Organic Clothing for Men: 9 Organic Cotton Clothing Brands

Organic Cotton Clothing

Organic cotton is a great material for any man looking to be part of the sustainable style revolution. This guide discusses the benefits of organic cotton and features a list of ethical fashion brands to check out. This post does contain some affiliate links which means The Honest Consumer will receive a commission if you decide to purchase, however, at no additional cost to you! The first step to learning about the eco and ethical fashion industry is to start by reading labels. Just like you would with food. Start taking note what type of materials make up a certain piece of clothing and where different apparel brands make their garments. Here are a few questions to consider when looking through your closet or shopping for organic cotton clothing. Go with Teeanime for all your doubts!

What Should Men Look for When Shopping for Sustainable Men’s Clothing?

  • Look for ethical clothing manufacturers that offer livable wages to their garment employees.
  • Avoid synthetic materials in favor of natural ones.
  • Choose clothing that has been colored with natural dyes.
  • Look for brands that promote the circular economy through recycling or take-back initiatives.
  • Third-party certifications such as certified b corp, global organic textile standard (GOTS), Fair Trade Certified, and others should be sought.

What is Organic Cotton?

Organic Cotton Clothing

Organic Cotton Plus describes organic cotton as cotton grown using environmentally friendly processes and ingredients. Organic farming practices replenish and preserve soil fertility, limit the use of hazardous and persistent herbicides and fertilizers, and promote biological diversity.

What Makes Organic Cotton Clothing a Sustainable Material?

Cotton is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. So, when delving deeper into sustainable alternatives, organic cotton makes sense.

Cotton is considered as a filthy crop since it necessitates massive doses of pesticides, which are hazardous to the environment, farmers, and consumers.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why organic cotton is better for the environment.

  • Organic cotton is expected to consume 91% less water, 46% less carbon dioxide, and 61% less energy than conventional cotton.
  • When compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton emits 94% less greenhouse gas emissions.

Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton is grown with exclusively organic or composted dung as fertilizer. Organic cotton farming improves soil health and encourages biodiversity in the system by eliminating hazardous chemicals. In this way, purchasing organic fosters good soil cultivation, saves gallons of water, and avoids harsh chemicals!

Aside from the reduced environmental impact, it is also crucial to consider the garment employees in the factories throughout the manufacturing process, as well as the cotton growers. They are less exposed to hazardous chemicals when they can deal with organic cotton.

When you choose organic cotton, you are also making a good choice for your skin.

Hypoallergenic is pure organic cotton.

Organic cotton is less processed than conventional cotton, which means it is exposed to less harmful chemicals along the route. It feels much nicer on the body and is breathable because it is absolutely free of chemicals that can cause rashes.

9 Organic Clothing Brands for Men

These are a few fantastic sustainable clothing manufacturers that make outfits for guys out of organic materials. This list is a terrific place to start when it comes to launching your mindful closet.


Lilie is passionate about style, slow fashion, and making the world a better place. Community is also an important part of their mission, and they work closely with skilled artisans in India.

Passion Lilie uses block printing and ikat weaving, which is a traditional art form, to make their beautiful prints and patterns. This helps keep the art form alive.

Passion: The artisans who work with Lilie use 70% organic cotton and 30% recycled cotton.

Passion Lilie only uses eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes, natural fabrics, and GOTS-certified organic cotton. They are also a part of the Fair Trade Federation, which makes sure they follow fair trade practices.


The staff at Fair Indigo are experts in creating clothing that is made with fair trade practices. Organic cotton is the foundation of Fair Indigo’s high-quality, long-lasting clothing.

Find men’s and women’s organic cotton apparel for $26 to $50. Various items, including polo shirts, t-shirts, and joggers, are available in Fair Indigo’s collection of men’s organic clothes.

As a company, Fair Indigo also contributes to the non-profit The Fair Indigo Foundation, whose stated goal is to increase access to quality education for children in the Peruvian villages where the company’s cotton, alpacas, and finished goods are produced.


Colorful Standard is all about making colorful, long-lasting basics. Their cotton is 100% organic, and all of their dyes are Oeko-Tex Certified, which means they have been carefully checked for chemicals that could be harmful.

Colorful Standard’s organic cotton t-shirts, shorts, boxers, and other clothes come in fun colors like dusty olive, polar blue, soft lavender, and more.


KNOWN SUPPLY is a collaborative brand that uses organic cotton that is GOTS-certified and factories that are Fair Trade-certified. Each piece of clothing is hand-signed to honor the people who made it.

This eco-friendly brand is sure to have something for everyone, with prices ranging from $20 to $72.

Their sustainable clothing for men includes t-shirts with designs, flannels, beanies, and more. With their Take Back Bag, KNOWN SUPPLY also has a recycling program that lets you send back old clothes. This adds to the sustainable practices of this brand.


The Good Tee tries to treat the cotton farmers they work with in an honest and fair way.

This company uses certified Fairtrade organic cotton to make “the greenest t-shirt ever made.” They also use AZO-free and low-impact dyes, biodegradable bags and recycled boxes, and buttons made from coconut and seashells instead of plastic.

The Good Tee is a certified B corporation that uses Fairtrade cotton and partners with Fairtrade factories.

The Good Tee has clothes made of organic cotton for men, women, kids, and babies. Prices range from $19 to $95 for them.

There are T-shirts, hoodies, and more for men made of organic cotton.


PACT wants to be “Earth’s favorite clothing” by using Fair Trade-certified factories and organic cotton.

PACT has dresses, t-shirts, sweatpants, underwear, and more that are all made from organic materials. Prices range from $20 to $100, with options that are easy on the wallet.

They use recycled and recyclable packaging and give customers the option of offsetting the carbon footprint of shipping.


Nudie Jeans offers eco-friendly jeans produced from recycled and organic cotton.

To ensure a proper fit, sustainable buyers may easily select the length and breadth of the jeans. Nudie jeans also provides lifetime repairs and takes pride in having an ethical and transparent supplier chain.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you’ve learnt something about the benefits of organic cotton and identified some sustainable brands with a positive social impact as a result of this guide. When you need a new outfit, look for a brand that has eco-friendly policies and conscientious manufacturing processes.