Original Converse Shoes Vs Fake. How To Spot Fake Converse Shoes?

Converse shoes were originally created for basketball players, and manufacture began in 1908. Chuck Taylor, the great American basketball player, marketed them, and even if they don’t possess them, everyone knows how the original Converse are created. Unfortunately, they have many imitations, which differ from the original Converse All Star primarily owing to the poor quality of materials used in their production. So, if you have any doubts, trust Teeanime!

Original Converse Shoes Vs Fake

The original Converse are a long-term investment, so if you decide to buy them, don’t be duped and learn to identify fake Converse!

The word “Converse All Star”

How do you spot Converse knockoffs? From the writing, which in reality is:

  • on the tongue as a patch; back on the heel as writing on the rubber.

The letters should be sharp, not too far apart, slightly elongated, and appear to have too few spaces between them. Close inspection reveals that the pattern in which the letters are sewed resembles a chain scroll, but the letters in fake ones are usually straighter. In the original shoes, there is a star between the words “all” and “star,” as well as the symbol R in a circle, which indicates that the particular brand has been registered with the proper Patent Office. Lettering should have sharp edges as well.

Do you know…?

Genuine Converse can, but they do not have to have the “®” emblem under the star behind the shoe. This is determined by the time period in which a certain pair of shoes was manufactured. The registration mark with the Patent Office is no longer present in recent editions.

The logo in the shape of a circle

It can only be found in high-top sneakers, i.e. the celebrity model! Do you want to buy them but are concerned about fakes? After reading these recommendations, you should be able to tell the difference between genuine and fake high-top Converse. In classic Converse style, the headband:

  • It’s on the inside of the upper, towards the ankle.


The thick headband on non-original sneakers is positioned on the exterior of the upper!

  • It has a diameter of 4.6 cm and up; it is included in both shoes, so when you place your feet together in the original Converse, the logo headbands will come together.


The elements on the headband in the original Converse should be somewhat convex.

The word “Converse” on the inner sole

The insole is another feature that will help you identify genuine Converse. The text on the insole of the Converse shoes does not extend to the sides. The letter “o” is slightly square, and the star is in the center, however this does not apply to all models. Because the writing is sharp and clear, it will remain visible on the insole even after years of use.


The color of the text on the insole is never faded or blurred in authentic Converse!

The letter “o” in the insole writing can be empty and circular, or it can have a star in the center and square sides. What matters is that the writings are accurate and straight.

Straight and accurate lines

Converse sneakers are also distinguished by the edges around the sole. On what grounds can you tell the difference between genuine and fake shoes? We propose:

  • True Converse have intensely colored and crisp lines, but fake Converse have lines that “scatter” at the edges and are faded in color.
  • In the original Converse, there is no visible adhesive at the edges, however in the non-original Converse, there is frequently yellowish glue.

The sole

The soles of Converse shoes are made of rubber and are solid. If your shoes smell strongly of cheap rubber, they are probably not the real thing. Check to see if the logo and the star are raised on the sole near the size. They are proof that the shoes are unique.

The packaging

Most of the time, Converse shoes come in their original boxes. The brand logo is usually gold-black, but it can also be in other colors. Each pair of shoes comes with a special label that tells you what size they are.

So, if your shoes come in a different package than the one they were sent in, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t the real deal.


After reading this article, you should be able to identify the original Converse. However, keep in mind that the market is rife with tarot Converse that are so close to the real thing that it is frequently difficult to tell them apart. To avoid this, always buy from reputable retailers. Many colors and types of original Converse sneakers are available on Amazon India, ranging from classic white, black, and red to pastel, colorful, multicolored, and patterned.