Men’s Hats and Everything You Need to Know

Men’s hats, while born out of utilitarian necessity, frequently evolve into fashion statements.

Hats have served a variety of functions for men throughout history, from merely screening out the sun to acting as status symbols.

What about today? How can the right hat help the right man?

If you’re venturing into the intimidating world of men’s hats, you should start with the fundamentals. That is why Teeanime has created this tutorial, gentlemen.

Overview – What is a Hat?

Before we get down to business, we need to lay the groundwork. So, what exactly is a hat?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary provides two definitions for hats:

  • A head covering that typically has a sculpted crown and brim.

A distinguishing head covering worn as a show of authority.

The term introduces two concepts: pragmatism and status. It’s hardly surprising, then, that the majority of hats are made in a hybrid fashion.

  • The crown is the part of the hat that goes on top. It’s the part of your head where your head sits. The “tip” is where it is the tallest.
  • The pinch is the name for any bumps on the crown.
  • Bands are usually strips that go around the crown and rest on the brim for decoration.
  • The edge of the hat is called the brim. This usually sticks out from the sides of the hat and the bottom of the crown. This part of a baseball cap or flat cap is called a “bill.”

Some hats are lined on the inside with different kinds of soft fabrics.

The sweatband goes around the inside of the base of the crown. It helps make sure that clothes that fit well stay in shape.

Brief General History

Hats for men go back a long way. Most people think that the Ancient Greek Petasos was the first hat with a brim. It was made in the Greek region of Thessaly, which was known for its strong horsemen. Felt or straw was often used to make the Petasos.

It was useful enough to be used in war, and the Boeotian helmet had a similar brim to protect from both the sun and the enemy.

A few thousand years later, we have a huge variety of brimmed hats, from the wide fedoras seen in The Godfather to the baseball caps worn by cheesy middle-aged dads all over the world.

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of all of them…

1. The Fedora

Few hats for men are as well-known as the fedora. It personifies the classic man. But it didn’t start that way…

In 1882, the fedora debuted as a woman’s hat. It became famous at the same time as a play of the same name, in which the main character, a woman named Fedora, wore the hat.

For years, it was an iconic piece of women’s fashion, but that all changed in 1924 when Prince Edward of Britain fell in love with them. It became a men’s hat at that point. Other types of hat were supplanted by the fedora.

The fedora is traditionally constructed of felt. Its crown is indented at the top and on each side of the frontal region. It stands around 4.5 inches tall and is surrounded by a band. The brim is at least 2.5 inches wide but can be much wider.

Should You Wear It?

The fedora is synonymous with classic style when it comes to men’s hats. If you like sport coats and blazers, this could be a good option for you.

It works best if you keep your outfit as simple as possible. This includes suits, dress shirts, pants, dress shoes, and so on. This is the ideal hat for the classically inclined man.

2. The Trilby

This men’s hat is frequently confused with a fedora due to its similar appearance, however they are not the same.

It, like the fedora, has its origins in the theatre around 1894. Trilby, a novel by George du Maurier, was finally transformed into a live play that featured the headgear.

It was quickly adopted by the British nobility throughout time. It became famous in horse racing circles after that. A trip to the racetrack in England would not be complete without a tweed suit and a brown felt trilby.

The primary distinction between a trilby and a fedora is the breadth of the brim, which is often one inch or less.

Should You Wear It?

The trilby has a somewhat shady reputation these days. It is frequently associated with the slovenly “neckbearded” man.

Furthermore, this men’s hat is not functional. While the fedora protects your eyes from the sun, the trilby’s reduced brim does not. It’s more of a decorative component.

Should you put them on? It depends. A fedora is best suited to people with medium to large frames. The brim will just emphasize your width. This hat enhances the appearance of a small man.

3. The Panama Hat

Though it is similar to a fedora, one crucial aspect distinguishes it: straw.

During the 1500s, during the Spanish conquests, conquistadors began to notice the exquisite hat worn by Ecuadorians. Straw was used to weave the hats. They were so finely crafted, however, that the Spaniards mistook the material for vampire skin.

The term “Panama Hat” is a misnomer coined by South American tourists. Before arriving in Ecuador, they encountered the straw hat for the first time in Panama.

This men’s hat is usually constructed from straw from the toquilla plant, which grows only in Ecuador’s rainforests. The basic rule of thumb for Panama hats is that the finer the fibers and the closer in color they are, the greater the quality of the hat.

Should You Wear It?

Yes, if you want to make a big statement in the summer or, better yet, if you live in a perennially hot region.

The Panama hat, as a men’s hat, not only keeps the sun out but also keeps your head from getting too heated underneath. The weave’s perforated nature allows air to travel back and forth.

If you’re asking yourself, “Should I shave my balding head?” However, if you are concerned about sunburn, this will come in handy.

The Panama combines design and practicality into a single, potent tool.

4. The Porkpie

This hat first appeared as a women’s hat in the 1830s, but it was adopted by men at the turn of the century.

It received its name from the way it looked. The crown is shaped like a British meat pie, with a round pinch lining the flat top. It also features an inclined upwards brim at the edges.

Buster Keaton, a silent cinema star who was reputed to collect thousands of them, was a fan of the Porkpie. It was also popular among 30s college students. Though it fell out of favor in the 1950s, it is still a useful tool for any guy.

Recently, it has become the hallmark accessory of Walter White, the star of AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Should You Wear It?

Because the Porkpie may be built of a variety of materials, including felt and straw. If you fall in love with this look, you can build a wardrobe that can be worn in all seasons and with a variety of clothing.

It’s timeless, adaptable, and fashionable.

5. The Boater Hat

Even though the Boater has been around since the 1860s, men didn’t start wearing it until the 1880s. From then on, it was the most important piece of formal summer wear.

In the early 20th century, when these men’s hats were at their peak, men wore them for all kinds of summer activities.

Agent Melvin Purvis, who was in charge of catching bank robbers like John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson, brought the gang close to the FBI.

Sennit, a type of straw, is used to make it because it is used in the summer. The crown of the Boater is a bit oval and flattened, and a solid or striped ribbon goes around it. The brim is flat, just like the top of the crown.

Should You Wear it?

The Boater has been around for a long time, but its best days are long gone. Even though it looks a little bit old-fashioned, it is still a fine summer hat to wear. In fact, the fact that it is rare can send a message that is even stronger than a Panama hat.

6. The Akubra

According to legend, the word “Akubra” is derived from the Aboriginal word for “head covering.” Dunkerly Hat Mills Ltd, founded in 1911 in Australia, gave birth to it. Their famed headgear was dubbed “Akubra” on August 7th, 1912.

Some consider it a distant relative of the fedora. It is similar in many aspects, including the felt structure, pinches, and overall form of the crown and brim. The Akubra, on the other hand, is a significantly larger hat, with a brim that is roughly 3 inches wide.

Should You Wear It?

Even though there are more than 100 different kinds of Akubras, they are all made for men who like to be outdoors.

If you’re a stylish man who also likes to go hiking, horseback riding, fishing, or exploring the Australian outback, the Akubra is a good choice for you.

7. The Flat Cap

As a men’s hat, the flat cap is quite old. It was first used in 1571 following an effort by the English government to empower the wool trade. A law was even passed by parliament which made it mandatory to wear it on Sundays.

Since the law was only imposed on the working class, the flat became an intrinsic aspect of middle-class style, even when the law was abolished 30 years later.

By the 1920s, it was beloved by rich and poor alike – especially in the British isles, where the Scots still refer to it as a bunnet.

After JFK made it fashionable not to wear hats outdoors, however, it fell out of style.

The flat cap is traditionally made of  – you guessed it – wool, though it often includes tweed and cotton. It’s rounded in appearance with a soft, bloated crown. Peaking out from under the crown is a short bill. The hat is adorned with a cloth-covered button on the top.

Another variant exists with a more voluminous silhouette and 8 panels. The crown is pushed further over the bill. This variant is known by many names such as the Newsboy, Gatsby, Ivy, and Cabbie.

It’s also the signature look of the Peaky Blinders, who are portrayed in the hit BBC show.

Should You Wear It?

The flat cap is getting increasingly popular, and now is an excellent moment to wear one.

When should you wear it? Consider a baseball cap. The flat cap can be used in the same situations and is an excellent addition to any outfit.

Put it on as a finishing touch to give your look that extra edge it need.

8. The Baseball Cap

None of the men’s hats we’ve covered is more frequently worn and mistreated as the baseball cap. It was first worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors in the 1860s and was made of straw, establishing itself as the cap of the sport.

In order to strengthen the cap, latex rubber was put to the interior by the 1940s. It then looked more like the cap we are familiar with today. Did you know that before the 1970s, wearing a baseball cap off of the field wasn’t even considered socially acceptable?

The hat has a structured, circular crown that frequently has a button at the very top. A long bill is located toward the front.

Over time, different variations of the cap have arisen. The trucker hat first appeared in the 1980s as a promotional gift from agricultural supply businesses. The frontal panel is made entirely of foam, while the rest of the crown is perforated. Superstars like Lionel Messi appreciate this look.

The dad cap has six panels around the crown and is thought to have been inspired by dads’ unexpected craze for baseball caps in the 1990s.

The snapback, or flat-brimmed cap, is the most fashionable of the bunch. The flat bill on this one is intended to evoke a sense of newness, and younger people tend to use it frequently.

Should You Wear it?

The most informal hat on our list is the baseball cap. According to its sports roots, it should only be worn in casual settings. Enjoy this at the family barbecue instead of bringing it to work or a job interview.