Men Should Get Manicures, According to Experts

Male manicures were common when our grandparents went to the neighborhood barbershop for haircuts and beard trimming. Many barbers used to cut or buff your nails anytime you visited their shop.

However, the first manicured guys date back thousands of years.

Men in the Ancient Babylonian civilisation used kohl to color their nails. Different hues were employed to demonstrate one’s social rank.

We can truly thank the wealthy Babylonian males for gifting us with the earliest and most extravagant manicure set. They must have realized the benefit of well-manicured nails. According to Marie Claire’s specialist beauty advisers, the equipment was made of real gold.

The manicure for men is making a comeback, and modern men are discovering what their forefathers understood.

Men, too, deserve to have their nails done! So, for all your doubts, trust Teeanime!

The Male Manicure Makes a Comeback

Although it’s unlikely that men’s manicures were completely defunct at one point, their popularity has surely fluctuated over the years.

Perhaps you’ve held the opinion that manicures are primarily for women, at least in our society. However, an increasing number of men have decided that they do not want to go without indulging themselves with a little nail polish!

But then, what’s the point of having ladies be the only ones who get manicures?

If you’re a male who hasn’t had the opportunity to see all of the benefits nail salons have for you, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

The finest manicure for guys guide will assist you in unraveling the mysteries of manicures.

A Guide to the Perfect Manicure Just for Him

Manicures are not “a feminine thing” in any manner. A well-kept manicure makes perfect sense no matter who you are.

Many considerations related to cleanliness and health motivate you to keep your nails clean and neat.

According to studies, dirty and grimy fingernails can accumulate. The number of dangerous bacteria detected on the tips of your fingers may surprise you.

A new manicure not only feels wonderful, but it may help prevent the spread of unhealthy illnesses and even painful conditions.

This brings us to the very first stage in nail maintenance.

Thoroughly Scrub Hands & Fingernails

The manicure procedure begins with soaking hands in a warm soapy bathtub for a few minutes. You might want to rinse your hands under the faucet if you’re conducting at-home manicures. Any approach is appropriate; however, soaking them in water can make them particularly relaxing.

Then, using scrub brushes, remove any debris from the surface of your hands. To make clean hands, cleanse the backs of your hands as well as the palms and between your fingers.

A larger brush is typically used for hand scrubbing, whereas smaller brushes are used to scrub nails.

When it comes to scrubbing your nails, don’t skimp. Starting from the corner, thoroughly clean each nail. Include the nailbeds and the area beneath the nail as well. These are the locations that are prone to dirt and bacterium collection.

Trim Nails to a Short, Comfortable Length

Cut your nails in straight lines across the top with a nail clipper to lessen the possibility of an ingrown nail.

Shorten your nails, but don’t cut them too short. Nails should be kept at a comfortable and natural length.

File Jagged Edges

When filing, use a glass-based file to help reduce breaks. Uneven edges are filed and smoothed into a rounded shape.

Remove Excess Skin With a Cuticle Clipper

This step is not always necessary. Also, avoid going through your nails or pushing your cuticles apart to expose your nail bed.

If there is additional skin hanging from the nail’s edge, it can be removed with a cuticle clipper.

Because this is a difficult procedure, it is usually best to leave it to the professionals! Our manicurists will clip the cuticles with care and security.

Push Back Cuticles

If you have rough cuticles that are spreading over your nail, you should use a cuticle softener gel before using this approach.

Gently push the cuticles away from the nail’s surface with a wooden or metal cuticle tool. If it turns out that this isn’t necessary, it can be omitted entirely. With Swagmee, you can avoid the hassle of DIY by having manicure for men services delivered straight to your house.

Massage Hands & Nails With Lotion

The ideal manicure is incomplete without the application of a thick lotion to moisturize, heal, and protect your hands.

This is one of the most popular portions of a manicure for males, especially when having a professional manicure. Professionals typically spend extra time massaging hands, which can be a special treat because it makes you feel pampered. Massage, on the other hand, can assist relieve tension and stress while also improving circulation.

Additional Manicure Tips to Consider

On the surface of the nail, you can also apply a translucent, protective topcoat. However, other people prefer not to use nail polish at all.

Before utilizing any tools, make certain that they have been thoroughly cleaned. Although it is uncommon, there have been instances when this critical feature was overlooked while receiving expert services. We take pleasure in providing a safe and quality service at Swagmee salon at home Noida.

Ready to Experience a Manicure for Yourself?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that a manicure for men is nothing to be afraid of, and it should unquestionably be performed, either by yourself or by a trained professional, to preserve good cleanliness.

The best way to learn the art of manicures for guys is to practice with an experienced professional. Make an appointment for a men’s at-home manicure now.


Why do you need to cut your nails?

Nail trimming is required on a regular basis. Manicures and nail trimming will make your nails look sleek and tidy. Allowing your nails to grow and not trimming them can allow germs and dirt to get beneath them, leading to an infection.

How long should it take for a manicurist to do a mani?

It will take you around 15 to 30 minutes if you are experienced, and about an hour if you are new to this activity.