Outfits With Bucket Hats. 8+ Outfits With Bucket Hat That You’ll Love

Bucket hats would almost certainly be near the bottom of any list of ’90s styles set to make a comeback a few years ago. In fact, they may not even be on your list. Sure, they were a wardrobe staple for many a dELiA*s-inspired closet in your teens, but they weren’t exactly flattering.

However, this nostalgic accessory has finally spoken, and with the number of bucket hat outfits available — many of which feature redesigned choices that appear far more fun and comfortable — it can no longer be ignored. Bucket hats have been seen on the heads of celebrities ranging from Kaia Gerber to Rihanna to Kim Namjoon. Are you daring? Grungy? Ultra-feminine? There is a bucket hat waiting for you that will go wonderfully with your outfit. Google searches for bucket hats have increased about 400% in the last year alone, making it a definite rising star if we’ve ever seen one.

In general, a hat is a throw-on-and-go accessory, but styling an accessory that has been out of fashion for so long can be intimidating. Even so, our Instagram feeds are proving that it’s bucket hat season – and that you may wear yours however you like. If you’re feeling the ’90s and ’00s mood, include the new-and-improved bucket hat into your ensemble.

See how Teeanime’s favorite influencers have been wearing today’s much-loved throwback trend to get some style inspiration.

With All Black

Put on a black ensemble inspired by the ’90s, complete with flares, a ribbed tank, and — yes — heeled flip flops. The only thing lacking is a bucket hat, whether in a contrasting white tone or something a little more vivid.

With Loungewear

Combine your bucket hat with another current trend: loungewear. A bucket hat can effortlessly complete your outfit when you’re slipping into your matching knit set and bralette at home or before running errands.

With a Sweatshirt-Dress

Bucket Hats

You’ve seen the look: an enormous hoodie dressed up as a dress. It’s sporty and entertaining, with just the right amount of skin showing. Follow in the footsteps of everyone from Ariana Grande to Kourtney Kardashian and add a simple bucket hat for a splash of color.

With Color

Bucket Hats

A bucket hat is an excellent way to add a splash of color — or just more color — to your ensemble. Try a pair of vibrant plaid pants and a contrasting primary-toned blazer, topped off with a matching bucket hat.

With a Bathing Suit

Are you going to the beach? Trying to look cute while yet clothing for the heat? All you need to complete your look with a bikini and an oversized blouse is a straw bucket hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.

With Mixed Prints

Bucket Hats

Make a statement with a combo that is sure to turn heads. Experiment with full-on pattern mixing by pairing a large-printed bottom with a tiny-printed top. Finish with a bucket hat to elegantly blend all the colors together with its own third pattern.

With an Oversized Knit

80% of the time, your go-to uniform will be jeans and an oversized pullover on top. The only thing lacking? A bucket hat to add some intrigue and make it stand out from the crowd.

With a Sundress

Use the bucket hat for its intended purpose: to keep the light out of your eyes and off your face. Pair a casual bucket hat with your more dressed-up sundresses throughout the warmer months to balance things out and make them feel more relaxed.

With Overalls

Bucket Hats

Few pieces are more peak ’90s than overalls, so embrace the decade by changing into a denim pair and topping it off (quite literally) with a bright bucket hat in a fun print of your choice.