Men’s boots – Tips To Keep Your Boot Last Longer

Boot season has arrived, and we’re looking for ways to keep our beloved footwear last through a long winter of rain, sleet, and snow. David Mesquita, VP of New York’s renowned Teeanime, offers the finest tools, tips, and tricks for keeping your boots looking like new.

1) Protect your boots from rain, snow and spills

The best protective spray repels cold weather and spills, not simply water. ($14.95) lets spills sit on leather, suede, and fabric boots so you can clean them off before they soak in. Apply boot protector like hairspray once a week.

2) Moisturize your leather

Moisturize your leather boots periodically to keep them shiny and last longer. Mesquita suggests Leather Spa’s $10 conditioner.

3) Repair salt or snow stains right away

By utilizing a salt stain remover after being out in the snow or salty streets, you may avoid the shoe damage that comes with the “wintry mix” weather forecast. To remove stains, apply the remover as soon as possible after contact and let it airdry overnight.

4) For more durability, add a protective rubber sole

Mesquita suggests that the best thing you can do for your boots this winter is to add a thin protective rubber sole to an existing sole to lengthen the life of your soles. Most shoe repair businesses provide the treatment, which varies based on the shoe but normally costs $34 to $40 for mildly worn or new shoes.

5) Keep an eye on your heels

Replace damaged heels ASAP. “Keep an eye on your heels,” Mesquita advises. “The longer you wait to have them corrected, the more money it is going to cost you.” Instead of waiting until heels are unwalkable, monitor their condition and replace them when they wear down for a cheaper remedy.

6) Keep boots in shape with boot trees

Uphold the shape of tall boots by storing with a bootshaper. Leather Spa offers an adjustable bootshaper ($19.95) which matches the width and height of your shoe (and its gold hue also makes for a chic display).

7) Invest in the must-haves for suede boot care

Suede boots cannot withstand rain or snow. Leather boots can. Suede care requires a suede brush and eraser. The suede eraser, like a pencil eraser, removes glossy spots on worn or faded suede by leaving small dustings. Then use the brush to remove dirt and dust from the suede.

8) Use leather creams to treat scuffs or color fading

A little brush and leather cream can restore scuffs and discolorations. Leather Spa’s $5.95 leather creams match your boots. Bring your boots to a repair shop for severe fading, tears, or scuffs. “For a stronger touch up, we have leather cream products with deeper pigmentation—they aren’t marketed to customers because of the heavy fumes.”

9) Wipe down boots at the end of each wear

Wipe down your boots with a dust bag at the end of each day to eliminate any dust or dirt that has accumulated.