Men’s Fashion at the Airport: What to Wear. The Answer is Here !!!

Fashion at the Airport

Whether you’re leaving for a warm-weather vacation or a business trip, you’ve meticulously packed everything you’ll need when you arrive, from the ideal swimsuit to your best business dinner kit. However, your style strategy should not stop there. If the world’s best-dressed guys have taught us anything, it’s that what you wear in transit is just as essential as what you wear once you arrive. Granted, you may not have paparazzi following you around, but personal style isn’t just for the cameras.

These well-dressed gentlemen have mastered the challenging chore of dressing for 10 or more hours of comfort without appearing like a schlub. Not only that, but they’ve mastered the art of travel layering, discovered the best duffles, backpacks, and rolling bags for their purposes, and tried on every pair of airport shoes so you don’t have to. Take notes on what you like from each one and copy them clothing item by clothes item. In any case, it’ll be better than what you wore the previous time you travelled. Continue reading with Teeanime to learn about Men’s Airport Fashion.

1. Michael B. Jordan’s high-low swerve

Tapered sweatpants look great with a unique colored leather carry-all.

2. Ryan Gosling’s gun show

This summer, flaunt your biceps with a short sleeve popover shirt with the sleeves slightly rolled up.

3. John Mayer’s not-so-basic basic tee

Make your basic tee fit perfectly and match it with western elements like suede cowboy boots, distressed denim, and sterling silver jewelry.

4. Aziz Ansari’s modern loafer move

Slim chinos look great with vintage Gucci horse bit loafers and a sleek black rolling suitcase.

5. Tom Ford’s double denim

Denim in light and dark washes is a must-have.

6. Matt Bomer’s vacation vibes

Match the colors of your jeans, shoes, and bag to the ones on your Hawaiian shirt.

7. David Beckham’s M-65-inspired holdall jacket

You can’t go wrong with an olive fatigue jacket, black jeans, a denim shirt, white kicks, and a white t-shirt.

8. Pharrell’s pop-star color palette

Bold long-sleeve graphic t-shirts look great with track pants.

9. Eddie Redmayne’s scarf trick

With this trick, you can beat the harsh air conditioning in airports.

10. The Weeknd’s love of logos

Mix high fashion labels with streetwear.

11. Brooklyn Beckham’s pattern mixing

Who says plaid and checkerboard can’t be worn together? Copy what Beckham wore in the 90s and add your own shades and hat. Long hair from the grunge era is a bonus.

12. Orlando Bloom’s laid-back layers

Add a bold pop of color to your outfit to keep it interesting.

13. Alan Ferguson’s A+ outerwear

Raw denim can be used to make a hard shell for your loungewear.

14. Elijah Wood’s workwear neutrals

Dress up a basic outfit with a rich brown coat and a leather duffle that has seen better days.

15. Idris Elba’s monochromatic mix

Go for a monochromatic look with a blue coat and blue jeans.