Style Guide : Layer Styles and Layering Rules For Men

Here are the top ten clothes layering rules for stylish men. So, go with Teeanime for all your doubts!

Layering Men’s Clothes: Rule #1 – Stick To 3 Visible Layers

You know how they say that having too much of anything is bad? This is true of layering.

The truth is that too many layers in a single outfit are unnecessary. Two is a little too simplistic… However, 4-7 is pushing it.

Consider this: would you risk making your arms and shoulders rigid and your torso appear bloated merely for the sake of layering? Nope.

The magic number in this case is 3. It’s not that tough to accomplish. Consider two shirts (such as a Henley and a V-neck t-shirt) with one blazer placed over them.

If you want to be more formal, bring in a dress shirt, a vest in the middle, and finally a jacket. The beauty of these combos is that they don’t appear “forced” or excessive.

Rule #2 – Mix & Match Fabrics, Textures Or Weaves

Here’s the problem about clothes…

You can buy two identical items in the same color…and they will look completely different. How?

It’s simply an issue of cloth; whereas version X may have a great gloss, version Y may have a rough weave. So texture in men’s clothing is important if you don’t want your layered ensemble to look boring or basic.

Sweaters come in a variety of fabrics, including knits, wools, and cotton.

Territory Ahead uses natural fibers for the majority of their yarns and textiles, but they also know when and where to use novel synthetic fibers to boost functionality.

There are also numerous men’s dress shirt fabrics to pick from; you may choose shirts with a napped surface.

They have a softer appearance and are really comfortable to wear (thanks to the air-trapping properties of the fabric).

Rule #3 – Layer Clothing From Thin To Thick

This is most likely an obvious rule… However, I’ve seen that some males get it backwards. That is why it is important to mention: Bulky on the outside, snug on the inside.

Wearing something thin and light for the innermost layer makes sense (since it makes contact with your body). Is it required to wear an undershirt? Absolutely not!

I like wearing Henleys because they’re light and thin…with some buttons right up at the neck to dress them up a little.

The middle layer should be a little looser, like a sweater, cardigan, vest, or another shirt. Its purpose is to keep you warm in cold conditions… yet not so warm that you won’t need a third layer outside. A heavy coat (such as a wool overcoat or trench coat) completes the look. When done correctly, this is an excellent method to appear more muscular.

Rule #4 – Each Layer Should Be Able To Stand On Its Own

When you wear numerous layers, it takes a team effort. However, you should not “slack off” on one piece of clothes simply because the others can compensate.

If one layer cannot look decent on its own, it should not be worn. You never know when you’ll be forced to strip down to your underwear and pull off the other garments.

“Will I be as confident wearing this one layer?” you should question.

If the honest response is no, the item could be garish, fragile, or uncomfortable to wear due to the sleeves.

Instead, get rid of it.

Rule #5 – Don’t Go Overboard With Colors

I’ve heard of children who are afraid of clowns… … even people who have despised clowns since they were children.

Perhaps the fear of clowns is unreasonable. But there is one small portion of it that makes sense to me: “colorful” can be pretty frightening!

When you wear garments with opposing hues, the outcome isn’t always nice. At times, the mix appears jarring to the eye. If you’re not careful when layering, you can easily fall into that trap.

The key is to keep things simple. Keep your clothing to one “pop” of a bright hue. The remaining layers can be more muted, and you can even incorporate things of a similar color but with contrasting fabrics/textures (for example, a blue shirt made of smooth cotton and a rough blue sweater that doesn’t reflect much light).

Rule #6 – Avoid Repeating Patterns

Meanwhile, patterns in men’s apparel function best when they are varied. The issue with wearing the same design (in similar sizes) is that it appears redundant.

Assume you have one of those sailor shirts with the characteristic vertical stripes. You’re definitely better off starting with a solid-colored shirt and then layering with a simple-patterned sweater. If you’re going to wear a denim shirt, don’t go overboard and throw on a denim jacket. Learn to accept different patterns.

Rule #7 – Tuck In The Under-Layers

If you’re a master at layering, you can get away with leaving your underlayers untucked. However, this is not the case for the majority of guys.

It’s crucial that you avoid the “extremes” when you’re still new to layering. Some men wear longer shirts that are left untucked (specifically those who like street wear or distressed looks).

However, that is not the style most males strive for when they first start out. So keep your underlayers tucked up to be safe.

Rule #8 – Accessories Can Work As Layers Too

Is it necessary for a layering piece to cover the upper body? No, it simply has to bring a new dimension to your clothing.

Don’t underestimate the power of men’s scarves, traditional hats, pocket squares, and neckties with unusual knots.

They have the capacity to draw attention to your attire in subtle ways. And they draw attention to your face (the most important feature of you!).

High-quality leather purses and satchels are also worth mentioning. When thrown on, they act as an additional layer, allowing you to present a more professional appearance.

Rule #9 – Be Careful Wearing White

The formality of white is the key issue. Men used to wear white shirts to show that they worked in offices and didn’t get their hands dirty.

So you have an additional responsibility to maintain your white pieces clean…because they will make you seem horrible otherwise. And white does stand out against darker, more muted colors.

Rule #10 – Look For Inspirational Examples Of Layering

Finally…be inspired.

You don’t have to search far – especially in this day and age of technology. You can subscribe to fashion magazines and tear out photographs of males dressed in layers.

You can also begin by surfing websites or searching for famous clothing. Pinterest has evolved into a platform for new fashion and style ideas. As a result, you might find the RMRS Pinterest page to be a useful resource.

You can learn from stylish men at any time and from any location. Formal layering, informal layering, wearing jeans with a suit jacket, and advanced layering skills have all been accomplished by different people. Take modest steps when studying, but don’t be scared to try the higher-level activities that other men have done.

After all, fashion is all about discovery.