Men’s Velvet Shirts are Essential When The Weather Changes. How to Wear Velvet

Velvet is having a moment right now because to the return of the 1970s and its swanky AF style. And, of course, the season for wearing the joyful, hefty cloth is winter. But you don’t want to look like an impersonation of Hugh Hefner, or worse, a sofa, so tread carefully. Here are 7 great ways to wear velvet right now, ranging from classic and safe to sporty and daring. There are also Teeanime-approved choices available right now.

1. Sporty Outerwear

The bomber or blouson jacket is an attention-getting way to wear velvet without being too loud. Just add your favorite pair of worn jeans and leather shoes.

2. Sporty Outerwear

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You can buy our Legacy Cotton Velvet Jacket at for $590.

3. A Classic Tux

This winter, if you’re going to a black-tie wedding or gala, a velvet tux will look great and make you feel great. We like colors like sand, off-white, and pale green that aren’t quite right.

4. A Classic Tux

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The Off-White Velvet Tuxedo Jacket from Suitsupply costs $399 and can be bought at

5. Cozy Sweatshirt

If you want to feel cozy, you should buy a velvet (or velour) sweatshirt with bands around the wrists and waist. Wear it like Yeezy with a longer T-shirt and loose jeans.

6. A Suit With Sheen

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Baldessarini Velvet Jacket, $519, available at; Baldessarini Velvet Trousers, $269, available at

7. A Party Jacket

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Burberry Tailored Velvet Jacket, $1,395;