Men’s Summer Wardrobe. Here’s Everything You Need

Summer is the most enjoyable season of the year, but it is also the most hardest to dress for. Layering comes to a halt (for the most part), shorts are prohibited at work, jeans are out, and how many summer weddings do you have? Ahhh! So, before you tumble down a sartorial rabbit hole, take a deep breath and relax—your style confidantes here at Teeanime Recommends have the solutions you need to brighten up your warm-weather wardrobe. Here are 15+ scientifically proven strategies for getting huge fits all season long.

A Splashy Camp Shirt

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The only bright summer clothing in town are Hawaiian shirts. Choose a camp shirt that’s vivid, psychedelic, and/or completely off-kilter to inject some drip into your summer look.

A Frosty Necklace

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Dress up your naked clavicles with a simple curb chain necklace, some colorful summer camp-type beads, a pearl-laden choker, or, if you’re feeling particularly daring, everything at once.


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Swap out your blue jeans for some baggy jorts before everyone else does.

Do-Everything Loafers

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Don’t be misled by the name. Loafers are the workhorse shoe that can do anything. A solid pair of loafers can handle any sartorial circumstance, from black tie gatherings to beach-bound hanging.

Star-Making Sunglasses

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With all due respect to the world’s aviators, it’s time to move on from the staid classics. During the sweltering months, you’re wearing a lot less, and sunglasses are one of the few methods to have some fun.

The Beach-Day Texturizing Spray

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Even if you don’t live near a beach, a few spritzes of Verb’s texturizing hair spray will instantly transform you into a hot surfer.

Double Duty Swim Trunks

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Swim trunks are useful for more than just going to the pool or the beach. They may (and should) be worn as regular landlubber shorts as well.

The Face-Saving Exfoliator

Soft skin is essential for achieving that summer glow.

The OOO Sandal

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When the weather rises above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, a pair of breezy sandals is a necessary. No socks, no plans, just the relaxed energy of a well-deserved holiday (whether or not your boss actually approved your PTO).

Well-Rounded Sun Protection

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Cap Baseball Cap Hat and Sun Hat

With a rakish bucket hat, channel the energy of an unwittingly swaggy grandpa.

The Tee That Punches Above Its Weight

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In the summer, you need all the airflow you can get. Even if you’re wearing a simple T-shirt and shorts outfit, freeing up the silhouette will do a lot with very little.

The Surprise Slip-On Shoe

Mules are like a wonderful relaxation.

The Ritzy Sunscreen Upgrade

Admittedly, this is more of a year-round healthy practice, but using a strong sunscreen is essential—especially when those UV rays are hitting your face full force.

The Anti-Billboard Hat

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The sun is wonderful. Squinting is not one of them. So invest in a good hat that you can wear with any outfit. We love the humorous, slogan-laden versions, but there’s something unmistakably good about a simple hat that won’t turn you into a billboard.