Men’s Fashion Trends 2023: These are the 10+ Best Men’s Fashion Trends to Try

What will be the biggest, boldest, and most talked-about men’s fashion trends in 2023? Your guess is as good as ours, mate. In conducting these vibe checks at the start of each year, we’ve discovered a handful of hard-won truths: 1) Unless you have a Minority Report-style device connected up to your PC, predicting the future is more bother than it’s worth, and 2) who really cares? At Teeanime, we’ve never been in the business of bowing to the fickle whims of the fashion gods—we set trends, not follow them, and in 2023, that’s exactly the energy we’d like you to nurture.

That emotion is reflected in the wide range of men’s fashion trends compiled here. Is anything here going to pique your interest? Maybe not, but that’s fine. Think of this list as a glimpse of the weirdest, flyest menswear movements we’re eager to try this year, from the fluffy toques keeping our noggins cozy now to the bizarre slip-ons we’ll be nestling our piggies in all spring. Let’s leave the divination to the wretched number crunchers in Cupertino, shall we? There isn’t a single algorithm in the world that can come close to this zing.

Sleeker Trenches

Fashion Trends

Fear of God Essentials long coat

What, you didn’t have Inspector Gadget on your moodboard for 2023? The propellor-hatted PI wore the classics, but these trench coats are more like heavy-duty macs: long, single-breasted, and blissfully bereft of the epaulets that used to characterize the silhouette.

Zip-Up Hoodies

Consider the pullover’s reign to be over. Zip-ups are back, and they’re ready to transform your bodega-run outfits.

Freaky Fleece Hats

What’s better than a bizarre beanie? A crazy beanie with an innate freakiness derived from a Frankensteined combination of plush, pillow-soft fleece.

Tanks + Trousers

A ribbed white tank goes with almost everything. But what’s the coolest way to wear one in 2023? Tuck it into your trousers and add a razzle-dazzle belt and a showy gold chain.

Capital-D Dress Pants

Break the news to your double-knees gently: the trousers you’ll be wearing the most this year are a lot dressier than any pair you presently own.

Fuck-You Flip Flops

Your slides had a fantastic run. Flip flops, the last frontier in so-bad-it’s-good fashion, are officially hip again.

Boxy Bombers

The MA-1 is not going away. The bombers we’re most fond of right now, though, are near relatives of the CWU, an early-’50s design typified by its crisp point collar, cropped torso, and wide, puffy sleeves. Bonus points if it appears to have been purchased from a vintage store—the more patinated, the better.

Silkier Scarves

Serge Ibaka, please accept my apologies. When your neckwear is this sick, you don’t have to do much to design an all-star fit around it, according to the Bucks forward.

De-fussed Button-Ups

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Remember how your grandfather used to wiggle out of his starched dress shirts as soon as he got home from work? These are not them. They may seem identical, but their attitude communicates to the world that you’re wearing one because you want to, not because some dead-eyed corporate apparatchik issued a document prohibiting polos in the workplace.

Dainty Footwear

Fashion Trends

After years of shoes that look like they could transform into Optimus Prime clomping down the runway, the footwear silhouette poised to dominate the menswear conversation is slim and delicate, a riff on the ballet flats that brands like Miu Miu are reintroducing to the fashion scene—and the slip-ons that uptown power brokers have worn for decades.

Boss-Level Blazers

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For a long time, the dominant style in men’s tailoring was soft, languorous, and unstructured. So, the next time you put on a suit, channel Richard Gere by reaching for a baller double-breasted jacket with loud lapels, muscular shoulders, and a nipped waist.

Tucked-In Everything

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Tucking your tees (and shirts, and sweaters) in isn’t pointerdexter-y in 2023—it’s the easiest way to make anything you’re wearing look a little more artful…and show off your cool new belt.