Style Guide: Everything You Need about of Sock

If you are wondering about sock and how to wear them, Here is Teeanime’s point of view to help you get dressed well, guys!

In general, the only disagreement about socks is whether socks should be worn before pants or vice versa. (We advise for pants first, then socks, but ask 10 people and it’ll probably be evenly divided. You have been forewarned.)

However, there is more to picking, matching, and coordinating socks with clothes than meets the eye. Or, to put it another way, it’s all in the eye—the eye of your fellow beholders, that is.

In today’s society, any type of socks can and do exist. There are themed socks, sporty socks, formal socks, socks made for certain sports, and even socks with your favorite pet’s face inscribed on them. Such a diverse range might cause even the most fashion-forward man to second-guess himself. And wearing the “wrong socks” is a real thing because a lack of coordination leads in a sloppy image.

This tutorial will go through the fundamentals of sock choosing in order to eliminate the guesswork and leave you in a position to put your best foot forward in any situation.

A perfect match come rain or shine

Matching socks is important, but it’s not as difficult as you would think. The main objective is to create a unified aesthetic from pant to shoe. Because most guys don’t have a large choice of shoe colors, they may get away with merely buying socks in the same color as their shoes.

If you go with charcoal pants and black shoes, any shade of gray to black socks, patterned or not, will work. Another smart rule of thumb (or toe) to follow is to darken your color scheme overall as you go down. According to this logic, unless you’re Leisure Suit Larry, white socks should be avoided from now on.

Seasonal socks are essential. Warmer months require thinner, breathable socks. Summer footwear options are wider, and shorter or tapered jeans may expose the foot and ankle. Save patterned and detailed socks for this group.

In colder months, choose wool or cotton socks for warmth and moisture-wicking. Since they’re hidden, function is more important than style.

The fine print on socks

It’s time to venture out after you’ve defined your “capsule” sock wardrobe. Mixing patterns and using larger color contrasts is entirely achievable, as long as you stick to a few guidelines.

When going out, you probably give your outfit a lot of thought. That shouldn’t end with socks. Socks can accentuate the tie’s accent colors or lighter colours in a patterned or textured suit. Always choose socks that are as dark or darker than your shoes.

This similar technique will be used for more informal, everyday street wear styles. The embellishments of your socks can be vividly colored as long as the background color of the sock itself matches the color of your shoe.

Going out in blue pants, brown shoes, and a vintage Rolling Stones tee, for example? Choose socks with red accents to match that swinging tongue, but keep the background of the sock beige, brown, or tan.

Finally, a word about white socks… Athletics are the one exception to their applicability. Pull color details from your sneakers, slacks, or shirt into your sock choices if you’re feeling extra sporty (and want to flaunt your fashion knowledge alongside your muscles). This also applies to light gray socks.

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