7 Strong Anime Characters Who Fight With Their Bare Hands

A punch that can destroy a mountain or the globe inspires dread. These characters have incredible powers and smash opponents. Here are bare-handed anime fighters.

Anime is full with powerful characters who can level entire towns with their brute strength. When powerhouses force their way past obstacles with no assistance, they put on a lot of pressure. Many of these characters can send opponents to their knees with nothing more than their bare hands.

A punch that can blow away a mountain or decimate the entire world strikes fear in those that witness their unstoppable might. These characters wield unimaginable abilities and crush anything that stands in their way. Here are strong anime characters that fight with their bare hands.



Vegeta is the pinnacle of strong fighters. The prince of all Saiyans is right at home, confronting impossible odds with only his left and right hands. Vegeta has come a long way from becoming Goku’s erstwhile advisor when he initially arrived to attack the Earth. Vegeta has gone through a transformation that has transformed him from an egotistical villain to an arrogant guardian of the planet. Nonetheless, the Saiyan blood coursing through Vegeta’s veins keeps him proud and eager to prove his prowess against any foe. Vegeta’s goal is focused on Goku, whom he will battle at any time and in any place.


Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma is the son of the most powerful creature on the planet. His father has brutally trained and groomed him to be an expert martial artist and hand-to-hand fighter. Baki inherited his father’s physical abilities and is on his way to developing them. Baki, on the other hand, has not adopted his father’s negative personality traits, which is to the benefit of everyone around him.

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Baki may not brag about his strength, but there’s no denying that he enjoys competing in underground martial arts contests and coming out on top. Baki pushes his body through pain only to gain an ounce of strength, speed, or power, and he does so with one purpose in mind: to defeat his father.



At first glance, Gon appears to be a bright and cheery young child who doesn’t seem to have a concern in the world. Gon, on the other hand, is a fierce combatant who has gone through more than most. When Gon went out on his adventure to find his father and become a hunter, he had no intention of gaining enormous strength.

Most of Gon’s meetings have been coincidental, but as he learnt to control his Nen, he became more than simply a wide-eyed kid. Gon is capable of competing with some of the most powerful fighters in the Hunter x Hunter universe, having faced off against Hisoka, Pitou, and Genthru.

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Itadori Yuuji

Itadori is the vehicle for Sukuna, the legendary cursed spirit. As a result, Itadori possesses enormous power and courage in order to restrain the beast within him. Itadori’s power was tenfold boosted after consuming one of Sukuna’s fingers. Simultaneously, most Jujutsu Sorcerers harness cursed energy in novel ways. Itadori wraps his fists in energy to beat cursed ghosts to death.

Itadori’s blows are powerful enough to cause a special-grade cursed spirit to recoil. He has even been able to withstand many curses at the same time with only his raw power. Itadori has lately learnt to harness his cursed energy and master his strikes, providing him access to the black flash ability.



He was one of Ichigo’s buddies who gained exceptional spiritual abilities and began repelling Hollows who invaded and attacked Karakura Town. Chad has always appeared to be a strong man due to his tall stature and impressive body. Chad’s powers materialized in an enhanced right arm, which significantly boosted his hitting strength.

As a result, Chad charges head-on at his opponents, just needing a single stroke to dispatch common Hollows. During the Hueco Mundo arc, Chad revealed that his abilities were similar to Hollows and had progressed to the point that he could now fight with both arms.


Yuusuke Yurameshi

Yurameshi is a volatile, foul-mouthed street punk who enjoys brawling and harassing ordinary people. Yuusuke becomes a spirit investigator in the Yu Yu Hakusho series, fighting powerful demons, monsters, and ancient spirits with his bare hands.

While Yuusuke has several spiritual techniques to help him fight his opponents, he likes to smack objects in the face. Yuusuke has matured from a brawler to a competent fighter who can effectively employ his power and spiritual energy thanks to Genkai’s training.


All Might

When it comes to hand-to-hand fighting, All Might is unrivaled. One for All, All Might can use his quirk to increase his strength, speed, and stamina to unfathomable levels, making him one of Japan’s mightiest heroes. Might’s blows are powerful enough to totally shatter matter, level a city, and even create tornados out of thin air.

A weapon in All Might’s hands would be a lethal combination, but All Might, like his late mentor, prefers to fight with his fists. All Might has multiple punching techniques named after American states, such as Delaware Smash and United States of Smash, his most powerful move by far.

So that’s 7 strong anime characters who fight with their bare hands!

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