Tested: Are True Classic Tees Worth It? The Answer is Here !!!

True Classic Tees, an online-only firm that offers, you guessed it, T-shirts and polos, sells its wares on the assumption that every other T-shirt doesn’t fit properly. Paid, shredded actors point out in their successful (if contentious) commercials that their dad-bod companion isn’t obese per such, simply misled by his apparel. They believe that the clothes do not “emphasize his best characteristics.”

This segment, and another set in a gym, dig upon our common image issues. True Classic Tees are snug across the chest, in the sleeves, and across the body, producing the illusion of a sculpted chest, huge biceps, and slim torso. Continue reading with Teeanime to find out how qre True Classic Tees Different?

How Are True Classic Tees Different? 

They’re simply T-shirts, though. You save more when you buy three or six. Six cost $22.99 each ($137.94 total). A six-pack costs $89.99, or $15 per shirt. You can construct your own bundle by selecting T-shirts in any of five colors and adding polos, V-necks, long-sleeves, and henleys. The brand will then determine a total price, including shipping.

How Do True Classic Tees Fit?

Classic Crewneck T-shirts are 4.3 ounces of 60% combed ring-spun cotton and 40% polyester jersey. If you’re between sizes, the brand recommends sizing up.

Several internet reviews note inconsistency. Two hues were created in China and three in Vietnam, according to several wearers. Mine say Egypt and China. Most big brands manufacture overseas, however this might cause quality control concerns. China-made tee has a tighter neck and better bottom and sleeve hems than Egypt-made tee. You can’t change this, but it’s worth noting.

These fit classically. Arm holes were once tight and high, providing a sleek profile that could fit under another garment. T-shirts were originally supposed to be worn under other clothing. Too-loose T-shirts would bunch and be unpleasant. True Classic shrinks the armholes and lengthens and tightens the sleeves to make your shoulders look broader and more defined.

Shrinking the arm opening prevents fabric from pooling in your armpits, making you look wider. Longer sleeves fit your arms better. Most flat sleeves have a shorter bottom than top. True Classic shirts have virtually equal lines, giving a longer arm shaft and less fabric outward point.

Changes are smart, if overblown. The tees are incredibly soft, and the tag is screen-printed onto the fabric, not a hangtag.

How Do True Classic Tees Wash?

Cotton and polyester make them more durable than other shirts. They shrink 5 percent on moderate heat, but more on high. Some could claim that’s inevitable for a cheap T-shirt, but bothersome.

None of mine have pilled after multiple washes, but the black one attracts fuzz. I can’t wear it without a good lint roll.

Are True Classic Tees Worth It?

It depends on who you ask. There are few finer shirts at this price, in my opinion. However, there are many superior shirts that attain a similar end result.

Having said that, those shirts are pricey because tighter-fitting T-shirts aren’t particularly popular right now, making designer versions quite scarce. That implies replicas are your best bet, but they won’t have the same lightness or give as True Classics.

True Classic has created a T-shirt that is appealing to the public. The company plays on our communal fears and promises to alleviate them – with something you can buy, of course. To be fair, such design considerations are rarely seen on these kind of entry-level shirts. Sure, they’re intended to fit nicely, but most low-cost shirts are more universal — saggy here, too tight there, and probably less adept at surviving the wash cycle.

If you like the lift that this sort of T-shirt delivers, these are a terrific choice, especially at this price. My aim is that after that, you’ll feel comfortable enough with your own physique to expand out to the vintage styles True Classic mentions, or nicer T-shirts with a little more character.

A Word of Advice

I don’t want to seem like an enlightened individual who has overcome body-image issues — I still strive to eat well and exercise — but I’m not as concerned with how thick a shirt can make my biceps look or how chiseled a cotton shirt can make my chest look.

The brand blatantly targets males who wish they looked a specific way, guaranteeing them a better appearance if they purchase their product. That’s a tall assurance, and it ignores the source of these insecurities: this type of advertising. Sure, their commercials are clever in that they convince larger clients they aren’t overweight, but the lighthearted tone comes across as ridicule. The messaging on the website is considerably milder, but the commercials are how I — and probably millions more — first meet the brand, and they might sour the experience for people on the fence about them…like those merely searching for a better-fitting undershirt.

T-Shirts to Try Instead

Outerknown Groovy Pocket Tee

This shirt is made from organic cotton and has a loose knit for a light feel that goes well with its loose fit. The process of garment-dying also gives the tee more personality.

Buck Mason Slub Vintage Pocket Tee

Buck Mason has done very well with its line of good t-shirts. Even though the curved hem tee is great for the brand, we prefer the Slub Classic Pocket Tee with a straight hem. It has a nice hand and a lot of slick texture to set it apart from undershirt material. It’s made in Los Angeles and comes in black and white, but also keep an eye out for seasonal colorways.

Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

Again, the Gildan Heavy T-shirt won’t be the best option in terms of how well it’s made. But it will do the job, and you can buy 10 of them for the price of one really nice t-shirt. Gildan also makes its heavy tee in more than 70 different colors.