The 10 Best Budget Backpacks and Bag of 2022

Do you need a new everyday carry backpack? Our team investigated over 50 of the best-selling budget backpacks on the market today before picking 10 for in-person testing. We tested each bag’s comfort, ease of use, adaptability, and volume-to-weight ratio on the field. Our side-by-side comparisons allow us to see where each bag thrives and where it lacks. Whether you’re looking for a new bookbag, laptop bag, or travel pack, our in-depth evaluation should help you choose your next backpack.

Teeanime have examined a wide range of gear, including many of the best backpacks. We have the inside scoop on everything from hiking and camping equipment to riding necessities and even exercise equipment. So, wherever your travels take you, you’ll be prepared with some of the greatest gear available.

1. Under Armour Hustle 4.0

under armour hustle 4.0 budget backpack

While one might expect the Under Armour Hustle 4.0 to be a sport-specific option, we discovered it to be a good performer across the board. It has a few aspects that are reminiscent of Under Armour’s purpose-built athletic equipment. The most notable feature is the separate bottom compartment, which is ideal for stinking shoes or sweaty workout gear. In reality, it’s just another container that may be utilized for whatever you choose. The bag contains two huge main compartments and a smaller auxiliary pocket in addition to the bottom storage section. All of the sections include handy separators to make arranging your belongings straightforward and uncomplicated. The bag holds a lot of weight. After fully filling it up and wearing it for a long walk with tight back cushioning and thin but wide shoulder straps, our testers had no complaints.

The main pouch’s zippers zip down into the side water bottle holders, making them hard to fish out if they’re full. This well-designed backpack can be used for school, work, the gym, or as a carry-on while traveling.

2. JanSport Big Student

jansport big student backpack

The JanSport Big Student met our expectations for a classic school bag. This high-volume bag can fit hefty textbooks, graphing calculators, and other school supplies. The bag’s back and shoulder straps are well-padded and can carry 20 pounds. This bag has three primary storage sections and a front utility pocket with organizational tools. This is a fantastic school budget backpack and a nice carry-on or commuter bag for the same reasons.

In this current day, this suitcase lacked a laptop sleeve. This bag can fit practically any size laptop, however a padded sleeve would have been nice. This bag is ideal for students carrying hefty books and supplies.

3. Everest Basic

everest basic budget backpack

Everest Basic is straightforward. This bag has one large compartment and one little utility pouch. Sometimes you only need a small, lightweight bag. This bare-bones version fits a laptop, notebooks, pens, pencils, and your phone. We were astonished by how nicely this pack carried heavy weight without back padding and short straps. We shouldn’t carry large loads for long periods.

Small bag with limited cushioning. If so, this bag is amazing for the price. This bag may not hold everything you may or may not need. It’s perfect for young children’s first school backpack and adults’ coffee shop needs.

4. Tzowla Travel Laptop

tzowla travel laptop budget backpack

The Tzowla Travel Laptop bag has the most thoughtful design features for travelers and commuters. This pack’s luggage belt allows you fold away the shoulder straps or attach it to a suitcase handle. This pack’s top has a built-in combination lock to secure the main compartment while traveling or commuting. Built-in USB and audio jacks are also useful. The bag doesn’t come with a power bank, but you may bring your own.

Compared to other bags, the bag’s volume is modest. This bag may be too tiny for large textbooks, a computer, and other stuff. It’s perfect as a carry-on bag or for a laptop commuter.

5. Adidas Alliance II Sackpack

adidas alliance ii sackpack budget backpack

The Adidas Alliance II Sackpack is a lightweight bag that is great for carrying gym or sports gear. This bag looks like a sack, and it has one main compartment that opens from the top and is closed with a drawstring. It has a small utility pouch on the front that is perfect for your keys, phone, wallet, a snack, and maybe a few other small essentials.

This bag wasn’t made to carry heavy loads because it had no padding and shoulder straps made of rope. Even though it’s big enough for shoes, a change of clothes, and even a towel, it’s not big enough for a soccer ball or basketball. Overall, it’s a great secondary bag for keeping your workout gear separate from your regular work or school pack.

6. Venture Pal 40L

venture pal 40l budget backpack

The Venture Pal 40L had the most space for its weight than any other pack we looked at. This bag had a lot of pockets and organizational features, like a waterproof pouch on the inside. This is a great day pack for exploring a new city or going on easy hikes because it has room for a towel, a rain jacket, and any souvenirs you might buy. We liked that the zippers on the main compartments went almost 3/4 of the way down the side of the bag. This made it easy to pack and let us get to small things even when the bag was full.

Even though there’s a lot of space in this bag, it doesn’t have any padding on the back, the shoulder straps don’t have much padding, and there’s no waist belt, which is something we’d want in a more serious hiking pack. It’s also not very good at carrying heavy or oddly shaped loads. If you want a lightweight travel bag with a lot of storage space that doesn’t have to carry a lot of weight, this pack will serve you well.

7. Matein Travel Laptop

matein travel laptop budget backpack

The Tzowla is a lot like the Matein Travel Laptop. It has a few more places to put things and thicker padding, especially in the back. The Tzowla is a stylish travel bag for a laptop, but it also has enough storage space that a smart packer could use it as a bag for an overnight trip. This pack is a traveler’s best friend thanks to its built-in electronics port and well-thought-out pockets.

Even though this pack is heavier than the others because of the extra padding and organization features, it is still a fairly light pack. This bag is perfect for travelers who need a little extra space in their carry-on or who want to go on short trips without having to check a bag.

8. JanSport Cool Student

jansport cool student budget backpack

The JanSport Cool Student is like an adult version of the Big Student that can hold a laptop. The main differences are small things like the leather bottom and the way the space inside is split up into different compartments. Unlike the Big Student, this bag only has two main compartments, but one of them has a laptop sleeve. Like its twin, this is a big, well-padded bag that can carry a lot of weight. This makes it a great choice for students who have to carry around heavy textbooks. You can also use it as a great daypack for hiking and traveling.

The large size is great for students, but it might be too big for a bag you use every day to get to and from work. This bag is a great choice if you don’t want the Big Student. This bag might be a good choice if you like the way it looks and like having a laptop sleeve inside.

9. Herschel Classic 18L

herschel classic 18l budget backpack

Herschel bags have been popular for a while and are the opposite of book bags with a lot of zippers and compartments. The Herschel Classic 18L has a more polished look, and if you want to wear a backpack but don’t want to look like a student, you might find that these bags look better at the office. With enough space for a laptop, a few notebooks, and a small-items pouch, it will hold only the things you need.

Due to its small size, you probably won’t put too much in this bag, but it’s important to know that it doesn’t have much back padding. The bag doesn’t come with any extra organizers, so what you see is what you get. It’s perfect for people who want a simple, stylish bag to carry their laptop or notebooks around town.

10. BAGGU Drawstring

baggu drawstring budget backpack

The Baggu Drawstring is a hybrid of a tote and a small daypack. This bag is a top-loading canvas sack with a drawstring closure and canvas shoulder straps that may be adjusted. This appears to be the ideal bag for taking to the farmers market, yet unlike a traditional tote, you can toss it on your back and bike home. It can fit a tiny laptop and a notepad but not much else. If you intend to buy more than a few fruits and vegetables at the market, you might consider something larger.

This bag is lacking in padding and structure. These characteristics may not lend themselves to carrying huge weights, yet carrying the weighted bag was more comfortable than we imagined. It’s ideal for transporting a book or computer to a nearby coffee shop or drifting through the farmer’s market.


Following the acquisition of ten of the most effective everyday use budget packs now on the market, we put each one of them through a series of head-to-head comparisons in the field to determine how they do in comparison to the other options. We evaluated each bag for its level of comfort, ease of use, versatility, and volume-to-weight ratio, testing everything from laptop bags to hiking packs. We have high hopes that our comprehensive testing will assist you in selecting the bag that best meets your needs.