7 Most Iconic Enemies Turned Friends In Anime

These anime characters were typically salvageable, befriending good-natured protagonists after altering their ways to become better people.

In anime, the protagonist frequently confronts an enemy who is either deeply troubled inside or has abandoned their morality for a specific cause. These folks are still unethical, but they aren’t hopeless. This, however, is totally dependent on the idea that the hero saves them and assists them in breaking free from the chain that ties them.

Such characters are typically dealt with in one of two ways: they either vanish after defeat and are never seen again, or they decide to make friends with the heroes. The opportunity for repentance is frequently favored, and it leads to amazing character growth arcs. Many renowned enemies have altered their ways and become better individuals over the years.







He was a formidable enemy who frequently stood in Goku’s way before becoming a Z fighter. Vegeta hated Goku and intended to eliminate him at all costs. Vegeta suffered a dramatic shift as the story continued, which significantly altered him.

He became nicer, and people on Earth no longer had to fear him. Vegeta began to admire Goku and regarded him as a formidable opponent. Vegeta eventually married Bulma and had two children, both of whom he adores. The most shocking aspect of Vegeta is that he is unquestionably a better father to his children than Goku is.

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Gaara (Naruto)

Gaara was first seen in the Chunin Exams arc. At the time, he seemed like a very dangerous character. Throughout the arc, Gaara showed his dark side by killing his opponents without mercy. He managed to seriously hurt Rock Lee, and he would have killed him if Might Guy hadn’t stepped in to save his most precious student. Lee’s body was hurt so badly that even Tsunade wasn’t sure if the young ninja could ever fully recover.

Source: Flashback A

Gaara’s bad behavior was caused by bad things that happened to him when he was a child. People in the Hidden Sand were afraid of him, and Gaara’s own father tried to kill him several times. No one went up to Gaara because they thought he would kill them, but everything changed when he fought Naruto. The Hidden Leaf ninja knew how hard it was to be a jinchuuriki, and his words made Gaara realize what he had done wrong. Gaara was finally able to be kind to his siblings and friends after they fought.


Kakyoin (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

One of the most well-known anime characters on the web is Kakyoin. The most famous thing about him is the scene where he licks the cherry, which has been used as a model for many memes. Kakyoin was a great character, and not just because he gave anime fans a lot of great memes.

When he first showed up in the show, Kakyoin was a DIO goon whose job it was to get rid of Jotaro. Kakyoin and his Hierophant Green couldn’t beat Jotaro’s Star Platinum, though. After a terrible loss, Kakyoin joined Jotaro’s group and traveled with them to Egypt.


Teruki (Mob Psycho 100)

Teruki was the leader of Shadow Vinegar Middle School before. He was a very skilled esper, and he didn’t mind using his power to show that he was better than other people. Teruki was very full of himself before he met Mob. He thought he was the best esper.

Teruki was so stupid that he thought he was better than Mob when they were fighting, but it didn’t take long for Mob to humiliate him. Teruki realized he was wrong when he saw how powerful and humble Mob was, so he decided to be friends with him.


Bon Clay (One Piece)

When Bon Clay first joined Baroque Works, he worked for Crocodile, which made him an enemy of the Straw Hat Pirates. After Luffy beat Crocodile, Bon Clay was no longer required to work for his boss and could do whatever he wanted. Bon Clay had grown to like Luffy and his crew a lot, so he decided to be friends with them.

Bon Clay helped the Straw Hats escape from the Marines in Alabasta to show how friendly he was. This put him in Impel Down. Bon Clay gave up his life again to help Luffy get out of Impel Down when he needed help. This let the other prisoners get out of the prison.


Thorkell (Vinland Saga)

He is a great fighter who loves nothing more than to fight. Thorkell spent most of the first season trying to catch up to Thorfinn and Askeladd’s group. He fought with them more than once like an enemy, and once he was so close to killing both of them.

Thorfinn and Askeladd had to work together to avoid Thorkell’s attack. Thorkell was just about stopped by the two of them, but this was a turning point in the story because Thorkell soon joined Canute’s side and became his loyal servant. The group got much stronger when Thorkell joined.


Serpico (Berserk)

Farnese’s half-brother Serpico is part of Guts’ group. At first, Serpico was against Guts’s ways and treated him like an enemy. He only joined the group because he was looking for a chance to kill Guts. When he finally had the chance, Serpico couldn’t beat Guts. This made him realize it was pointless, so he gave up and stopped trying.

He is a very skilled swordsman who has no trouble fighting monsters. Serpico has become a very valuable member of the group over time.

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