Outstanding 20+ Men’s Short Styles 2023 Trends

What are the greatest men’s short? A difficult question. Before we go into the billion and one ideas, let’s speak about length and shape. TikTok Teens would have you believe that the only length that matters is a five-inch inseam. Milo Ventimiglia and Paul Mescal, on the other hand, could advise you to go up a couple of inches and show off a little more thigh. On the other end of the scale, our May cover hero Justin Bieber prefers to walk about in baggy shorts that would make the Fab Five of Michigan proud. The benefit is that you can go for anything throughout the spectrum—or, even better, make a few stops along the way to stock your closet with a diverse range of shorts. Because there are so many different styles available.

Teeanime have compiled a list of the 20+ best shorts for men for every budget and need. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful pleated pair à la Giorgio Armani or just some breathable nylon beaters to get you through the weekend, we’ve scoured the market to find you the best options.

The Best Do-Everything Shorts

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Nike woven shorts

Earlier this spring, a very specific segment of menswear Twitter went insane for this plain pair of Swoosh shorts. We were initially dubious. Then we saw the right inseam length, the elegant finish, and the understated colorblocking. Taken together, those features result in shorts you’ll want to wear all day, every day, no matter what you have planned. Twitter, it turns out, gets it right every now and then.

The Best All-Around Shorts

Alex Mill flat front chino shorts

Alex Mill clearly knows the task of finding a pair of normal, daily shorts that fit like a glove. What is their plan? Cut their best-selling chino pants in half for summer wear. They’re as versatile, comfy, and classic as a pair of shorts can get. They’re wide-legged and relaxed with just a hint of stretch.

The Shorts With the Most Range

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Adidas Squadra 21 shorts

These shorts combine two current fashion trends. The first is an undeniable desire for throwback soccer style. Adam Sandler is the second. There aren’t many pairs of shorts that swing as wide as these, which is why you need a pair. Wear them with the rest of your training gear for a high-intensity gym session. Combine them with a denim shirt and a bucket hat for a laid-back spring appearance. Or go full Sandler and pop into your local bodega during a brief Netflix intermission, wearing filthy Ugg boots and an old T-shirt.

The Best Yacht Life Shorts

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Casablanca high-rise slubbed cotton shorts

If your summer plans include eating local delicacies someplace off the coast of the Mediterranean—or if that’s just the mood you’re going for—a pair of clean, retro-inspired shorts will help you touchdown. If there was ever a pair to match with your most relaxed, untethered-from-sartorial-norms blazer, it’s these. (Unfortunately, an aperitif is not provided.)

The Best Denim shorts

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Breaking news: The jorts revival shows no signs of abating. There are plenty of pairs that fit sleek and trim like their full-length counterparts, but these are cut the way we imagine denim shorts should: huge, broad, and slightly reminiscent of the ones your older cousin wore in the ’90s. You may not want to hear it, but jorts are quickly approaching the status of bonafide masterpieces, joining Illmatic and the Jordan 1. (After all, we’re just messengers.)

The Repentant Skate Rat Shorts

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Stüssy linen boxy shorts

If you spent much of your twenties in gym shorts and sneakers that sell out in seconds, Stüssy’s linen shorts aim to help you level up your rotation—and restrain your hypebeast inclinations. They fit just like your favorite nylons—wide, above-the-knee, and with a comfortable elastic waist—but they’ll also go well with those chic new loafers you can’t stop talking about. And if an unplanned kickflip strike is required (which it really shouldn’t be), they still provide plenty of mobility.

The Best Prep Revival Shorts

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Todd Snyder seersucker weekend shorts

The border between streetwear’s supremacy and the neo-prep revival has gotten so fuzzy in recent years that it resembles a squiggle. (Your favorite graphic shirt brand probably also sells a very sick double-breasted suit.) Todd Snyder’s seersucker shorts combine streetwear’s comfort-first mentality (notice the gym short-esque elastic waistband) with classic Ivy League design. As a result, you have a pair of shorts that you may wear however you want: with trashed canvas sneakers and a T-shirt, or loafers and the season’s polo.

The Best Out and About Shorts

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The Real McCoys outdoor utility shorts

Perhaps you have great recollections of pitching tents, starting fires, and toasting s’mores as a youngster, or maybe you just need a few of extra pockets to put your keys and credit card. The point is, The Real McCoys’ utility shorts are up to the task, thanks to their tough, made-in-Japan construction and the brand’s obsessive attention to detail.

15 More Pairs of Mens Shorts That We Love


Aries leopard print shorts

You’ve probably heard of going out shirts…but now you’ve probably heard of going out shorts. A leopard’s markings may not change, but it’s never too late to alter up your look.

Monitaly belted easy shorts

Hiking shorts are everywhere right now, but this pair stands out because to its trippy rug-inspired pattern.
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Corridor jacquard woven shorts

Like your favorite pair of sweatpants, but with a captivating design you’ll never want to take your eyes off.

Smock Nomi lounge shorts

The ideal shorts to throw on when you cancel last-minute dinner plans in order to enjoy some well-deserved downtime.

Fil Melange “Alfie” shorts

When the weather warms up, your heavy-duty double-knees deserve a rest. But if you’re still looking for that jobsite atmosphere, we’ve got precisely the pair of shorts for you.
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Stan Ray fatigue short

These olive drab shorts, inspired by antique army pants, are ready for action with chunky socks and Birkenstocks.

L.E.J. striped cotton-poplin short

Cabana stripes like these urge us to request time off for a Mediterranean holiday.

Todd Snyder 7″ washed corduroy Weekend short

Not every weekend can be three days long. But these velvety-soft corduroy shorts can make any weekend special.

Allude straight-leg virgin wool and cashmere-blend shorts

These luxurious sweat shorts are ready to take your lazing to the next level.

J.Crew 6″ Dock short

Soft lilac is a relaxing way to welcome spring (preferably with a good pair of loafers and a refreshing cocktail).

Needles basketball short

The NBA should develop a new basketball team specifically to wear these shorts.

Uniqlo nylon utility geared shorts

The best cost-per-pocket shorts around.

Eckhaus Latta Switch shorts

If the Matrix took place in summer.

Loewe drawstring cargo-pocket cotton Bermuda shorts

These lengthy shorts, sometimes known as Bermuda shorts, fall in between pants and shorts. Wear it with a flowing blouse and sandals, or a baggy sweatshirt with your favorite destroyed skate shoes.

Bode full towel rugby one-of-a-kind shorts

Fashioned from vintage pool towels, Emily Bode once again elevates upcycling to great effect.