14. An oversized tunic tee for lazy days when you want to wear a big shirt and tiny pants. Pants-less chic!

reviewer mirror selfie wearing large white t-shirt and black bike shorts

Review looks good: “I love this shirt so much that I bought it in all the colors it came in. So comfy, and the length is just right for an oversized tee. I’m 5’8 and 120 pounds, and a size small fit me just right.”

15. An Eloquii oversized rib tee is elegant enough to wear out on the town.

model wearing oversized black t-shirt

Recommendation: “After a year of telecommuting, I’m weary of sweats and old T-shirts. This is great. The shirt seems like thin cotton, but it’s actually a light sweater. The shirt is oversized, so buying your normal size will give you the model’s look. Size down for a fitting shirt.”

16. A loose-fit V-neck, because having a shirt rub up against your body and make you itchy-scratchy is one of life’s biggest displeasures.

reviewer photo wearing the v-neck off the shoulder, holding coffee cup in car

Recommendation: “I finally got the perfect white t-shirt. This shirt has been worn and washed five times and hasn’t shrunk. This is one of my favorite shirts, which I never dry. My typical size, large, fits oversized, which I wanted. It’s not see-through, but you can sometimes see my bra…easy fix. It’s remained white. This white shirt hasn’t faded or turned see-through after multiple washes. Advisable!”

17. Asos Curve black long-sleeve tee for when you want to look cute but don’t want to wear a scratchy denim jacket or sweater.

model wearing black long sleeve tee with hand on hip

“Have bought a bunch of these now, excellent slouchy fit, wear them for work, the gym, and lounging, pretty soft and the material isn’t sheer.”

18. You’ll adore this unisex oversized crewneck shirt if you prefer feeling swaddled in fabric, like a newborn infant in a cotton cradle.

female model wearing the oversized pink tee with high waisted jeans

Positive feedback: “This shirt is AMAZING!!! The fit is oversized but not baggy, which is the PERFECT fit, especially if you prefer a more relaxed look. I was literally MINDBLOWN by how comfy the shirt felt the first time I put it on, considering I usually only wear regular cotton shirts. It had the appearance of a cotton shirt but was as comfy as one of those dry-fit workout shirts. The fit results in an absolutely flawless silhouette. Because of the trendy oversized and relaxed fit, this is the only shirt I will EVER wear without any layering. Overall, this is without a doubt the greatest shirt I possess, and it receives a 10/10 for comfort and fit.”

19. A looser-fitting Nike shirt so you’re ready to catch a bus, play basketball, or nap.

model wearing oversized white shirt with nike check in swoosh

Review looks good: “I like t-shirts that fit a little bit looser these days, but I’ve never liked going up a size in regular shirts. This shirt would be great for that. I think they are just the right amount of loose. Since they are made of thicker material, they should last a long time. I would say stay true to size if you want a loose, boxy look, but size down if you want it to be slimmer. Get this shirt for sure!”

20. An oversized polo shirt gives off classy golfer vibes, like you’re on the course, feeling the breeze in your hair and billowing your loose-fitting shirt to avoid sweating and itching.

model wearing light blue polo shirt

“Fits well, is made of nice material, and the price is right,” said a reviewer, which is a good sign.

21. A Gap T-shirt with a pocket adds refinement to your lazy day ensemble, making this shirt one you’ll want in all the hues.

model wearing teal t-shirt and pocket

Review looks good: “A lot of space and comfort. I bought one to try, then went back and bought three more. Thick cotton that doesn’t shrink much, if at all. I hope that Gap makes more colors and designs with pockets.”